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Don't bother with reddit and its shenanigans...

Reddit is a website that takes its audience hostage in order to push transgender crap, nothing more. It's a LGBT PAC, and some reddit shills here are trying to hijack saidit the exact same way.

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It didn't always used to be that way. Just say fag a few times and when they baww to the mods and the mods tell them to piss off, they will probably knock it off.

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Welcome! I deleted a ten year reddit account last year. It’s much nicer here.

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It is nice but also quite empty. People who might come here will notice it quickly and likely turn back. It requires change in thinking, instead of consuming the content, there is far greater need to create it.

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To test whether you were shadowbanned just look at the posts where you commented in browser incognito/private mode. It can actually be two different things: the whole account was shadowbanned by admins or mods in some subreddit set up automoderator to autoremove all your comments/posts.

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Why are you using Reddit? That is a pedo platform

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Enshittification works when there is a barrier to exit. Currently no other similar.platforms are as big, and they likely joined on reddit before it became the festering heap it is, now.

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Mmm. There appears to be a problem. Lately Reddit has been issuing regular bans on anyone that thinks differently and not shadowy ones. Report the problem to your powermods overlords.

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shrug I've no context to compared saidit to redttit. I was on reddit for about three months to support an acquaintances webcomic, and then I left.

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If you have lots of fee fees that get hurt by words you probably won't like it here, because outside of calling for violence, it's the wild west, as it should be.

The user base is pretty small, and the answers will not come quick at all. At most a popular thread will get to 50-60 comments, with a majority of those being 2 or 3 people going at it, and that would take a whole day or two to flesh out.

If you use words that hurt the normie mind, you will be blocked by all the holier than thou people that probably still use reddit, shrinking the base even more.

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Back when I was on Reddit I was a moderator of about 14 subs. I never saw a "Shadow Ban" button.

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What I do is copy the link for my account the go into incognito mode, if it's Shadow-banned nothing will show up. Saidit has no cannabis subs so reddit is the only place for all things weed.

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Thanks everyone for the welcome. I'd have replied sooner, but I guess Saidit was down for most of the time since I joined? Every time I tried to get on here it said there was some problem, and said it was down.

And yes, I joined Reddit back in 2016 or so. It seemed pretty good for a while, but not lately. Thus, hopefully Saidit will be better.

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I found out I was shadow-banned by Reddit when I asked a sub mod if my posts were being seen by other users. They told me they couldn't do anything for me because my account was banned and that I needed to message Reddit. This was my final attempt at getting back onto the platform. I was using a new connection under a new name and email and using a damn vpn, and those cock thistles still tracked me down. Oh, hi. I'm new here as of 5 minutes ago and I hate Reddit.