NBA to Allow Players to Replace Name on Jersey With ‘Social Justice Statement’ by scrubking in KotakuInAction

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Number 17, "Check yo privilege", is coming off the court, and is being replaced by number 11, "Respect My Pronouns!"

Alyssa Milano: Conservatives Responsible for 'Cancel Culture' by scrubking in KotakuInAction

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"How dare you do to us what we've been doing to you for years?!!"

[Tech] Tom Parker - "The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine starts adding warning lavels to its archives" - BVR repost by Anarcrothe in KotakuInAction

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So, can we count on them to also add disclaimers to archived stories of news organizations outright lying? Like, say, "In this article the Washington Post falsely claims that the Covington students were harassing this innocent person, when in reality he was harassing them and they just stood there"? Probably not.

Apparently zombie lives do not matter by ailurus in KotakuInAction

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Don't know about a car analogy, but:

Developer of a zombie game decides to say Zombie Lives Matter! to advertise their game.

SJWs freak out because "X Lives Matter" is reserved solely for black people, and apparently (in their view anyway) anyone who says any lives besides black lives matter is a racist who more black people to be murdered in the streets by cops

Freaked out SJWs proceed to scream at the game devs and demand that the responsible people get fired.