A Deep State Failure | Larry Johnson on how badly Boeing has messed up by RandomCollection in WayOfTheBern

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What's going to be interesting is the showdown between Boeing and the airline industry when the latter is having to pay out refunds for canceled flights due to the aircraft having to return to the airport or make an emergency landing because a door flew off or something else majorly malfunctioned.

What's the real reason students are rioting on American University campuses? I don't really think it's Israel. by jerryk in WayOfTheBern

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You are on far too familiar terms with Boris and Natasha. You also understand foreign tongues - French, I know for certain and it's anyone's guess what else.

@greg_price11: Mayor Adams says illegal aliens could be used to fill New York City's lifeguard shortage because they are "excellent swimmers." by Maniak in WayOfTheBern

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From swimming across the Rio Grande....???

As someone said in a reply, "who said comedy is dead?"

Putin's new administration & the Security Council of Russia by RandomCollection in WayOfTheBern

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From Mark Sleboda:

Patrushev has long been a close Putin ally/friend and is reported to be very hawkish. He served as the Secretary of the Security Council for 16 years, prior to that serving as head of the FSB after Putin. He has a very critical view of the West, their role in geopolitical affairs and their designs in Russia, much of which has been borne out in the last few years. Western media is reporting he'll be an aide or advisor to Putin; he'll also oversee shipbuilding.

Another reported aide/advisor will be Aleksey Dyumin, long considered very close to Putin, briefly head of Putin's personal security service, a branch of the FSB that's the equivalent to the Secret Service. He also served as Deputy Minister of Defense and deputy chief of Russian special operations forces; more recently he was the governor of the Tula region.

These two appointments were announced together and both men would be on Putin's short list as his successor according to Western Kremlinologists. So I don't see this as a demotion at all, I see as Putin putting his potential successors - Medvedev, Patrushev and Dyumin - close to him.

There's another reason why Patrushev is uniquely suited to oversee shipbuilding in Russia, which I think indicates Russia plans to launch a major new naval construction program: Patrushev graduated from the Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute in 1974. His first job was as an engineer in shipbuilding design bureau.

Looking at all this, I see Putin preparing a "long war" cabinet, looking forward to long years of conflict possibly including with NATO in Ukraine in the near future.

We're seeing incredible changes in how war is conducted, because of the heavy use of C4ISR, including complete and total satellite and drone reconaissance surveillance along with drone use in combat that goes along with that. Russia is also trying out various unmanned ground vehicles, essentially robots, some of them with AI-assisted targeting. Like the Terminator, an anti-tank robot if you will, but other models as well. Weapons systems of Russians and to some extent the Kiev regime that are evolving in cycles that take place in a couple of months rather than years or decades.

And Putin is trying to get on top of that, trying to construct the Russian military anew or reforging it but also seeing this may escalate into larger conflicts either with NATO and Ukraine but also potential global conflicts. I think he foresees a very turbulent time and he wants to have a cutting edge, powerful military producing machine to deal with it.

Putin's new administration & the Security Council of Russia by RandomCollection in WayOfTheBern

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This was an excellent video, only about 30 minutes: some highlights.

Shoigu was Defense Minister, is now Secretary of the Security Council which effectively makes him Putin's national security advisor. He's also been given an important executive position, he's been appointed as deputy chair of the military industrial commission, replacing Medvedev who's the deputy chair of the Security Council. Shoigu has also been appointed as head of the federal service for military-technical coordination; this used to be an agency within the Russian defense ministry but a few days before this reshuffle Putin transferred it from the defense ministry to the secretariat of the Security Council. What these appointments do is put him in charge of the military industrial economy, coordinating military procurement and production and development of new systems for the military; that's what the military-technical part is about. He's actually been fulfilling this role for some time, he's the one (rather than Medvedev, who was appointed deputy head of the military industrial commission in 2022) who's been visiting the factories, meeting the engineers and scientists, working out the kind of weapons the military needed and ensuring an uninterrupted supply to the front lines.

Belousov was Putin's economic advisor in the past. He's said to be exceptionally capable and likable, someone who makes people work well and people like working for. He's extremely good at technical forecasting and a good manager, something a sprawling organization like the defense ministry needs. He's not a military man but historically, going back to the Russian revolution, this role has almost always been filled by a civilian administrator. He's not exactly an economist, as widely reported; what he was for a long time was an official at an agency called the Central Economic Mathematical Institute, an institution under the Russian Academy of Sciences set up in the 1960s that was set up primarily to introduce mathematical and economic forecasting mechanisms into the planning systems. So he's got long connections with the very powerful scientific community.

It's not in Belousov's official bio but we know from Putin that at a certain point in the 1980s Belousov became an official in Gosplan, the Soviet Union's principle economic planning agency. When the Soviet Union collapsed, Gosplan became the economics ministry. Belousov has been Putin's economic advisor in the past and then as Deputy PM, the man in overall charge of the economy. The Russian economy is booming, he's done a superb job and by all accounts is an extremely good manager. His strengths are in planning and forecasting so he's being transferred to the Defense Ministry at a time when defense procurement has expanded enormously and he's there to ensure the situation is managed efficiently, even as the man who's now taken over from him as overall head of the Russian economy, is a man called Monturov who was previously Russia's industry minister, worked directly under Belousov and is now in charge of Russia's civilian economy.

So we're basically seeing a strengthening of management and planning agencies across the government: Shoigu put in charge of the military industrial economy; Belousov at the Defense Ministry working very closely with Shoigu; and Monturov, industry chief, in charge of the civilian economy. This highlights the fact that the overall priority is re-industrialization. In all other respects the economic team, which has been extraordinarily successful - Nabiullina at the Central Bank, Siluanov at the finance ministry, Reshetnikov at the economics ministry - all remain in place as they were expected to.


Shoigu has been an effective and capable administrator, in charge of the Defense Ministry from 2012 to 2024 and he took it to the point it's outproducing the entirety of the collective West. It's clear that with Belousov coming in, they're going to ramp things up and innovate even more.

Gerasimov is staying in place as Chief of the General Staff, the major military figure in Russia and in charge of the actual uniformed military. Gerasimov is widely considered to be extremely capable and you can see how effective he's been in the fact that Russia is winning the war.

On Petrushev, one possibility is that he will take over Medvedev's job as deputy chair of the Security Council. Medvedev is a lawyer and said to be an outstanding one; some say what he really wants is to transfer to the Russian Constitutional Court and eventually become its chair. However, if this change was going to happen it probably would have been announced already.

Petrushev is a former intelligence official, coordinating intelligence matters for Putin for a long time and maybe his new post will actually be his old post, to act as some kind of Director of National Intelligence for Putin. The important thing to say is that Petrushev has not been sacked. They say he'll have a new post and I understand that his son who's been a very successful agriculture minister, has been promoted in this reshuffle as well.


The West always gets the Security Council wrong, probably because in the Western conception, Russia is a dictatorship with Putin as the autocrat. The idea that there's an institution that Putin works with and through and that this institution collectively makes the key decisions is so contrary to the whole Western narrative about Russia that it's completely ignored.

