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Gay man:

This is what I'm attracted to.

Other person:

Except that's 100% untrue.

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"No one can tell you who you are because your identity is always up to you and always valid!

Unless you identify as cis, straight, gay, lesbian, or bisexual, then you're wrong about yourself?

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Hence why man straight men and gay men alike do not find feminine men attractive

If femininity/masculinity was the basis for attraction then wouldn't straight men be attracted to feminine men? The guy saying to use simple logic can't use simple logic himself, unsurprisingly.

Sex is the basis for attraction. Femininity or masculinity might make someone more or less attractive to you, but those aren't the basis of attraction.

And no, gender norms are not perfectly fine. They're harmful. But thanks for confirming that gender ideology is based on harmful gender norms. Maybe if we didn't have these harmful norms there wouldn't be such a rush of young people ruining their bodies with the wrong hormones and surgeries.

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Isn't actually being the sex/gender you claim to be the ultimate "gender norm"? I mean, there is categorically nothing more feminine than actually being female.