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    Mcdonald said Netanyahu was based.

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    That doesn’t discredit the tremendous amount of work he has contributed.

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    No, it does not.

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    Now I get to add myself to the list of people who have witnessed this disingenuous tactic first hand. I've been in denial for so long because I didn't want to face the truth, I have been lied to regarding Israels true intentions.

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    THIS ^ ^ ^

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    Thanks for this. And this important comment:

    Paid JIDF shills and other paid jews from ADL/SPLC/ShareBlue PRETEND occaisionally to be anti-Jew , but do not hold back on niggers and muslims to blend in on forums.

    Reddit's /r/Worldnews is packed to the gills with these folks, and are only recently unable to out-vote some of the Israel Gov./Attrocity criticism

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    /u/entropick Here’s some examples on said it and reddit, from largely MAGA (MIGA) supporters, no less:

    This strain of anti-whiteness is very similar to the anti-Jewishness that permeated Europe in the 20s and 30s. It's the persistent idea that a convenient, identifiable group is inherently immoral.

    Jews have a slogan: Never Again. Pay attention, white people. When was the last time that the natives of that land governed themselves before the modern state of Israel?

    ^ ^ ^ What is he trying to say here?

    Your father begged the jews to take power because he wasn't strong enough to wield it himself.

    Why are the Jewish people stronger than your people?

    Are you a parasite?

    Why did your father trade your birthright for processed food and cheap oil?

    Why dont you own the media? What do you own? Anything?

    Lol. Why are the Jews more powerful than you?

    Only men as weak and feckless as you and your father would let the "Jews" take control of your entire civilization.

    Maybe he's not an acolyte of your religion where in the word "nigger" has magical powers. Your god commands you to fear the magic word, but my god doesnt.

    I found him. Christ was raping a little boy.

    Nigger lover


    When Jesus wasnt raping little boys, do you think he was collecting health insurance premiums? The venal Christian just loves to collect insurance premiums. His mother was a whore.

    Every US war has been a christian war.

    I dont care if the president is fat. I do care if he's stupid and racist. Joe Biden is stupid and racist.

    Your father is a piece of chattel.

    Christians are drug addict pedophiles.

    I'm not the one ejaculating conspiracy theories about "zionists" all over the internet. Israel is a homeland for the Jews. Why? Because men like you arent strong enough to change reality.

    You like niggers? Niggers can screw right off.

    Niggers are cursed creatures worse than the leftist Jew.

    Hey, am I the one who is terrified of "Jews?" Look at yourself in the mirror. The Jews didnt cause that. That's generations of bad decisions. You are afraid of Jews because they conquered you. I get it.

    You are conquered. You are chattel. Look at you furiously typing away on the Jewish social networks. You cant even fear then, but that they order you to do so.

    The European anti-semite is the victim of his own debased, perverted culture. I'm honestly asking you if you know what "logic" is? You cant argue that the Jews run an all powerful conspiracy, but then say that your father is a man, and not a little bitch. If your Jewish masters are so powerful that you need to devote your entire being to fighting them, it's only because your father was too busy masturbating to stop it from happening. The Jews dont care about you because you're weak and stupid. You dont know politics, science, history or logic. All you know is pornography, christian voodoo, and fear.

    You are terrified of the jews because they own your father. Your father is a slave. He's weak and stupid. A Jewish man defeated him in battle and turned him into a flaccid homosexual.

    The euro-Christian is an obese, opiate addicted, porn-addicted pervert, with a tiny flaccid penis, who cant decide if he's male or female. Everywhere he goes, disease and pestilence follow because he's dirty and slovenly like the pig, which he eats almost as often as he fornicate with. ...

    Is it any wonder that the Jews conquered europe and enslaved the euro-Christian? It's the best thing that ever happened to them. …

    Well, the real christ is a rapist of boys, and disgusting, slovenly disease vector. So, the antichrist sounds pretty good. …

    Sir, study history. The euro-Christian is a sub-human animal. No man would let a euro-Christian into his home. They had to break in.

    Are you a man or a pig? I know that you hate logic and evidence because they hurt your feelings. Prove to me that Jesus didn't fuck the assholes of his disciples. Prove that he didnt fuck the assholes of little boys.


    Jesus and your hero, Adolf, had many things in common, including their homosexuality.

    Your boss doesn't talk about you, but you complain about him. The Jews defeated your father and put a collar around his neck. He's a weak man who couldn't defend himself in battle.

