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"Never let a crisis go to waste", in true billionaire fashion

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Not sure if it is really true but it's said that in Chinese the word for crisis and opportunity are the same.

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That s great idea Zuckerberg...


I would suggest making it an open source international public utility.

There... I SaidIt!

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Zuck just wants a way out. With set rules that he can exploit or work around, he can publicly say that he followed the rules. as he understands them. He's never to be trusted.

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Oh, no, I would never trust him. I knew when the NZ shooting happened that there would be a call for stricter Internet rules. First, they talked about stricter gun control and now they're getting around to the Internet. Zuck got called on to be the first to speak up but there will be others. That is why the "shooter" made sure to include some Internet-related stuff in the video. This is the weird song from the Weapons sub on 4-chan that the "shooter" was playing on his way to the first mosque: This song is hypnotic for me and I play it at least once a day. Also, it sounds slightly insane.

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You need to do us a favor, and get a job at Facebook..

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I had a Facebook account for two days years ago and hated it. They're already insane and don't need my help. :)

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Yes, more censorship will calm down angry people that don't have a means to vent and get constantly shuffled to the edges of society... Genius...

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And at the "edges of society" is where they will try to round us up and throw us into a Walmart near you. That is their plan for sure.

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It's not like HISTORY doesn't repeat itself. According to most folks in the U.S, what even is history??