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Where is it "being constantly shoved in your face"? Maybe you're just being sensitive?

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Nope. It's everywhere. Pushed in schools, pushed on social media, commercials, streaming platforms, politically, it never ends. Like I said - if I were allowed to say I disliked it, fine. We can both coexist, but we can't. If I were to be asked "Do you support the trans-movement or gay marriage?" and I said no. My career would be over. They are textbook bullies. To me, shutting someone down who disagrees with you is what makes you sensitive.

I saw that people had a straight pride march, ridiculous but it proved a point - They were mercilessly attacked by leftists. Gay pride marches? No one cares. No one bothers them.

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It's definitely not "everywhere". You're just sensitive to it, because people formerly were forced to hide and now they aren't.

Also lol @ "my career would be over" -- the fuck you think used to happen to gay people all the damn time?

And if you don't support gay marriage-- ie if you want to dictate what people do in their bedrooms--then sorry, you are the bully. Just leave people the fuck alone, it's not your business or the government's.

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You must've not read my post. I never said I wanted to dictate what they do in their own bedrooms. I didn't say that at all. I said it is being pushed, no we are NOT sensitive, this is the case, and it, much like many other things are leading to the degradation of society. Just my opinion.

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Ok but it's not at all being pushed. It's just no longer being hidden. If you feel it's being pushed, that would imply you want it to be hidden again, ie you're sensitive.

And if you think what people do in the privacy of their bedroom is "leading to the degradation of society", well....maybe you should think about this some more.