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Considering how often men insult each other by saying, "Suck my dick", I can't understand how feminists delude themselves into thinking the woman is the one in power when sucking a man off. It's all work for the woman, and all play and pleasure for the man. Who cares if a woman can use her teeth? If it was so scary for men, they wouldn't be demanding women to give them blow jobs all the time.

The casual way men treat blow jobs while cunnilingus is an afterthought should be proof enough that men don't see sex as an act of mutual pleasure.

Anal sex and PIV aren't about mutual pleasure either. Men are more likely to orgasm during a sexual encounter, and yet, they still demand women do everything to please them, including wearing lingerie, shaving, and waxing, while men get to look as gross as they want.

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Men are obsessed with anal because they know it wont make women cum. That's what they like about it. They hate the idea of female pleasure, unless the woman is having an orgasm from being degraded and abused, because then it shows how broken she is. But if a woman is just relaxed and having fun and feeling good? Nothing is a bigger turn-off to men. That's why you never see normal sex like that on porn, ever. The women are always squealing like pigs in slaughter house, listen to the noises, they sound like they are in pain. Their expressions are like in pain, like they are about to cry. They move and act in every way like they are suffering, that's what's hot to men. And the weird baby talk and acting and looking like children. Men HATE FEMALE PLEASURE, they can't get it up if a woman is enjoying herself. They are simply programmed to be rapists and sadists.

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Fully agree with your comment. Men get off on inflicting pain on women. Anal sex is appealing to men because it's likely to hurt women and it's associated with "tainting" a woman by making her do something degrading. Porn amplifies this in every way possible.

Growing up, I viewed sex as an act focused on giving and receiving pleasure, and strengthening an intimate connection between two people. But seeing, hearing, and reading the way men talk about sex was eye-opening for me. Treating women with sweetness and genuine affection is "weak" or "gay" (lol) for a man to do. Men talk about sex like it's a way for them to conquer or ruin women.

I resent the fact that it's become taboo in feminist circles to talk about all the messed up ways men view sex. Instead, women are encouraged to compete with men on who can be the most apathetic, violent, and demeaning when it comes to sex. It's not "cool" to see sex as something that should require trust, safety, respect, intimacy, and affection. But maybe most women do want to be degraded during sex. Even though I'm blackpilled, that's something I still struggle to accept sometimes.

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It seems believable but I still wont give women a free pass to pander to misogynist males. Being traumatized doesn't take away your agency, get some fucking help and stop ruining things for everyone. Those women have no regrets or shame and they don't care at all about how they impact other women, in other words they have no solidarity and they are traitors basically. Their reasons don't matter from my perspective.

I also think that blogpost is typical radfem logic that denies that women are already submissive by nature. It's not just about bonding due to fear and trauma, it's also because most straight women genuinely enjoy being submissive, being owned, being at man's mercy, getting knocked up, being violated etc. They enjoy the thought of those things even before it happens, even if at the same time they freak them out. That's why they never stop doing it even when they know it harms them on some level. This is just the natural way heterosexual bonding works and women evolved to go along with it and like it as much as men did. Those of us who reject it are the rare exception, not the norm.

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"I can't understand how feminists delude themselves into thinking the woman is the one in power when sucking a man off" - because most women are submissive and quite retarded (naive ?) actually and nowadays feminism is created by men to serve men so feminist activists say what MEN want to hear. If they say something too controversial they don't get money. So in feminist groups we have many stupid delusional women and fake women who can say whatever shit to get money from sponsors, certain leftists groups etc.

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Yeah, feminism as a movement has been declawed. Instead of speaking the truth, the focus is on making sure women's feelings aren't hurt. Telling women they are strong and empowered for sucking dick, getting choked, having sex with loads of male strangers, and so forth is way more acceptable than talking about the reality of how most heterosexual men view sex with women...

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Masochism, Stockholm Syndrome, stupidity, naivety, martyrdom That's the state of modern women

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Well said

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Penetration is one of the most natural ways men establish dominance and women offer submissiveness. It is fucked.

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Penetration makes me so fucken sick psychologically even tho i have a high sex drive damn being woman feels like a punishment

I dint feel any shame about sex 'fucking' is just violent and if u the one receiving it feel degrading and afterwards i feel violated I was only able to go throught it when i was masochistic and submissive LOL now i dont even want to think bout it or look at men(they are so ugly btw)

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Most women (about 15%) have ISFJ personality type quick description: "ISFJs are industrious caretakers, loyal to traditions and organizations. They are practical, compassionate, and caring, and are motivated to provide for others and protect them from the perils of life. They focus on fulfilling their duties, particularly when they are taking care of the needs of other people. They want others to know that they are reliable and can be trusted to do what is expected of them." The most independent typical masculine type (INTJ or INTP) is extremely rare among women something like 2%. So yeah most women are born being submissive and quite stupid intelectually and even smarter and independent women can turn into superfeminine borderline idiots when they are raped and have sort of trauma, so that's why most females suck.

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Oh my i always get so dissapointed when i see some women i admire getting played by men over n over n over again and being naive