    Jesus raped little boys. Your worship Jesus because you want to normalize pedophilia.

    I’m an Atheist and your Jew-hating is worthless. Jews own the country and nigger faggots will be killed off. ...

    They only reason we have power over the middle-east is becuse you were too emasculated to do anything about it.


    You'r time will come quick enough, Jew-hater.

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    This is the worst shilling I've seen in a while.

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    I bet you could do better eh?

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    All things in life are becoming very clear. Thanks cousin.

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    The amount of shills on this post /u/CaptainKangaroos illustrates that this document is legit.

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    This was obviously various Jewish supremacists posting this stuff. This is what they actually believe in private and anonymously. Or just go onto right-wing and chabad hebrew forums, I did, they are clearly supremacists and hate 'goyim.'

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      And this is the funny thing. You, as a new user, and me, as a long time poster who helped get many people here off reddit and other forums, you literally have said that this 'conspiracy' is between my ears. No, it isn't. As I just posted above, those quotes are entirely shills and JIDF posting degenerate anti-Christ messages to me every other day.

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      It's too obvious. I rememebr posting stuff on the IRAQ war, Israel and the Ashkenaz pipeline and a bunch of JIDF shills started posting random stuff about how "niggers are the mutts of society and should be expelled." The point to be taken here is that they will do everything to forum slide and try to radicalize you through racist means because they themselves are racist a-holes but would rather have you focus on another minority, African-Americans (not that exposing Zionism or critiquing Judaism or Israel is racist).

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      Indeed - and these shills must really suck at what they do if they think they will have any impact on 20 people at Saidit. Imagine shills bragging about their work at the end of the day and these morons saying that they insulted a few people on Saidit, when the others ask: WTF is Saidit?

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      I can't imagine shills being on only one site at a time. They'd have their spread.

      I've watched really small comment-boards get brigaded. Smaller than Saidit. It's really not that hard to do, especially with bots. It's less about convincing the users to change their views, and more about data-collection and hamstringing content creators. Content gets spread around on these sorts of places. They don't like the folks who spread specific content, which I do not see on this website very often. This place is more of a news aggregator than anything else, mostly clickbaity news. However, certain users and even site-creators have been dealt with through the use of shills. Most people do not have the time and patience to deal with a malicious person.

      Saidit is not an important place. That does not mean that there aren't paid agents popping up on these boards, leaving behind bot-accounts and data-collectors and the like. I mean, really.

      Shills do stink. You can almost smell them.

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      Yes, that does seem to be the pattern.

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      how's the weather in Tel Aviv."

      I use that line sometimes, and I'm no JIDF shill.

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      Yep - it's JIDF reverse psychology (saying things we'd sometimes say)

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      I remember the disqus Bitchute (ZioChute) comment feed when Bitchute didn't have their own and outsourced it to DisQus. First, disqus is owned by a Zionist and it was very intresting that both disqus and Vahey owner of Bitchute allowed Zionist Jews to impersonate your accounts. Meaning they were allowed to actually use you name, steal your content and then put disinfo in it. Nevertheless, the comment feeds were horrific. For example has a video platform there and the good comments were outnumbered by posts blaming blacks for everything which was completely out of context to the video. If they cann't distract you, they'll flood the comment feeds.

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      Has /u/magnora7 made any declaration since the last blackout? It's natural for the shills to try to use the lack of authorities and liberalism to try to destroy the site... I wish we could know what is going on in his head.

      If he is feeling overwhelmed, then I'm not impressed, he can't be our shadow dictator forever and has to decentralized things eventually. There's no point in making subs with diverging opinions if we can't defend them even by using the Pyramid of debate.

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      Liberalism isn't destroying the site, Zionist shills and kosher JIDF right-wing losers are.

      If he is feeling overwhelmed, then I'm not impressed, he can't be our shadow dictator forever and has to decentralized things eventually. There's no point in making subs with diverging opinions if we can't defend them even by using the Pyramid of debate.

      I don't really care ... it must be overwhelming with the amount of shills on here. He's probably merely taking a break. What do you mean by shadow dictator? Decentralizing everything will lead to chaos. There has to be a sense of top-tier control to combat these shills.

      There's no point in making subs with diverging opinions if we can't defend them even by using the Pyramid of debate.

      There is no point in making fallacious subs and banning others if you don't use the pyramid of debate. Oh no wait, there is, destroying this site.

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      Are the Zionist Shills and Kosher JDIF in the room with us now? Can you see them? Try describing them to us.

