The video that got Katie Hopkins banned from Twitter by Chipit in censorship

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I don't agree with her, but getting banned? Yeah, that sounds like repressing opinions to me.

Post removed by useless_aether in censorship

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This is absolutely true. Every subreddit (even those about baking bread and boardgames) had to virtue signal and the mods had to write out a "no racism" policy.

This of course, excludes whites - who it is perfectly fine to discriminate against, because ALL white people have privileges (even those who work the counter at McD's for 7.00 an hour). such bullshit.

G'day by PMac in Introductions

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Cool. Try Ruqqus too, its like old reddit used to be. But Saidit is good as well, at least no arbitrary censorship at powermods whims.

It's all one big distraction. Let's stop choosing sides and just look within to find the truth. by EpsteinIsHung in conspiracy

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Absolutely. No matter who wins the election, you will see BLM slowly fade away after November. After its purpose has been served.

It's all one big distraction. Let's stop choosing sides and just look within to find the truth. by EpsteinIsHung in conspiracy

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Our current world is based on money and power, with a very few making decisions that affect ALL of us. People with power almost always want MORE. More money, more power. As long as we allow these wealthy men to benefit from our labor/lives without repercussions the world will remain the same.

Worst DDOS attack in saidit's history blocked 6 hours ago by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Ruqqus has also been under attack - I think Saidit and Ruqqus are the heirs apparent as Reddit users flee the dumpster fire that site has become.

I could be biased, I have a soft spot for up and coming so Ruqqus is my fav, but so glad you guys are here too, can't believe the differences in communities. So refreshing,

Just looking for good content - that's all by benesatto in Introductions

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I know! Two days later . . . .just got back here - I actually hang out on ruqqus more, but saidit seems to be good as well. I just wanted somewhere to be funny and get info without tip-toeing around politics/race.

The content of your character IS the problem! by nolivesmatter in politics

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We don't want to change - we want everyone else to change.

Not just a warning, you get a site-wide ban for voting on wrongthink now by useless_aether in MeanwhileOnReddit

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oh yeah, I got banned from r/funny for saying "that's a sad gorge". It was a picture of a gorge.

You can't say anything over there, what's the point of a social media site where you can't be social?!


We've had a DDOS attack 6 of the last 7 nights... but the last 3 weren't even noticeable because our new anti-DDOS software is defending us so well by magnora7 in SaidIt

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So you were the awesome guys who did that - thanks! I like ruqqus, saidit too - we need to keep free speech alive

What made you switch from reddit to Saidit? by Wrang1er in AskSaidIt

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when subs dedicated to baking bread/video games/vaping became political battlegrounds.

Even before the censorship, it was ridiculous how many people would turn conversations (ABOUT MUFFINS) into personal soapboxes.