The Security Council is the central decision-making body in Russia. It meets every Tuesday and the people who sit on it are the most important and powerful people in Russia, some of them simply by virtue of their role, e.g., the heads of the Federation Council and Duma that comprise the Russian parliament.

The governmental system in Russia is extremely structured, there's no analog to it in the US. It's where the top people in Russia come together on a weekly basis and talk things through. It's made up of officials from the military sphere, the economic and legal/judicial sphere; its name is misleading, it covers the overall direction of economic policy and domestic policies. It gets reports from people who aren't members of the Security Council, it's an absolutely crucial part of the government.

Dissecting the New York Times' Plea for Vaccine Amnesty by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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Story at a Glance:

  • Repeatedly forcing the public (e.g., through mandates) to use unsafe and ineffective therapies (that injured millions) has created a public relations disaster for the establishment.

  • Various attempts have been made to do the impossible—restore the public’s trust in our medical institutions without any of them admitting fault.

  • Here, I review each of the previous attempts and how they were used to create the recent infamous article by the NYT—which while monumental for bringing attention to the COVID vaccine-injured, also repeats a variety of strategic and very harmful lies to protect the vaccine industry.

  • One of the mysteries of the COVID-19 response is what could have possibly justified breaking the public’s trust in the medical institutions our society revolves around. Here I will review the most compelling explanations we’ve come across after three years of investigating this commonly asked question.

What's the real reason students are rioting on American University campuses? I don't really think it's Israel. by jerryk in WayOfTheBern

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That sounds very suspicious, have you registered as a foreign agent?

Matt Taibbi: Blame Canada? Justin Trudeau Creates Blueprint for Dystopia in Horrific Speech Bill by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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Life sentences for speech? Pre-crime detention? Ex post facto law? Anonymous accusers? It's all in Justin Trudeau's "Online Harms Bill," a true "threat to democracy"

Trudeau was lying when he said C-63 was “very, very specifically focused on correcting kids.” The purview of the Online Harms Act extends far beyond speech, reimagining society as a mandated social engineering project, creating transformational new procedures that would:

  • enlist Canada’s citizens in an ambitious social monitoring system, with rewards of up to $20,000 for anonymous “informants” of hateful behavior, with the guilty paying penalties up to $50,000, creating a self-funded national spying system;

  • introduce extraordinary criminal penalties, including life in prison not just for existing crimes like “advocating genocide,” but for any “offence motivated by hatred,” in theory any non-criminal offense, as tiny as littering, committed with hateful intent;

  • punish Minority Report pre-crime, where if an informant convinces a judge you “will commit” a hate offense, you can be jailed up to a year, put under house arrest, have firearms seized, or be forced into drug/alcohol testing, all for things you haven’t done;

  • penalize past statements. The law gets around prohibitions against “retroactive” punishment by calling the offense “continuous communication” of hate, i.e. the crime is your failure to take down bad speech;

  • force corporate Internet platforms to remove “harmful content” virtually on demand (within 24 hours in some cases), the hammer being fines of “up to 6% of… gross global revenue.”

Things you’re saying, things you’ve already said, things an administrative judge thinks you might say, all barred, with neighbors deputized as enforcers? Good times.

Your Tax Dollars At Work: In Two Years, $7.5 Billion Has Produced Just 7 EV Charging Stations by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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Related: Saboteurs opposed to "automobile capitalism" fail to storm German Tesla factory, claim credit for stopping production on a scheduled holiday when nobody was at work in the first place

Some of them hail from a group called “Turn off Tesla’s tap.”

Our tap-turners set about dismantling German capitalism by blocking a road with the corpses of some tragically slaughtered trees …

… by blocking another road with the help of an “end nEocoLONialism” banner (the capital letters spell ELON, which is very clever) …

… and by throwing paint over a fence onto some cars in a parking lot

Afterwards they declared victory on Twitter, and announced the immanence of socialism, wherein trams, buses and cargo bikes will be the only means of personal transport.

[I'm sure the elites will happily give up their limousines, yachts and private jets for the cause].

What's the real reason students are rioting on American University campuses? I don't really think it's Israel. by jerryk in WayOfTheBern

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Well, at least I can see a poster featuring these: https://artifiche.com/en/posters/suchard-la-do-re-milk-chocolate/

And I had to load "more results" twice for that to come up, doing a search on "La-Do-Ré chocolate bar switzerland". Had to tack on "switzerland" because the first search yielded only results for the US, at least this one produced chocolates made in Switzerland.

Your Tax Dollars At Work: In Two Years, $7.5 Billion Has Produced Just 7 EV Charging Stations by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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More from the article:

The Post added that with the Biden administration's new emissions rules requiring more electric and hybrid vehicles, the slow pace of charging infrastructure development could hinder the transition to electric cars. Twelve additional states have awarded contracts for charging station construction, while 17 states have yet to issue proposals.

The U.S. has nearly 10,000 fast charging stations, including over 2,000 reliable Tesla Superchargers, but non-Tesla chargers often suffer from poor performance.

The NEVI program aims to boost fast charging capacity by 50% to reduce "range anxiety," but states must first build the chargers.

“State transportation agencies are the recipients of the money. Nearly all of them had no experience deploying electric vehicle charging stations before this law was enacted,” Nick Nigro, founder of Atlas Public Policy added.

“More Americans are buying EVs every day..." (wonder how long it will take before buyer's remorse sets in)

Your Tax Dollars At Work: In Two Years, $7.5 Billion Has Produced Just 7 EV Charging Stations by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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A bashful SaidItor sent me this link to post. Excerpt:

When people gripe about paying taxes and the government being a poor the absolute worst possible capital allocator, this is what they are talking about: $7.5 billion in investments for electric vehicles has - in two years - produced just 7 charging stations across four states.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, signed by Biden in November 2021, allocated $7.5 billion for EV charging, the Washington Post writes. Of this amount, $5 billion went to states as "formula funding" for the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure program to establish a network of fast chargers along major highways.

Today, there's seven chargers with a total of just 38 parking spots. And, come on: when the Post is calling it out, you know the results have been horrible.

Gaza Children Hit By Shrapnel That Rips “Through Concrete” | Quotable by mzyps in WayOfTheBern

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James Elder, Spokesperson for UNICEF:

There's many scenes that stick in my mind and stick in my senses, there's the smell of children's burning flesh on a bus as it came down from Shifa because it took three days for a bus to be allowed to go 20 miles.

There's the sight of children with just unspeakable wounds of war, the burns, the shrapnel - shrapnel designed to rip through concrete, what it does to a child - the broken bones.

There's also just the silence. Last month when I was last there, sitting in tents with children who've either had their whole family wiped out - whole family, mom, dad, sisters, grandparents - I didn't think I'd ever say that sentence and now it's becoming normalized. Almost just their silence, so we are in uncharted territory for the trauma of these children, more than one in two of all children in the Gaza strip are in Rafah, they will go through as intense a bombardment as we've seen.

There are still a few people with power to put a stop to this.

MK Bhadrakumar: Countdown begins for Russia’s Ukraine offensive by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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Interesting side note: you can't access the article directly as the "site is down".


A study by the Harvard Business School in experimental psychology relating to people’s tendency to “shoot the messenger” came up with a startling finding that such human behaviour stems in part from a desire to make sense of chance processes.

