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I'm afraid you need re-education on this point. Let /r/lgbt help you come to grips with the facts.

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A little thousand island would help that dry ass word salad. Yeesh.

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I'm a guy but I occasionally browse that subreddit for a laugh and I just hate it. It's trash.

80% of them aren't lesbians, they are just delusional straight men. The amount of bashing on men there is so unrealistic, some people there even call themselves "proud misandrists" and encourage each other wtf is that? Yeesh, misogyny AND misandry can exist in the same society, you know, and what's odd is that these delusional straight men are the ones who are misandrists most of the time which is ironic.

The constant talk about "girldicks" and aCcEpT tRaNs eVeRyDaY makes it even weirder as it's supposed to be a subreddit about women loving women but they keep talking about penises.

It's just so wrong, I even heard that most of the mod team aren't even women, they are men. These trans clowns keep making every LGB space about them.

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and what's odd is that these delusional straight men are the ones who are misandrists most of the time which is ironic.

They just believe that lesbians are misandrists,so they incorporate it in their LARPing.

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Exactly, they're completely clueless.

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Clown world.

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5 dead, 14 wounded after Lesbian tells transwomen she doesn’t want to have sex. More at 11.

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