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World politics was always a "free speech" sub.

FreeSpeechWarrior was one of the moderators of that political sub.

This is why there needs to be some level of rules and content restrictions to keep a sub about a specific topic otherwise if enough people don't like something they will purposefully derail and brigade it.

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They work day and night to take over mod spots, and then approve disinfom allow trolls to attack targeted users.

Same is happening here already, see what I am telling magnora, and the work of one "mr obvious"

The entire idea of forum sites that are sanely and properly moderated is against the NWO, and this shit is getting real. And for people like me being stalked in all public spaces, it is already much worse.

Here I explain the dilemma in terms of the .org buyout debacle:

Here I demonstrate the pattern at all sites, and all meatspace orgs as well:

I write about the kind of knowledge one would have to have to resist this with something new they are building:

And my shill response package: standard response forums jtrig explained eglin info voat shills admitted shill cointelpro facts twitter bots academically analyzed

I have a meme laying around somewhere where one reddit forum described what it was like losing their community to infiltrating mods, they really just do insane shit(exactly like mr obvious/magnora runaround) until you give up and leave.

The david icke youtube takedown is also paradigmatic, they ignore you until you start getting popular, then you become a threat to their mainstream narrative and declare you essentially a public health nuisance, risking physical harm, and that is how they loop you in as a terrorist.

Meanwhile they put up a 5g tower, legalize stalking, and other things that put you in direct physical harm, thus, as always with demonic things, blurring the line between offense and defense. They say your defensive tactics and mere spreading of knowledge is an offensive action, and the things they are doing to crack open your skull are defending someone or something.

Like the jewish defense league that stalks me thinks they are protecting jewish people when they follow me back to where I am living, and think they are some kind of hero in their community.

That is what it means to be in a cult, and sadly this is the current state of western civilization.

It is almost gone and the last ones standing in its defense are treated like they are the problem, when at some point we are only threatening the facade and illusion, and costing them money while they have to steamroll the truth again with lies.

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Anime titties sound like a major world politics topic that should be covered. :3