Simply put, receiving bad news activates the desire to sense-make, and in turn, activating this desire enhances the tendency to dislike bearers of bad news.

Taking all these hostile western moves into account, the upcoming Russian military exercise held to practice the use of non-strategic nuclear weapons is anything but a knee-jerk reaction to some inflammatory remarks by Macron and Cameron.

The Russian ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov called the training activity “a forced measure in response to the arrogant and aggressive policy of the ‘collective West’… unhinged strategists in Washington and their satellites in Europe must understand that in the escalation of stakes they are spurring, Russia will use all means to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity. The West will not be able to play a game of unilateral escalation.”

The [Russian Foreign Ministry statement on May 6] viewed the transfer of F-16 to Ukraine as a deliberate provocation, as it is a “dual-capable” aircraft that can carry both conventional and nuclear weapons.

It highlighted that Moscow has taken “special note of the models of US-made ATACMS missiles, which have been recently sent to Ukraine and are capable of reaching targets inside Russia.”

The heart of the matter is that the US and its G7 partners are in panic mode.

In a reality check, the prominent Swiss military analyst, Colonel Alexander Votraver who is also Deputy Chief of Staff to the Chief of the Swiss Armed Forces’ Military-Strategic Staff and editor-in-chief of the prestigious Swiss Military Review (RMS+), put matters in perspective while speaking on the French TV channel...:

“The forces we could move are two brigades of 5,000-6,000 soldiers, with a deployment duration of 1-3 months at most. But if we are talking about a longer term, as obviously in the case of Ukraine, it is only 2 battalions, which today are in the Baltic States and in Romania. The bad news is that these forces are absolutely insufficient to confront a half-million-strong Russian army.”

@tparsi The UN General Assembly will vote tomorrow on a resolution that may effectively make Palestine a member state of the UN. As you may recall, Biden vetoed a resolution at the UNSC earlier this year that sought to admit Palestine as a member. by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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Should the US "defund" the UN & China steps into "fund" the shortfall, it would be a win-win for China. In fact, that will shift the leverage on the UN with China.... Remember China wants to change the "rules based" order!!



U.S. and U.K. oppose an independent investigation into mass graves in Gaza.



The US defunding the UN would start the long process of relocating the organisation somewhere else, if not in name but in practice, and leaving China as its main bankroller.


Not sure the US is ready to stop funding the UN - even for Israel. The UN moving to a neutral country elsewhere in the world would be a major blow in terms of power and influence- not to mention the 10s of thousands of jobs in the US and the billions it brings to the economy.


The US defaulted on its payment to the UN anyway...


Would be great if the US (as its dominant funder) defunds the UN...

This essentially shuttering of the UN would make finding a replacement - based on international law, w/out a veto, etc - an vital imperative.

So that must be good. The UN is impotent and corrupt.


US law also requires that it not supply arms to countries that commit war crimes, but it's ignoring that one so there's precedent to just keep on ignoring others.

@tparsi The UN General Assembly will vote tomorrow on a resolution that may effectively make Palestine a member state of the UN. As you may recall, Biden vetoed a resolution at the UNSC earlier this year that sought to admit Palestine as a member. by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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Rest of tweet:

Based on a draft of the resolution I have reviewed, I do believe that this resolution may become a big deal.

It does three important things. It reiterates that a Palestinian state must be created based on the 1967 borders and, by that, rejects the "facts on the ground" Israel has manufactured through its settlement project to render a Palestinian state impossible.

Second, it expresses "deep regret and concern" over Biden's veto at the UNSC last month on this issue and recommends that the Security Council "reconsider the matter favorably."

And thirdly, it appears to grant Palestine the full rights and privileges of a member EVEN if the UNSC fails to admit Palestine. This would be an unprecedented decision designed to circumvent Biden's veto at the UNSC.

The draft that I have seen points out that this is done "on an exceptional basis and without setting a precedent." This language is there in order to alleviate concerns that this could become a new tool that would be used on a regular basis to admit states such as Kosovo or Taiwan.

If it passes, it will further show how isolated the US is on this matter.

US law requires that the US defunds global institutions that admit Palestine as a member (remember the US's "commitment" to the two-state solution?)

If Biden chooses to defund the UN as a result, it will only further undermine the US's standing.

It is truly inescapable: Biden's support for Israel is coming at a massive cost to the US itself...

The Machinery Of Fascism Revisited by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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A book [praising fascism] appeared in 1937 as published by the prestigious Prentice-Hall, and it included contributions by top academics and high-profile influencers. It was highly praised by all respectable outlets at the time.

You will notice that the section on economics includes contributions by Benito Mussolini and Joseph Stalin...It is in this essay...Mussolini offered this concise statement: “Fascism is more appropriately called corporatism, for it is the perfect merge of State and corporate power.”

All of this became rather embarrassing after the war so it was largely forgotten. But the affection on the part of many sectors of the US ruling class had for fascism was still in place. It merely took on new names.

There is valuable literature on the topic and it bears reading. One book that is particularly insightful is The Vampire Economy by Günter Reimann, a financier in Germany who chronicled the dramatic changes to industrial structures under the Nazis. In a few short years, from 1933 to 1939, a nation of enterprise and small shopkeepers was converted to a corporate-dominated machine that gutted the middle class and cartelized industry in preparation for war.

The Nazis were not hostile to business as a whole but only opposed traditional, independent, family-owned, small businesses that offered nothing for purposes of nation-building and war planning...The large businesses had the resources to comply and the wherewithal to develop good relations with political masters whereas the undercapitalized small businesses were squeezed to the point of extinction.

The best book I’ve seen on the Italian case is John T. Flynn’s 1944 classic As We Go Marching...His book deconstructs the history of fascist ideology in Italy from a half-century prior and explains the centralizing ethos of the system, both in politics and economics.

In our own times, [syndicalist organizations] have been replaced by a managerial overclass in tech and pharma that have the ear of government and have developed close ties with the public sector, each depending on the other. Here is where we get the essential bones and meat of why this system is called corporatist.

In today’s polarized political environment, the left continues to worry about unbridled capitalism while the right is forever on the lookout for the enemy of full-blown socialism.

As a result, and armed with partisan bête noires that bear no resemblance to any really existing threat, hardly anyone who is politically engaged and active is fully aware that there is nothing particularly new about what is called the Great Reset. It is a corporatist model – a combination of the worst of capitalism and socialism without limits – of privileging the elite at the expense of the many...

Jimmy Dore Show: NY Governor Hochul Says Black Kids Don’t Know What Computers Are! by Maniak in WayOfTheBern

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Must-see parody posted by Tim the Tool Man:

...the gentleman performing did this previously mocking Biden when he said "inner city people don't know how to get online". I just updated the video to another racist democrat.


@Jonathan_K_Cook: Trinity College, Dublin, agrees to pulls its investments from companies helping Israel brutalise the Palestinian people. Students respond by packing up their encampment. by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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Full tweet:

Trinity College, Dublin, agrees to pulls its investments from companies helping Israel brutalise the Palestinian people. Students respond by packing up their encampment.

