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i wish the incels would go there and keep their ridiculous 'thinking' to themselves

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You're getting pussy, then?

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daily, because I'm not an obnoxious human being projecting my awfulness onto women or chads or whoever incels like to blame this month

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In their honest moments I think they blame blind luck more than anything.

I am very skeptical of anyone whose primary reaction to incels is anything other than sympathy, or at least pity. You don't know what it's like to be a 5'2" balding Indian janitor (or whatever), knowing from childhood that you'd never have a shot at marriage and a family. Oh, and not just that- now you're conflated with some bullshit made-up far right movement that's used as a societal scapegoat.

I don't think you've analyzed your own motivation very deeply, and I doubt you occupy the moral high ground here.

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I guarantee I haven't because the flaws on the surface are obvious, and obviously the result of poor personal decision making. You don't have to look very hard to find the proximate cause, and underlying supporting causes don't overcome it. I've seen ugly short fat bald guys with no teeth be happily married, but they were pleasant to be around. At the end of the day, nobody is forcing people to spend hours a day commiserating on instead of going out and riding a bike or volunteering at a charity.

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My God, you seem like one of those extremely boring people who have been voting Labour for 40 years without ever stopping to think about it. All of this stereotypical crap has been thoroughly debunked on and on their wiki. They're pretty scientific about it.

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we have investigated people who don't like us and found they are the problem and not ourselves


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That's in no way the conclusion reached by incels.

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Well, I think your responses pretty much prove out what I said. You take your lead from the bland center-left talking points of the day, and there's not much to your philosophy beyond that. You'd be really happy on Reddit, I think, but you probably got stroppy with someone and were put in "time out" so you brought your wounded pride here.

Just make a new Reddit account and leave us alone. Use a different email and use 5G and you should be good to go.

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Sneako, are you here just to whine about being an incel, being jobless, or talking about IQ?

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you forgot about being curry