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No, people wrote the bible. Have you heard of the Council of Nicea? There were originally more books, such as the Book of Enoch, but some dudes just kinda voted on what was going to go in the bible of all the different books people had written and claimed were divinely inspired

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They didn't remove books from the canon. The canon wasn't discussed at the Council of Nicea. There were different sects with different canons. What became Orthodox Christianity settled on the canon we have in a completely natural way.

The protestant church did remove a couple of books from the Bible. These are books from the intertestamental period that the Jews didn't include in their canon to begin with. But that's another matter.

1 Enoch was only part of the Ethiopian canon. It wasn't excluded; it simply didn't become part of any other canons, and over time people started reading it less, and now there's a revived interest in it. Again: completely natural.

people wrote the bible

Nobody's contesting that. What Christians believe is that they were inspired by the Holy Spirit.

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I am sure they do not believe that it was inspired by god, they believe it is the literal word of god. This was never the original intention of the bibble and the ability to understand metaphor and pagan astronomical personification has been lost.

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No, prophets, scribes and apostles did. Though humans wrote it, they were inspired, because they wrote of the future in oddly specific ways, and humans are not capable of such accuracy.

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