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I'm so torn because I definitely want us to develop our own strong identity, culture, intellectual work, and entertainment! But I don't want to avoid gay and lesbian stuff. We have so much to gain from widening our perspectives. Plus, we have always been a part of gay and lesbian activism and media from the very beginning, even if we've been erased (either by ourselves or them haha). I like supporting gay and lesbian stuff, because I feel similar to them, I seek out media and information related to same-sex love.

BisexualRealTalk makes an analogy about us(bisexuals) working our way up the company ladder and there is ONE more person on top(the gay community). Will you step down after working hard at a company? He says "No, we would want to be made equals to the company or go off and start our own."

I don't want LGBT to be a corporate ladder. Bisexuals are not a company. We're a highly diverse group of people and I just want for us to 1. really stake out a place for ourselves and examine who and what we are, and make ourselves heard, and 2. stop being the last group of people it's fine for everyone else to dunk on apparently

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I see where you are coming from in regards to enjoying the LG entertainment/literature/etc.

I had a bit of a different interpretation of what BisexualRealTalk was saying---he mentioned that if you like lesbian and bisexual media etc, that's fine.

I think what he was saying is that despite us being the majority, we're the least represented AND that the LGBT+ community isn't really a community but became a company where there are a few rich gay people at the top that make the decisions and no bisexual people are at that level.

I agree with you on bisexual not being a company but rather a community instead, as well as those two points you made about what you want for bisexuality---it would be nice for visibility!