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It depends what you mean. Am I disgusted by her looks? No, but I probably would not date someone who feels the need to pose for elaborately staged lingerie photos. A bit much

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Yea. Right?

That is a bit much. I agree.

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attention whore

skank tats

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Female fashion looks really dorky to me lately.

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She needs to drop about 30 pounds. Then I might fuck her.

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I think I've seen her before on Instagram.

So just at a glance, no I don't find her disgusting. But her ACTIONS AND BEHAVIOR here make her disgusting. Like, this has "total whore" written all over it. If she did these as private photos and I was looking at them on her phone, that'd be one thing. But any girl who posts things like this publicly and not even a model, just comes off extremely fucking trashy, and THAT is what's gross. Some people instantly associate the trashy behavior with the visuals, and some people (like me) can separate the visuals and behavior.

But no, I wouldn't date or even befriend anyone who looks like they have an OnlyFans, let alone actually has one.