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... nowadays everyone in that line is wearing a mask, lol

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Comforting Lies - Boosters are effective!
Unpleasant Truths - For 3 months at most and probably not even then

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Here a comforting truth that's unpleasant for most (cause we were all fooled).

Nuke weapons are fake AF.

Every accidental launch (ever) has been a "miraculous" dud. Dozens of timely miracles.

"Nuked" Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the firebombed Tokyo look fundamentally the same.

Concrete structures remain standing, as expected from a fire

  • Stone block exteriors, and brick facades partially standing.
  • Smokestacks/chimneys.
  • Bridges intact.
  • Scorched telephone poles, and tree trunks (not concrete)

Tokyo was essentially part of the capital (Kyoto), and had many, many, more large concrete structures.

Nagasaki and Hiroshima were both economically lower tier cities, so fewer modern structures were present.

Also, examine the mushroom clouds for some low-budget fakery.
It's fairly obvious that they modified the images and stacked two mushroom clouds to create one large shabby "nuclear explosion".

Still don't believe???

Find any nuke video on YouTube that records a continuous image of a nuke explosion, and also has clouds floating in the "blast region" before the explosion.

The appearance of these clouds may change slightly due to a changing camera angle from a flying airplane, or normal drifting cloud movement, etc. But.. these background clouds are otherwise INVINCIBLE AGAINST THE BLAST.

Prove me wrong.

The world is truly full of lies.

Edit: I have a theory about how nuclear power works..

The larger atomic nuclei can absorb high energy radiation (gamma rays, cosmic rays, etc.).

This is why thick lead shields are used for x-rays protection, etc.
The thicker/denser the shield, the more energy it can prevent from passing through the barrier.

Nuke power plants are made of extremely dense "nuclear" fuel rods that absorb extremely high energy rays. Cosmic rays contain an absurd amount of energy, but it's passes through most materials without interaction, most of the time.
Fuel rods function as a high energy net, and absorbs the energy.

They have many more electrons, and electron orbitals, and can therefore capture a much larger spectrum of photon energy bands.

This could also help explain the seemingly random nature of radioactive decay, etc.

The increased absorbtion capability is also the mechanism of atomic destruction, because if a large enough photon is absorbed then the nucleus can lose it's stability and be split apart.

At some point, larger atoms result in an increased probability of high energy absorbtion, and deceased nuclear stability.

Useful energy is all around us, but we're not allowed to know...

Edit 2: Having heavy metals in your body may result in high energy absorbtion, and a host of related issues...?

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None of what you've said is true. It is pseudoscience.

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Really bro? That's a feeble rebuttal.

Nuke videos are 100% fake as could be.

The alleged ground zeroes look just like firebombed regions.
It's surprising that you don't see it.

If they were real, then they wouldn't need to make all of these doctored explosion videos.

Nuclear Bombs Are Fake Fake Film Footage (5:11)

The music is a great fit for this comedy act. Nuke video starts at 0:21.

Invincible clouds, and all.

Nukes Don't Exist (36:27)

Imo, these guys do a great job dismantling this bullshit mega hoax.
They're also entertaining.

Concerning my cosmic ray absorbtion theory.

I've made a prediction before testing. It's a testable theory.

More so than the quantum crazy crap making fake bombs.

Governments around the planet will throw people in jail for testing their theories.

Sounds like they have something to hide, and they provided the videos to prove it.

The opposite of real science.

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That works well as long as the comforting lies lead to removal from the gene pool. Thank God for the covid vaccines.