A college statement reads: 'We are in solidarity with the students in our horror of what is happening in Gaza.'

Does that mean sending in riot police to beat up and arrest the protesters isn't the only available option? What a strange thought.

More here: https://archive.ph/KkAtF

Ukraine SitRep: Eating The Seed Corn - Intervention Threats And Responses by RandomCollection in WayOfTheBern

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That's one of the biggest mysteries, whether they didn't know Russia's capabilities; or simply refused to listen to the analysts who knew it. I'm guessing the latter, because that's what they did with the oil price caps and seizing Russian assets.

@Elazul: I'd love to buy this guy a drink. by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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Agree completely. They have no bedrock principles that they refuse to compromise on and that's tragic for a group of people making decisions that the rest of us have to live with.

@mtracey: Just in case you're wondering what Congress is up to today, Rep. Aaron Bean (R-FL) says anti-Semitism has become such a "dominant force" in K-12 schools that Second Graders across America are "spewing Nazi propaganda" by Maniak in WayOfTheBern

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Having these idiots clamoring like chicken littles may end up being a good thing, more and more people are starting to get sick and tired of the relentless fucking whining about the poor state of Israel as it's slaughters civilians in the tens of thousands with impunity in full view of the entire world.

@Elazul: I'd love to buy this guy a drink. by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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Live interview with a University of Chicago protester, who does an excellent job of articulating why they're there. The student encampment was broken up earlier in the day but students were holding the protest line, facing off against the police. Transcript, with help from Closed Caption transcription provided on the video:

It was horrific. They waited like cowards until every single student was asleep in their tents basically and then they stormed in, maybe 40 or 50 of them with riot gear, screaming, throwing wood planks, throwing chairs, throwing things in any direction to destroy the camp as fast as possible, to suppress this movement as fast as possible. In fact, one of the chairs they threw came within inches of hitting my girlfriend in the head. No, we had no warning.

Re threats of disciplinary action: They gave us some ridiculous notice out here saying that participants in the quad encampment, which no longer exists thanks to them, are facing like an interim leave of absence as well as criminal trespass charge. I have no idea if that's just a scare tactic or if it's real but it doesn't matter because the difference between us and the people like these cops is that there are limits to when we continuing following orders.

And when you're talking about a genocide visited on a colonized population of 2 million people trapped in a ghetto that's as long as a marathon and 6 miles wide, when that ghetto is being systematically starved, slaughtered, every hospital bombed, every university bombed, 70% of homes destroyed, 40,000 people murdered, 15,000 children murdered, the entire population on the brink of starvation. We say, if our government and our academic institutions are complicit in this, there comes a point where we're not following orders and it doesn't matter what you do to us, because there are principles and there are human lives that matter more than our futures, and that's what separates us from people like the coward president of this university and these coward cops that come in and terrorize an encampment while people are sleeping.

(about what's happening here, with the line of protesters he's linked arm in arm with) Apparently they're trying to intimidate us, trying to suppress the protest that's continuing to grow. I think they thought they could terrorize us into inaction, into flight. But this is what this university has never understood, has never accepted, has never reckoned with about this student movement. And not just U Chicago but around the country. Is that the commitment to Gaza runs deeper than fears for our safety, fears for our careers, fears for our paychecks. It is a fundamental obligation we have as citizens of the country that is presiding over this genocide, arming this genocide, and as students at a university that is invested in those same weapons manufacturers and has partnered with the same apartheid institutions that trained that military and developed the technology.

(Interviewer): You've tried to have a conversation with some of these police officers; yeah, I've been talking to them the whole time, asking them what it would take for them to stop following orders. I'd ask them, "how many kids have to die? So if 15,000 kids are killed you're still willing to suppress a national movement raising the alarm, that this needs to stop, that US complicity needs to stop. So what if it was 50,000 kids, 200,000 kids, a million kids, what if the whole Gaza ghetto?"

(Next step for you?) Whatever form it takes, to continue fighting with every breath we have, with every thing we have, for the people of Gaza because the blood of those kids is on our hands. It's on all of our hands, whether we like it or not. If we're US citizens or U Chicago students, we are implicated in this horror that's being visited by the state of Israel with total impunity because of UN Security Council vetoes.

Yes, I'm a PhD student. (about possible disciplinary action): Again, I don't care, there are things that matter more than my academic future. And certainly every one of those children that is being murdered, starved, maimed, whose parents are having to decide "do I let this kid starve first or that one?", this is such an ugly reality of such great magnitude that to even think, to really entertain, "what might happen if Paul (university president) puts me on a leave of absence?" is ridiculous, and it's insulting to the memory of every child that has been murdered in the course of this genocide with the full complicity of the United States and Joe Biden. And people like Paul and his cops he sics on us in the middle of the night. They're hypocrites and they're cowards and the blood of Gaza's kids is on their hands, too. The difference between them and us is that we know that and we reckon with it because we have a duty to them while they hide from the truth and they won't even admit that a single university has been bombed.

History Is Indispensable to Journalism by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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The path of least resistance is easier for some people, it doesn't require effort or thought.

History Is Indispensable to Journalism by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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You cannot understand a conflict without understanding its history. That’s why historical context is routinely suppressed by corporate media, such as in the Palestinian-Israel conflict and the war between Russia and Ukraine. They don’t want you to understand.

For establishment journalists, the violence in Gaza began on Oct. 7, 2023 and in Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022.

Understanding the Palestinian conflict from 1948 forward, and the Ukraine war from the 2014 overthrow of the Ukrainian government and the start of the civil war completely changes one’s perception.

So establishment media suppresses this history because it’s a perception they don’t want you to have. It goes against its agenda to promote Western foreign policies, rather than reporting on them.

In 1956, Moshe Dayan, then chief of the Israeli general staff, looked into both the recent past and to today to warn:

“What cause have we to complain about their fierce hatred to us? For eight years now, they sit in their refugee camps in Gaza, and before their eyes we turn into our homestead the land and villages in which they and their forefathers have lived. … We are a generation of settlers, and without the steel helmet and gun barrel, we shall not be able to plant a tree or build a house. . . . Let us not be afraid to see the hatred that accompanies and consumes the lives of hundreds of thousands of Arabs who sit all around us and wait for the moment when their hands will be able to reach our blood.”

Brian Berletic: Washington’s Proxy War in Myanmar Continues Along China’s Borders by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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Overshadowed by ongoing fighting in Eastern Europe and the Middle East as well as growing tensions between the US and China, the ongoing conflict in Myanmar nonetheless constitutes a critical component of what is a larger global conflict.

Depicted by Western governments and Western media as an isolated, internal conflict between a “military dictatorship” and the forces of “democracy,” in actuality the conflict represents decades of Anglo-American attempts to reassert Western control over the former British colony.

Much of the fighting is taking place between the central government and armed ethnic groups that had at one point been a part of the British Empire’s occupation force, utilized by the US and UK during World War 2 against the Japanese, and used ever since to disrupt Myanmar’s ambitions for independence and self-determination.

Alongside these armed ethnic groups, the US has constructed a parallel political establishment, eventually installed into power through compromised elections in 2020.

