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I think we should also take responsibility for our state and our county and our cities and our communities.

I don't like the idea of nationalism as a bulwark against globalism. To me that's just exchanging one type of hugely powerful authority for another. Neither have your best interests at heart. No one can reasonably represent hundreds of millions of people, much less billions.

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I see. Well, there are other systems that can be tried, but I think they all need people to work together towards a common good to some extend.

Personally, I'm too proud of my ethnic origins to the point that I'm sure nationalism could make things a whole lot better for everyone. Yeah, I agree, nationalism is basically a form of authoritarian collectivism, but that by itself isn't wrong.

I'm sure the people in the elites don't want national groups to develop a strong enough ethnic identity. I personally have dreams about me and Venezuelans reaching power and greatness the whole time. It's crazy.