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Hey, welcome. Best advice I would say about stopping it turning into the polar opposite would be just be the change/behavior you want to see. With the userbase still relatively small in comparison to reddit the best thing you can do it just take part in the friendly/honest discussion and either ignore or challenge the posts that are just people pushing their view point.

You do see people who are clearly just posting shit they can't post on reddit anymore which is inevitable and not always a bad thing but there are also plenty of people just looking for civil conversation who aren't tied up in narratives. It's as you said, you make your own home.

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Hello, sir. I'm an asshole.

But you'll get to love me.

I've been up and down this bridge all day.

Reddit died with Aaron. I told everyone that then and I never shut up. People tell me my privilege is white. I tell them my privilege is truth.

No one will ever silence me.

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Do you still go to Reddit? What made you want to come here?

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welcome! you are right, you cook your own goose :-)

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Fingers crossed this place doesn't end up a polar opposite

This place is totally the opposite. I was never as into Reddit as some of the other folks here though I did use it plenty. Modern Reddit can't compare to Saidit if you're looking for meaningful discussion on controversial subjects.

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Hey. Followed the same path as yourself.

So far it seems like a reddit option that isn't pro Neo Nazi.

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Cool. Try Ruqqus too, its like old reddit used to be. But Saidit is good as well, at least no arbitrary censorship at powermods whims.

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pity they cloned the cancerous new reddit style

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Ruqqus and saidit are chill with each other, and more alternatives is better. The ruqqus dev even made this meme, haha:

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I mean it will probably start out as mostly the opposite as the majority will likely be people dissatisfied with the way reddit is going but I hope and think that Saidit will be more open to different opinions when and if they do come over here (or people playing devils advocate I suppose)