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The media is constantly talking about foreign influence in our government. They talk about Russia, yet no congressperson has dual citizenship with Russia. However 40 congresspeople do have dual citizenship with Israel. Yet there is little talk in the media about Israel's influence on US politics, largely because our media is owned by people with the same pro-Israel mindset.

The US is a puppet of Israel much more than any other state. Russia doesn't even come close.

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Benjamin Netanyahu (his real last name is Mileikowsky) is the prime minister of Israel. He heads the Likud party, which is a political party formed by consolidation of two former Zionist terrorist organizations; the Irgun, and Stern Gang.

The US govt has been infiltrated at the highest levels by terrorists.

The Stern Gang Wikipedia:

Lehi and the Irgun were jointly responsible for the massacre in Deir Yassin. Lehi assassinated Lord Moyne, British Minister Resident in the Middle East, and made many other attacks on the British in Palestine.[21] On 29 May 1948, the government of Israel, having inducted its activist members into the Israel Defense Forces, formally disbanded Lehi, though some of its members carried out one more terrorist act, the assassination of Folke Bernadotte some months later,[22] an act condemned by Bernadotte's replacement as mediator, Ralph Bunche.[23] After the assassination, the new Israeli government declared Lehi a terrorist organization, arresting some 200 members and convicting some of the leaders.[24] Just before the first Israeli elections in January 1949, a general amnesty to Lehi members was granted by the government.[24] In 1980, Israel instituted a military decoration, an "award for activity in the struggle for the establishment of Israel", the Lehi ribbon.[25] Former Lehi leader Yitzhak Shamir became Prime Minister of Israel in 1983.

Israeli agents routinely edit and revise Wikipedia, so you can be absolutely certain that the truth of their actions is far worse than is written...

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The thought of shills reading this comment, and learning something important that they likely didn't know brings a smile to my face.

Ha!!! Mileikowsky!?

Benjamin has a fake Hebrew sounding name. It's all theater for these folks.... ;-)

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Sorry I said "currently-serving" in the title but on closer inspection this list is a little old as it has some people that are no longer in congress. Also there may be a few people who don't belong on the list, like Bernie Sanders, who actually does stand against Israel on a lot of stuff and denies having a second citizenship.

However on the other side of the coin, here's evidence for Jane Harman:

In 2009 it was revealed that the NSA had secretly taped conversations of Congresswomen Jane Harman [pictured above on the right with Israeli Knesset Speaker, Dalia Itzik] negotiating with two AIPAC spies accused of giving sensitive information about US military activities to the Israeli government. In the taped conversation she is being asked to dismiss their espionage charges in return for large political contributions and a chairmanship of the US Intelligence Committee! One has to assume that they thought they could actually "arrange" for this to happen. This information was secretly revealed by the NSA to Nancy Polosi prior to the selection of the committee chairman and was likely a factor in Harmon's failure to obtain this highly sensitive position. After all was said and done, however, the case against the two Israeli lobbyists was dismissed -- against the insistance of the FBI. No satisfactory reason has been given for this.

Unfortunately, such an act of treason remains unchallenged and Jane Harman remains at her congressional job and enjoys being the third wealthiest member of Congress.

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They've probably been replaced by the newly recruited CIA Democrats. Also, the new session just started yesterday (on 1/3/19), so unless the list is pre 2017.

I think I heard that all NSA data is routed through Tell Aviv. So they may not need dirty Jane anymore.

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I posted this on reddit and it's controversial as heck:

So many pro-Israel people coming out of the woodwork to try and spin this.

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Very nice. People always attack these lists' accuracy, but this citizenship info is not public information afaik so these lists must be manually researched and assembled. I'd call this the most important non verified list ever, it should not be dismissed even if Bernie is on it or it's 90% accurate.

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Or even 1%.

Democratic representatives should not have loyalty conflicts of interest. It is patriotic poligamy.

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USreal has no conflicts of interest, we are one nation under Lucifer... err I mean the atheist abramahic tradition.

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As enlightened Israelis, we agree that God does not exist. However, God did promise us this land...

God has also promised us some additional land; we're still working on aquiring it... But it's ours! We promise!

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Yea. Well the truth hurts.

This time it hurts all Americans. Well, not all of us. Just the legit single citizenship ones.

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Here's an insightful comment I found about this, answers a few questions but raises a few more:

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Very interesting but I think it's a tangent. There's still Israeli citizenship and passports and forms and laws and procedure. Like I agree with this, but from a strictly legal perspective it isn't true, or defacto is not the same as citizen:

From Israel's perspective, all Jews are defacto "Israeli Citizens", regardless of where they happen to have been born, or where they happen to live.