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      Just look in the mirror. You called me an antisemite and I am racially jewish. I don't like the poster "Jesus" but he has a point here.

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      "I am racially jewish."

      And you say that you are a non-moron? Interesting.

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      With thousands of users, magnora simply can't be the ultimate judge of truth. Likewise, too much of a lack of authority can lead to nihilism and destroy the ethics of the site.

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      I offered to be a silent janny (no full powers, not actually staff, didn’t want anyone knowing I was cleaning if possible, just wanted 2 clean the spam, trash and new accounts/problem users). I don’t like janny work, but this wouldn’t have been work; it would have been ez to do while browsing SaidIt.

      /u/d3rr was 100% down, mag never replied to his PM (to even say no, if that was the case. But just radio silence). And it sucks.

      If no one is going to admin this site, what’s the point? Look at my comment history, my profile is being raided lol.

      This is from February (4 months ago):

      This is from a couple of days ago:

      No one responds to reports or pings anymore. Sad 2 see happen to this site. What’s the point in commenting or posting if everything is gonna get derailed? If there’s no moderation period?

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      I'm really sorry to hear this from you too... Just what the hell is going on in magnora's head? He is going to have to explain a lot of things...

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      I honestly just hope he’s okay and taking a break right now. He’s been MIA for a while now, and that’s unusual for him.

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      He was sick of the Internet. He seemed pretty depressed about all the shills and bots and often said a large majority of users on saidit are bots and my thought is he wanted to take a long break.

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      I'd admin but I probably wouldn't be on everyday and I'd only ban users like the one you sourced. If they continually refuse to follow the pyramid of debate such as spewing derogatory ad hominems over and over again, as the majority of them do, then they should be banned. Magnora7 has even outright said that this is how it should be moderated.

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      Magnora7 isn't even on reddit either. Maybe he got sick, maybe he died, who really knows. I hope he's just taking a little vacation but why just leave unannounced?

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      Thanks for the info. I didn't know. I am seeing more of the N-word, though more recently from a normal user. The spammers from India are especially dedicated, but also ridiculously obvious. I've reported a lot of those accounts.

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      Shills of the more garden variety aka: the poster (jesus) and socks seem to be quite desperate today, so lets all accomodate them in our habitual indifference. :)

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      Says the guy who made an account for this one post Yup, totally a shill. I cannot say socks is, I don't know him personally, and he doesn't spam and forum slide but anyone that takes the time to look at my posts knows I'm no shill or troll.

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      I'm merely avoiding work when I'm at Saidit, which reminds me, I should get back to it. These instant accounts are pathetic.

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      How talented you are! Posting to Saidit in between ringing up customers.

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      I think you may be retarded not a shill. You got me. But socks is a long time shill.

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        Nice deflection there!

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        Saiditer for 5 hours. Pretends to be a regular user. Do you get any enjoyment out of your job? I'd feel like a piece of shit if I were you.

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        We need more admins to fight this but with M7 gone AWOL a lot of garbage is seeping in. So much irrelevant junk on the front page.

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        But they have to be long time admins, with good post histories. The worst thing that could happen and does in every single social media site is that you get a few rouge admins working for third parties and that's it!

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        I'm a long time user with an unremarkable post history. Can I still apply? But seriously, there are quite a few users that have been consistent and trustworthy enough that I would deem reputable to administer this site and that includes you. The ship's captain is missing however and it's navigating treacherous waters. :(

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        Update to my earlier post. I see now two of these shills (Pononimus and mistercohen). They're here only to attack people. It's a shit-show. This is one reason we need more admins, /u/magnora7

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        I'd be an admin but I'd actually ban anyone where their post history shows that 90% of there posts are outright ad hominems or fallacies. They don't belong on saidit.

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          This is brilliant.

          You must have the smallest penis.

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          Holy shit, man! Anyone who spends just five minutes reading your posts can see you're the biggest troll on this board and you're bitching because some people aren't following the rules?!

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          Just give it up already. You're not fooling anyone here. Go disrupt some other site.

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          wait, why did u/magnora7 disappear? Did something happen to him?

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          It's not, he just messed up the link.


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          NAZI DETECTED.

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          I reject Nazism. Are you a Zionist?

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          OMG! Are you aware of the sheer IRONY of your statement? Well, you being a kid I'm sure you don't but I am laughing my ass off at you and your sheer, extreme stupidity!

          [–]Jesus[S] 5 insightful - 1 fun5 insightful - 0 fun6 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

          JIDF deteected.