In 2021, Myanmar’s military removed from power the US client regime headed by Aung San Suu Kyi, advised by literal British and Australian citizens, and supported by a collection of US government-funded and backed political organizations, media platforms, and educational institutions both within and beyond Myanmar’s borders. The US has been semi-covertly backing attempts by the ousted regime to retake power through armed violence ever since.

US Ambulances for Ukraine by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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...the blood-spattered Ukrainian pie

Which is no problem for vampires and ghouls.

US Ambulances for Ukraine by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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In December 2023, the Ukrainian media field was scandalized by a blatant incident - in Odessa, employees of the local military registration and enlistment office (TCC) tried to illegally detain a man right in the courtyard of a residential complex, driving up to him in an ambulance.

What is happening in cities controlled by the Kiev regime is becoming more and more surreal every day, and the case in Odessa could be mentioned as another example of general lawlessness. If not for one “but”. Social media users were surprised to find the logo of the British United Ukraine Fellowship (UUF) on the ambulance in which the military commissars were driving around Odessa. Previously, its representatives transferred medical transport to the front. According to their statements, it was to be used to help militants and civilians. But as a result, fate brought one of the cars, which took a lot of donations received by the fund, into the arsenal of the Odessa military commissars, where it serves the purposes of illegal mobilization.

Illegal schemes created to implement the plans of the military leadership of Ukraine, disguised as humanitarian and medical projects, are not uncommon, but a pattern. In our new investigation, we will talk about one such project created in the United States, namely US Ambulances for Ukraine.

The search for the ultimate beneficiaries of this project unexpectedly leads to the Third Order of St. Francis. The fact that the Catholic Church, despite the peace-loving statements of the Pope, provides assistance to Ukrainian nationalists and even took an active part in preparing the 2014 coup is no secret.

In March 2022, the US Ambulances for Ukraine project was created on the basis of [Order of St. Francis] HealthCare (founded in Peoria, Illinois), headed by its vice president for government relations, Christopher Manson.

...the abundance of extremely interesting personalities among those involved in its launch. These include, for example, current Illinois Governor Jay Pritzker, who helped allocate 12 ambulances to the project.

But it is not so much he himself who is interesting as his sister Penny Pritzker...In 2023, the Biden administration suddenly decided to return her to big politics, appointing her as the US special representative for the economic recovery of Ukraine. It is, of course, impossible to restore a torn economy that is supported only by foreign loans, but Pritzker’s real goal is to help American businesses gain control over the remaining Ukrainian assets.

Ukraine SitRep: Eating The Seed Corn - Intervention Threats And Responses by RandomCollection in WayOfTheBern

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Remember the convo he had with Madeleine Albright, who expressed what these neocons believe to their core? "What's the use of having this powerful military if we don't use it?" It apparently eluded her that "using" it against weaker countries that lacked comparable military, weapons, etc. is what bullies do.

What's the real reason students are rioting on American University campuses? I don't really think it's Israel. by jerryk in WayOfTheBern

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Clicked your link and got this:


You don't have permission to access this resource.

Give Boris and Natasha my regards, you sneaky scamp!

@RnaudBertrand: South China Seas update - China and the Philippines by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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@dangerousbeenz - So what made them change this policy ? Does the US have something on Marcos ?

@RnaudBertrand - They have all his family's money...

@RnaudBertrand: South China Seas update - China and the Philippines by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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The tweet:

This is huge: https://manilatimes.net/2024/05/08/news/wescom-chief-agreed-to-chinas-new-model/1945210

China has released a recording of a phone call between the Chinese embassy and a top Filipino military chief, Vice Adm. Alberto Carlos, chief of the Western Command (Wescom), in which the latter says that the entire chain of command of the Philippine military was on board with the "new model" for peacefully managing the situation in the Second Thomas Shoal. The recording was made on January 3, 2024 so well after Bongbong Marcos came to power in 2022.

The "new model" in question according to the transcript (pictured) is one where the Philippines would only supply "food and water or humanitarian subsistence" to the Sierra Madre ship stuck on the shoal, and not construction material to convert the ship into a permanent outpost. This is the deal China has always said they'd struck with the Philippines and which Marcos always denied. And this was the reason behind the water cannons: to prevent the supply of construction material in violation of the deal.

Former president Duterte also a couple of weeks ago went on TV to declare that he himself had agreed on this deal with China during his administration.

Anyhow, long story short, the proofs accumulate that Marcos has been stunningly dishonest and duplicitous on this topic. Accusing China of acting out of the blue when it was he who violated an agreement made not only during the previous administration but his administration too!

@OmarBaddar This is SO good! 🔥And just like that, I have a new favorite rapper by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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Can also listen to it here

@OmarBaddar This is SO good! 🔥And just like that, I have a new favorite rapper by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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Hind's Hall by Macklemore, all proceeds go to UNRWA


The people they won’t leave

What is threatening

about divesting and wanting peace?

The problem isn’t the protests

it’s what they’re protesting

Cause it goes against

what our country is funding

Block the barricade until Palestine is free

Block the barricade until Palestine is free

When I was 7 I learned a lesson

from Cube and Eazy E

What was it again?

oh yea

fuck the police

Actors in badges

protecting property

And a system that was designed

by white supremacy

But the people are in the streets

You can pay off meta

you can’t pay off me


who serve by any means

AIPAC and the interests

Of the companies

You see puppeteers

behind the land of the free

But this generation here

is about to cut the strings

You can ban tik Tok

take us out the algothim

But it’s too late

we’ve seen the truth we bare witness

We’ve seen the ruble the buildings

the mothers the children

And all the men that you murdered

and then we see how they spin it

Who gets to the right to defend

and who gets the right of resistance

Has always been about dollars

and the color of your pigment


White supremacy is finally on blast

Screaming free Palestine

until they’re home at last

We see the lies in them

Claiming it’s anti-semetic

to be anti-zionist

I’ve seen jewish brothers and sisters out there and riding

In solidarity and screaming

free Palestine with em

Organizing, unlearning

and finally cutting ties with a


that’s gotta rely on an apartheid system

To uphold an occupying violent

History been repeating for the last 75

The Nakba never ended,

the colonizer lied

If some kids in tents,

posted on the lawn

occupying the quad

is really against the law

And a reason to call

in the police and their squad

where does genocide land

in your definition huh?

destroying every college in Gaza and every mosque

pushing everyone into rafah and dropping bombs

The blood is on your hands Biden,

we can see it all

And fuck no

I’m not voting for you in the fall


you can’t twist the truth

The people out here


never be defeated when Freedom’s on the


Yet the music industry’s quiet

complicit in their platform of silence

What happened to the artist

what do you got to say?

If I was on a label,

you could drop me today

And be fine with it

cause the heart fed my page

I want a ceasefire

fuck a response from drake

What you willing to risk?

What you willing to give?

What if you were Gaza?

what if those were your kids?

If the west was pretending that you didn’t exist

You’d want the world to stand up

And the students finally did

Let’s get it

Ukraine SitRep: Eating The Seed Corn - Intervention Threats And Responses by RandomCollection in WayOfTheBern

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This hasn't come through to the Western elites and their thick skulls

That's because most political leaders have never served, and those high up in military command are careerists with no actual battlefield experience. You can tell who the real veteran military warriors are, they're the ones who are saying "never go to war unless there is no other alternative."

