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No major news outlet even mentioned this 120-page report. Sheesh.

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Yeah and the moderators on reddit invoking sneaky rules to remove it from the high profile subs, like when I posted it on the science sub they removed it while citing a rule that says posts must reference new peer reviewed research. Even though most of the posts on there are not referencing peer reviewed research, they single out this one. The engineering sub mods just remove every post about it without even an explanation. The extent to which these propagandists have taken control of the internet and are now acting to suppress news and information is insideous.

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And that's why most of us are here and not over there. The average IQ over there is plummeting from what I see. I thought that paper was peer-reviewed but of course they're just invoking that rule to enforce reddit-think. The Corbett Report's latest is about the WTC7 report and how it was simply ignored by all mass media. If they don't report it 9x% of people will never hear of it. What a mess.

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Some are here but not enough to spread the word about this draft report to the masses. I fear it is going to be largely ignored like Niels Harrit's thermite study was.