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I think they got shut down, because they were profiting off of others property; isn't that illegal? For example, if I owned an escort service, or perhaps offered high stakes gambling in a jurisdiction where any of that was illegal, then I'd figure into my business plan things like the cops, courts, and jail in light of the awesome profits.

I'm very impressed with how much they made, and how little they had to pay out; seems somewhat like a win considering what appears to be intellectual property theft.

QUOTE: "Whether RapidShare’s executives are eventually held liable or not, the company was certainly profitable. Documents reveal that in 2009 alone, RapidShare’s gross dividend was 47 million Swiss francs, the equivalent of nearly $49 million. With this in mind, the damages amount of 190,000 francs ($197,000) requested by the copyright holders is relatively mild. In addition to the damages, the prosecution also demands several hundreds of thousands of francs in fines"

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Compared to counties that allow these types of sites to operate, both Norway and Switzerland would be considered unstable?

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No idea. My concern is that the 'bastion' of server freedom(it'll be comprised of people who want freedom of speech, but also loaded with illicit websites, which would be the only cause necessary to silence the rest; or at least I think it could be), will end up blocked in many countries should, or if 'that' place comes to be.