Tiberius: This video is incredible.The eloquence, passion and intellect of @KendallGardner makes a complete mockery of ignoramuses like @piersmorgan who label student protesters ‘children.’ The future is coming, and we won’t accept complicity in war crimes. by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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Tiberius: Apologies: the tag is her academic account. Her active account is @kendietweets. I can’t edit as there’s a video in this post, a Twitter rule apparently.

@davidcnswanson: Absolutely LOVE that brilliant courageous students are making this about all weapons to all wars, not just particular weapons to one particular war.

@weeMar80: It’s great to see them stand strong in their solidarity. The students aren’t under any illusion…they know that it’s the same people fucking with their future that are complicit in the genocide of the Palestinians and are fighting for a better future for everyone.

@FlavioRojas2: The oil trust fund of Norway, where most retirees have their pensions invested, adheres to a very strict ethical code of conduct. It divests from industries related to war and avoids investing in countries governed by dictators.

@tavisint: Exactly. As a prof, I know @kendietweets is ALL our students everywhere and they are so on point that the only thing the right can do is mock and try to diminish them. But I see it every day, the future is bright!!!

@Megatron_ron: United States Senate issues warning to the International Court of Justice that if they issue an arrest warrant for Netanyahu and other Israeli war criminals, the US will move to sanction and destroy the court. by Maniak in WayOfTheBern

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GW Bush's administration threatened that the US would invade the Hague if any Americans were put on trial for war crimes, so this latest isn't really surprising. Our "leaders" and global "leadership" in general have become rabid.

Polite Request from Regime Commie by LarrySwinger2 in WayOfTheBern

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There's some hilarious memes at that link.

Is Russia, in reality, "The Borg"? by jerryk in WayOfTheBern

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That concept is certainly well accepted, in the West, anyway.

Now there's a big surprise!! /s

If you're of a religious bent, you might consider what Jesus said to his disciples about ignoring the beam in their own eye while condemning the speck in their neighbor's eye. Because judging from your posts, you really seem to have the latter down pat.

Who is “behind Labour”? PART 1 – Agents of Influence: Novara Media? - Unity News by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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What Plan C is, according to its website -

If this seems opaque, well, it is. So far, so much postmodernist brain-leakage. Further down, there’s a little more clarity, as it is acknowledged that the people behind Plan C are “anti-capitalist and anarchist horizontalists”, whatever that means.

If it’s not clear what Plan C is from what they say, seeing them straight is easier when we dispense with the pseudo-academic claptrap and look at what they actually do. It then becomes obvious that the “C” in Plan C, might as well stand for CIA.

Plan C affiliated paramilitaries are actively working for the CIA in its occupation of northeastern Syria via Plan C’s Kurdistan Cluster.

In an interview with London Green Left a Plan C activist explains their commitment to the Kurdish occupation of Syria’s oil and wheat fields.

From Plan C’s own website, which recounts the activities of their activists, its clear that some have been recruited to fight and die in the Syrian civil war, including Anna Campbell, who was killed in March 2018.

Plan C claims that the territory occupied by the United States and its Kurdish proxies following the CIA backed Arab Spring is something of a socialist-ethnonationalist Kurdish utopia.

However, the truth behind this positive characterisation is clear from their acknowledgement that the Rojava movement is, “built on the intellectual, organisational, and material foundations of decades of struggle, primarily via the PKK in Turkey”.

In reality, the PKK is running the show and the PKK has been a partner of the CIA for some time now, as was confirmed by retired CIA employee Marc Polymeropoulos, who admitted that

“The most interesting part of the US relationship in the counter-ISIS [Daesh] campaign is that we partnered in essence with a terrorist group, the PKK” […]

Polymeropoulos’s claims have been confirmed by other sources, including the Cuban News agency Prensa Latina and a report to the UK parliament.

Much more at the link.

Who is “behind Labour”? PART 1 – Agents of Influence: Novara Media? - Unity News by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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Our honest opinion is that the CIA is behind the Labour left – read on to see if you agree:

This article is being published in two parts. This first part describes what we believe is the CIA’s main conduit for influencing the UK left, the anarchist collective Plan C and identifies the organisations it utilises as fronts.

The second part will recount how and why we consider these known Plan C fronts to be responsible for the collapse of the Corbyn project, both as an electoral initiative and wider movement.

Jonathan Cook: Why the media have failed Gaza by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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The media's job is to create the impression of uncertainty, doubt and confusion. Our job is to explode that lie, denying them and the political class they protect an alibi

First, we should honour the brave journalists of Gaza who have paid a horrifying price for making the Palestinian experience of genocide visible to western audiences over the past seven months.

Israel has killed a tenth of their number – some 100 journalists – as it tries to prevent the truth of its atrocities from getting out. Israel’s has been most deadly eruption of violence against journalists ever recorded.

Second, we must shame the western media – not least the BBC – who have so utterly betrayed their Palestinian colleagues by failing to properly report the destruction of Gaza, or name it as a genocide.

The same media that celebrated families taking in Ukrainian refugees has willingly conspired in the smearing of those whose only crime is that they wish to stop the slaughter of 15,000-plus Palestinian children in Gaza.

There is apparently nothing heroic about opposing Israel’s genocide, even if opposing Russia’s invasion is still treated as a badge of honour.

The media give politicians a free pass to vilify as an antisemite anyone outraged that UK weapons are being used to help kill, maim and orphan many, many tens of thousands of Palestinian children. That accusation assumes that every Jew supports this slaughter, and erases all those Jews standing alongside us today at this protest.

The Kings of Garbage, or, The ADL Spied on Me and All I Got Was This Lousy Index Card by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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In 1993 I received a letter in the mail. It informed me that I was the victim of an illegal spy ring involving members of the ADL and a San Francisco Police Department intelligence detective called Tom Gerard. The letter came with an index card that included my full name, driver’s license, the license-plate number on my shitty old Subaru hatchback, and the Mission District addresses of my apartment and the leftie bookstore where I worked, near Guerrero and 20th Street. My file had been marked “Pinko,” one of five categories that the ADL spymaster used to flag the group’s targets.

But I was not alone. Police had seized thousands of index cards like mine in raids on the ADL’s San Francisco office, and in searches of the homes and storage facilities of the organization’s key figures. According to newspaper reports of the time, 12,000 Americans and 950 groups were victims of the now-forgotten scandal.

The ADL did not restrict its harassment of Arab-Americans to surveillance of the ADC. At least one Arab-American activist on whom the ADL kept a secret file, Mohammed Jarad, wound up arrested on a visit to the occupied territories. Jarad was subjected to enhanced interrogation techniques, forced to sign a confession written in Hebrew, and released without charge after six months, and allowed to return home to America. U.S. officials at the time expressed serious doubts about Jarad’s signed confession.

The ADL spy ring also helped trigger the 1987 arrests of eight Los Angeles Muslims—seven Palestinian men and one Kenyan woman—who were falsely accused of supporting terrorism and ordered expelled from the United States. SWAT teams broke into the defendants’ homes, detained them without charge or trial, and subjected the group, known as the “Los Angeles Eight,” to an ordeal that only ended in 2007, when a Los Angeles judge finally dismissed all charges and denounced the case as “a festering wound on the body of respondents and an embarrassment to the rule of law.”

