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There were some bot voting issues for a while.

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I'm trying to clear out the entire moderation queue and I'm up to a year ago and noticed that too. I think that was one of the Reddit purges sending people here.

I was just thinking the votes seem pretty healthy today.

Also, I am surprised I don't get reported more often, although here's one. I thought that was a funny comment.

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Good thing that [deleted] user has perhaps moved on. Probably not much fun at parties.

Sometimes I see evidence that Saidit has had trouble keeping users, which could be the topic of another AskSaidit. Not that I would have any advice for Saidit, but now that it's a relatively healthy spam-free site, M7 and others should think about what would help keep people on the website, which seems to be mainly filled with right-wing propaganda. If for example, users want more of the same, there are ways of keeping those users here, and already a good number of people devoted to those kinds of posts.

If however Saiditor's want something that meets the needs of a broader audience, this would require a different strategy that puts Saidit comments in online searches, crossposts, and favors better quality posts (instead of disinformation and general hatred). I think I know from experience that there is no motivation for this latter option.

And for many, it's better that this is a smaller 'community', and somewhat more engaging, depending on the topic. Reddit's main problem is its size, coupled with a low median age. Saidit has the potential to be a lot more interesting.

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I'm not being glib when I say be careful for what you wish for. Well intentioned changes have a way of backfiring. Take r/frugal as an example, some people complained that posting local finds was pointless since it wasn't useful to the user base, and that was only mostly true. What it was useful for is generating content. That is now a relatively quiet, albeit massive sub. There's only so many new tips for frugality. And they did that so a few lazy fucks didn't have to scroll past something they didn't want to see.

what would help keep people on the website

Going through the old reports I see a lot of familiar names. Keep in mind those people, me, are here because we like Saidit. I'm not here because I can't go on reddit, I am here because I vastly prefer Saidit. Compared to reddit people here are fucking awesome. The hatred on Reddit is insane.

I don't think we could compete as another reddit anyways, why would people choose something exactly like reddit but much smaller when the only decent thing about reddit is its size.

mainly filled with right-wing propaganda

That right wing propaganda has a funny way of ending up true. The vaccine is a disappointment, ivermectin probably does work, there were election irregularities, boys can't decide to become girls... What has the left been right about recently? Their big defense of CRT was "you don't really understand what CRT is," which is nonsense because it's pretty clear what it's about. BLM riots that didn't accomplish anything. Spreading hate of white people, which I guess I'm not technically white, but I look that way so it affects me.

If however Saiditor's want something that meets the needs of a broader audience

You ever see a small sub with a lot of regulars get "found" on reddit? It's like gentrification, people move into areas for the culture only to destroy that culture because they don't fit in.

general hatred

Your experience and mine are totally opposite. Reddit is the evil hateful place and here it's practically Utopian in comparison. I have a "fan club" on Reddit that goes around trash talking me and making up shit -- and people believe them! Now on one hand I adore that some people are obsessed with me there and spend their lives talking about what I write, but on the other its unpleasant to constantly be fighting.

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I think your approaches help ground Saidit with relatively normal methods of engagement, rather than the usual types of posts. If we get more users like that, I think Saidit will grow. I am not saying this to be nice, but to point out that this - I think - is related to the second point in my argument above, that Saidit can reach a broader audience.

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Pretty insensitive, considering we're in the middle of a pandemic.

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A moment of silence, please, for the fallen saidittors.

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My ideas:

  1. SaidIt was more active back then

  2. Reddit's ban-waves caused a bunch of people to join, they voted for a few posts, and left

  3. People sort s/all by insightful and vote for a few posts on the first page, keeping them at the top and creating a positive feedback loop

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Makes sense. Wil hope to address #1 at some point.

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Also - 21 November will be my Saidit birthday. Can /u/d3rr make me a cake?

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Goddamn d3rr. I wish that I would have had you around to pay to make me a birthday cake.

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