It would be a cool group project to modernize this OP list, keep it updated, and provide supporting evidence. Maybe it's too extreme for a SaidIt or an admin sanctioned project but I'd be down to help. Group projects would be a great community builder and help turn our collective angst into positive productivity.

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I like clear lists with bite.

@ /u/magnora7 /u/d3rr

If you want... Make a new list with good citation(s), date(s), and concise clear statement(s) to include on it, and I can make it into some kind of graphic for you.

Maybe can help?

Further, I'll make other graphics too should you find something worthy of punching up with.

Also, I've been thinking about doing a short SaidIt promotional animation, like a meme gif or 15 second spot - one that can be built upon in layers, etc. This minor project could be a test run template for fine tuning the semi-democratic interactive process for my 2 major projects.

I was hoping to do a TFH podcast opening animation but after Sam and I discussed it for a while he decided he didn't want to be indebted to me even though I said there were no strings attached, other than I wanted a cut of potential sales from my work, assuming he'd use my imagery for his webstore. The details of that weren't even close to materialized.

I didn't want to push my "agenda" on him but I never even got to play my ace idea. I wanted him to tell me what he wanted so I could work with it and we'd get 100% satisfaction. If he didn't have any ideas I would have pulled these references out - and while our last call ended amicably I've always regretted not showing him my concept.

Imagine something like these two videos but waaaaay shorter with conspiracy/news imagery instead of what's used.

Animation references :

In addition to those videos I also wanted to show him these symmetrical meditation images :

And much blander to weakest:

Most of those last searches suck, but there are little seeds of ideas to mine for within.

Suitable images to be actually be sourced will require more detailed research for specific functionality and meaningful purpose.

I have no music in mind nor have I thought on any narrative nor themes.

However I have two more ideas to consider. 1) Something(s) loopable, in part or in whole. 2) Something(s) unveiling, opened (eyes, doors, books, chests, etc), unhidden, revealing, and/or layering.

Google Image search for "loop gifs"

One of my faves: Google Image search for "loop gifs Sauron"

I don't give a fuck about sampling and/or copyright limits. The rules are rigged for the corporatocracy and us little guys have no recourse when our work is stolen, and mine has been. Further, I feel our manufactured culture is a shared one they've imposed on us so we have a right to rework and share it. If I could credit all the little guy artists I would.

I can edit/mashup music tracks to shorten and capture their essence. I have posted some faves with an "Open Your Eyes" theme. I've been screengrabbing images with themes from movies for future reference. For another shelved project I was going to assemble lots of movie scenes with characters opening their eyes, set to music. I'd shelved it because it felt too bland and generic without stating anything specific. It may be a good slogan for a SaidIt campaign, which is about all things and nothing in particular too. Maybe this would be an easier more suitable first effort.

I don't know how yet, but for all of these little projects I'd like to release them in two stages - the first would be the "SaidIt" version with the logo, etc embedded in the video, hopefully in some clever way(s). The second stage a year later, would be to opensource release it without the SaidIt branding for others to freely use.

I'd also appreciate a link to the best quality SaidIt logo file (vector?) and/or font.

I'm still getting over a flu but I hope to be back on my game soon.

Also for reference, I splurged and got my folks the 3 books by David Dees for Xmas.

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Maybe that is the reason so much American tax money is given to Israel, a citizen of Israel potentially benefits from an influx of money, and they are citizens.

How is it that an elected official that decides legislation does not have to disclose any dual citizenship? Not only are members of congress not required to disclose dual citizenship, they are protected from FOIA inquiries to protect their privacy.

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I wonder if their bank accounts have to be disclosed in both countries, or if they have to pay taxes twice?

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They should, but they seem to find the best loopholes.

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Because they write the best loopholes.

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That list is extremely biased.

All Democrats except 1 Republican and 2 Independents.

I'd be very surprised if that was the full list. Certainly not for all of Washington DC and the Deep State lifetime actors.

I don't know what the figures are, but the CIA has taken over the Democratic Party too in order to keep out authentic progressives and to keep losing to the Republicans. I don't know how many Republicans are CIA too.

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I don't know how many Republicans are CIA too.

Well since George Bush Sr. ran the CIA for a while, I would say quite a lot.

I agree the list might be biased, I didn't make it. I'd sure love a more well-verified list.