Expecting to find proof of spying in San Francisco, and possibly Los Angeles, the FBI learned that the ADL was running a covert spy network in cities across the country, and that in each spy ring hub, they had local police officers doubling as ADL moles.

I was in no condition to see that spy scandal for what it was: raw, unvarnished Israel-advocacy politics—an early preview of the sort of cynicism, paranoia and right-wing extremism we’ve come to expect from pro-Israel groups. When Israel took the occupied territories in 1967 and imposed Jewish-supremacist rule over the native Arab majority, that was it. Israel, Zionists, and their supporters crossed over to the dark side.

What's the real reason students are rioting on American University campuses? I don't really think it's Israel. by jerryk in WayOfTheBern

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Maybe they hate the slaughter of innocent civilians regardless of their religion or ethnicity. I know I do, don't you?

What's the real reason students are rioting on American University campuses? I don't really think it's Israel. by jerryk in WayOfTheBern

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Here's a thought: pay attention to what they're saying about why they're protesting. If I were of college age I would be doing the same because it's glaringly clear that Israel is committing a genocide; and that our government is completely complicit.

‘Operation al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 206: Blinken says Israel has no plan to ensure civilian safety in Rafah | Palestinians brace for an invasion in Rafah as Hamas is expected to respond to a new ceasefire proposal. Meanwhile, Israel continues airstrikes on Gaza, and Gaza City’s municipality says that.... by RandomCollection in WayOfTheBern

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And they'll continue to lie about trying to minimize harm to civilians while outright slaughtering them and their Western apologists will continue to perpetuate the lie. It really is an astounding display, they've all gotten away with this sort of straight-up propaganda for a long time because it was outside the view of the general public, but this time it's all playing out on everyone's social media and all they can say is 'don't believe your lying eyes'.

LEAKED DOCUMENT from Columbia University admin detailing: 1. Discriminatory Admissions policies for the Tel Aviv Dual Degree program; 2. Disproportionate financial aid given to Tel Aviv Dual Degree Students; 3. Bias from the Dean of General Studies by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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From the report: “These practices suggest a serious and intentional use of general studies institutional aid where TAU Dual Degree Program students receive disproportionately higher funds than others, without the required basis of demonstrated financial need”.

From the report: “Dean Rosen-Metsch has also convened meetings with GS veterans who served in the Israeli Defense Forces, directing them to counter Pro-Palestine student activities and to disrupt Pro-Palestinian advocacy on campus.”

Per the report: Columbia General Studies students with highest need (Pell grants, etc): 30-35K maximum; TAU dual degree student regardless of financial need: 50-60K on average

eugyppius: New Document Release Reveals Greens Engaging in Fraud to Deceive Ministers and Push German Nuclear Phase-Out by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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All of our countries are crazy in various ways, but when it comes to energy policy Germany is an undisputed champion of crazy.

In 2011, a tsunami caused the Fukushima nuclear disaster. If you check a map, you’ll notice that Fukushima is in a country called Japan, which it turns out is a different country from Germany. The Fukushima disaster had zero to do with the Federal Republic, but then-Chancellor Angela Merkel felt the need to solve the problem of Fukushima by phasing out nuclear power in Germany, even though tsunamis and earthquakes are not a problem in Germany, because Germany is a country in Central Europe and not an island nation in Asia.

...it gets much crazier. Months before announcing the nuclear phase-out, Merkel’s Government had passed energy transition legislation to secure Germany’s path towards a zero-emissions future...to ditch our most significant source of emissions-free power, in other words, just months after resolving an energy transition to emissions-free power...These insane choices had the near-term consequence of increasing our dependence on Russian natural gas. Otherwise, they ensured that power generation in Germany would be vastly more expensive than necessary and also vastly more carbon intensive than necessary.

In 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, and Germany under Merkel’s successor, Chancellor Olaf Scholz, decided along with the rest of the liberal West that Russia was bad, bad, bad and that evil Putin had to be punished with self-immolating sanctions, sanctions, sanctions. This new spasm of high-minded moralising further attenuated our energy situation, ushering in an entirely self-made energy crisis. The Greens, now in government, were determined to proceed with the last stages of the nuclear phase-out, even with our natural gas supplies in doubt.

The Greens fought ruthless bureaucratic battles to shut off the last remaining nuclear power plants, and in the years since they have fought ruthless legal battles to keep the records of all this under seal lest their idiocies ever see the light of day...because their contents were so discrediting that they would make the policy impossible to justify at home and defend abroad.

Happily, journalists for the excellent news magazine Cicero won their court battle and succeeded in forcing the release of the deeply embarrassing nuclear memos. Today Daniel Gräber has published his long-awaited analysis of these records, and what it reveals is really and truly abysmal...high civil servants literally falsifying expert reports...withholding information from their boss, Economics Minister Robert Habeck, lest he inconveniently arrive at the right conclusions.

In the end, the Green bureaucrats lost the battle but they won the war. All the fake, invented reasons why the nuclear plants could not be left running into the spring melted away as the energy crisis deepened and the Government found themselves toeing the brink of political annihilation. The plants did go offline, however, if a little later than Graichen, Tidow and Niehaus had hoped.

Particularly loved this description of one of the players: "looks like what would happen if you blended a shark with an accountant." He said he couldn't find a photo of another key player "so for the purposes of this post I invite you to imagine an unpleasant male visage of your choosing" and then posted an image of Jabba the Hutt.

Caller: Scott [Ritter] is Very Wrong-- He Doesn't Know Anything About Russians and Soviets! | This rascally caller says that Scott is wrong when he talks about the Russians during World War II when it was actually the Soviets--- And Scott has some choice Marine Corps [fucking] words!! by Maniak in WayOfTheBern

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That was a righteous rant. He might also have pointed out that Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union but for some time it has been tearing down monuments to Ukrainian Soviets who died in WWII and replacing them with monuments to the Nazi war collaborators. As far as I know, Russia is the only former Soviet republic that continues to memorialize the end of the Great Patriotic War every year nationally.

How Biden Can Win on the Economy: Stop Mass Layoffs (I don't think that Biden can win this way because he's too corrupt, but it's an interesting thought exercise) by RandomCollection in WayOfTheBern

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Because they're all about optics, they have the substance of cotton candy.

Russians are looking forward to a "Khrushchev Thaw", after Vladimir Putin retires by jerryk in WayOfTheBern

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Cold War Media Relics Gain Renewed Relevance in Ukraine

"The U.S.-backed Radio Svoboda (a sister station of Radio Free Europe), which introduced Russian and Ukrainian broadcasts in the 1950s, has built a sizable presence on local social media."

About Joe Biden's uncle... by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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OMG, that's hilarious. Especially that first "photo" with Biden sniffing the cannibal. People are doing great things with that Biden pose as a static version of Forrest Gump or Zelig.

Georgia Fight Against US Subversion & its Implications Worldwide by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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The linked article is by Brian Berletic, and he's also posted a video in which he goes over the article and pulls up the sources for his information, providing the links to these sources beneath the video as he always does.

