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Not Amish but great post and it'd be cool to get a response. I like this Rumspringa idea, it is free will promoting. Compare it to something like Mormonism, where during these prime formative years you are sent on door to door missions instead. Free will vs. extreme indoctrination. Maybe the Mormons just want to wash out the non-believers which I guess is respectable too.

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I agree! It's very cool they send them out in to the world so they can truly decide on their own what kind of life they want to lead. It probably also makes for a better community, because everyone there chose it for the most part. I imagine that makes everyone in the community happier.

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I agree. To be able to know that nothing has been hidden from you in an effort to try to make you stay in the fold through ignorance is wonderful. They get to experience what they choose to experience and then make an informed decision as to what they believe and what they want their life to be like. Although people have accused the Amish of being "backwards" this is one of the most progressive ideas I have heard about from any religion.