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I can understand feeling a sense of guilt and embarrassment mixed with frustration at my fellow man. It’s not easy being a member of a group known for fucked up things, and unfortunately, men have that reputation. (But they also are known for great things.)

What I don’t see myself doing is deluding myself that I’m not a man just because of these feelings. Self-deception of this type requires a level of distorted thinking that I don’t have.

There is something Shakespearean about a transwoman with internalized misandry, especially if they are AGP on top of it. To hate manhood because of masculine destructiveness so badly that it causes you to colonize women’s identities, invade their spaces, hijack their sociopolitical movements, take sports titles from them, fetishize them in broad daylight , and then attack them for not playing along has to be the height of masculine destructiveness, right? Imagine one day waking up and realizing what you’ve done. The self-loathing that must come with realizing your attempt to flee manhood has turned you into a textbook example of what you hate the most has to be unreal.

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I unironically think that that sort of realisation is a contributor to suicide amongst transgender people and it’s scary af that we aren’t allowed to talk about it except niche online boards like this.

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I do too.

Even the most delusional TW know they are men, at least subsconsciously. This deep awareness interacts with the internalized misandry also stewing in their psyche, causing them to exhibit the very behavior they hate the most to validate their own loathing towards men. They register this feeling as gender dysphoria and point to that as evidence that they are true trans. But it’s really a side effect of a maladaptive coping mechanism that is self-reinforcing: “I hate being a man—>I’m trans—>Look at how manly I just acted—>I hate being a man—>I’m trans—>Etc.

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It’s a really sad cycle and it seems so obvious when it’s practically said verbatim by transgender women. It’s kinda upsetting, like..there’s this clear path out of the self hatred and depression but an entire social movement is based largely on supporting shying away from it at any cost.