The issue is that the US uses front groups like National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and other NGOs to foment civil unrest in targeted nations, and the article and the video both cover Georgia and Thailand. A starting point is this 2004 article in the Guardian, US campaign behind the turmoil in Kiev, which lays out in detail how the US has instigated color revolutions (not always successful) beginning with Yugoslavia and providing the template for how these projects work.

Funded and organised by the US government, deploying US consultancies, pollsters, diplomats, the two big American parties and US non-government organisations, the campaign was first used in Europe in Belgrade in 2000 to beat Slobodan Milosevic at the ballot box.

Ten months after the success in Belgrade, the US ambassador in Minsk, Michael Kozak, a veteran of similar operations in central America, notably in Nicaragua, organised a near identical campaign to try to defeat the Belarus hardman, Alexander Lukashenko.

That one failed. "There will be no Kostunica in Belarus," the Belarus president declared, referring to the victory in Belgrade.

But experience gained in Serbia, Georgia and Belarus has been invaluable in plotting to beat the regime of Leonid Kuchma in Kiev.

The article is worth the read and the 30-minute video is well worth the watch because we all know about these events in general terms but Berletic points to the evidence. Two of his biggest strengths are using only Western or Western-friendly sources; and walking you through how to check various sources' "About" page to see where their funding comes from: NED and Soros' Open Society make frequent appearances in these funding lists.

In this video he also shows how you can search his YouTube page for other videos he has done specifically on NED which is a great resource for future reference.

House Passes REPO Act Giving President Authority to Confiscate Russian Government Assets in the US and Transfer them to Ukraine by yaiyen in WayOfTheBern

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Alternate title: President Biden put a banana peel under de-dollarization.

Create Your Own Thomas Friedman Op-Ed Column by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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So true, such pablum from this self-satisfied prick.

Create Your Own Thomas Friedman Op-Ed Column by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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Last week’s events in [country in the news] were truly historic, although we may not know for years or even decades what their final meaning is. What’s important, however, is that we focus on what these events mean [on the ground/in the street/to the citizens themselves]. The [media/current administration] seems too caught up in [worrying about/dissecting/spinning] the macro-level situation to pay attention to the important effects on daily life. Just call it missing the [desert for the sand/fields for the wheat/battle for the bullets].

When thinking about the recent turmoil, it’s important to remember three things: One, people don’t behave like [computer programs/billiard balls/migratory birds], so attempts to treat them as such inevitably look foolish. [Computer programs/Billiard balls/Migratory birds] never suddenly [blow themselves up/shift their course in order to fit with a predetermined set of beliefs/set up a black market for Western DVDs]. Two, [country in question] has spent decades [as a dictatorship closed to the world/being batted back and forth between colonial powers/torn by civil war and ethnic hatred], so a mindset of peace and stability will seem foreign and strange. And three, [hope/freedom/capitalism] is an extraordinarily powerful idea.

[Middle East Eye] - Israeli Journalist:‘These People deserve a hard agonising death’ by mzyps in WayOfTheBern

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Vile human being.

The conflict over Columbia U's Gaza Solidarity Encampment pits an Egyptian-born school president against a student movement largely led by Arabs and Muslims protesting Israel's genocide in the besieged Gaza Strip. by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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Goaded by Republican members of Congress and the Israel lobby, Columbia President Manouche Shafik has sicced the NYPD on the protesters, triggering mass arrests and suspensions of students for supposedly "trespassing" on their own campus.

Like so many contemporary Ivy League presidents, Shafik is not a scholar or academic. She currently serves on the board of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, providing a patina of diversity to a supranational global governing entity guided by a single uber-billionaire. Prior to that, Shafik acted as deputy governor of the Bank of England, the UK bank that confiscated Venezuela's gold reserves under orders from the US government in 2019. She has also served in top roles at the IMF and World Bank, where global south debt becomes a point of leverage for Washington and London. Her own journey to the US began as a young child when Egypt's populist President Gamal Abdel-Nasser seized land from her wealthy father.

Shafik owes her entire career to the trans-Atlantic oligarchy, and has no space in which to defy it. She was not appointed as president of Columbia to instill values like critical thinking or academic freedom. She's there to raise hundreds of millions from her wealthy benefactors. Her leadership not only exemplifies the elite corruption of US universities, it exposes the sham of neoliberal diversity politics.

Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam, in a Facebook post, has responded to the latest piece by UK-based publication Economist on Singapore’s leadership changeover. by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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His post in full:

The Economist can’t resist sneering at us. It’s an instinct lodged deep in the unconscious of the British commentariat class. They can’t stand that a people they were accustomed to lecturing are now doing better than they are, across the board.

Take governance: DPM Lawrence will be our 4th PM in 59 years. Meanwhile, in the UK, Mr Rishi Sunak is their 4th PM in 4.9 years.

Mr Boris Johnson, when he was PM, accepted a holiday worth £15,000, and £50,000 for renovations of his residence, from donors. In Singapore, anyone who did what Mr Johnson did would have been charged in court.

Or the economy: We started as a British colony, with a per capita GDP of USD 500. Now, it is more than USD 80,000.

According to a recent Forbes report, we have the fifth highest GDP per capita in the world by PPP (purchasing power parity) terms. Well ahead of the UK.

Or our media: the Economist refers to our “docile press”. It obviously prefers a situation like in the UK, where one person can control major media outlets, and have politicians pay court to him, and where media owners can influence who gets elected, and who becomes PM. A similar situation in Australia was described, by a former Australian PM, as a cancer on democracy.

Or in the provision of social services: We provide our people, of all classes and races, with far better healthcare, housing and education.

Or in public safety: the law and order situation in London is well documented. Last year, across England and Wales, investigations into more than 330,000 vehicle crimes (including thefts and break-ins), or 85% of all cases reported, were closed without any suspect caught. In more than a hundred neighbourhoods, 0% of reported car thefts were solved. A situation like that would be unthinkable and unacceptable in Singapore, which has been ranked by Gallup as the safest country in the world since 2015. 95% of adults in Singapore feel safe walking alone at night.

Or in social cohesion: In the UK, a Tory party donor recently said, of a black MP, that looking at her makes him “want to hate all black women”. His party said all should just move on from the comments. That’s it.

In Singapore a person who makes such a comment is likely to be charged in court.

What price your sneer?

Reuters: US stops UN from recognizing a Palestinian state through membership by Maniak in WayOfTheBern

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The US has had how many decades to accomplish this and has failed, because they don't really want a Palestinian state. Evidence for this is their failure to put a halt to Israel's continually adding colonial settlements in Gaza and the periodic "mowing the lawn" Israel does, a euphemism for smaller scale genocide of Palestinians.

The UK’s missing companies by RandomCollection in WayOfTheBern

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We do not know what at least half the companies in the UK are doing, which is absolutely staggering when those companies may exist to undertake fraud and abuse us.

...it is so easy to form companies in the UK. You don't even have to physically sign a form to pay £12, get Companies House to incorporate your company, and then you have what is in effect licensed identity theft, which you can hide behind to undertake fraudulent activity, collect money, trade without ever having any intention of telling the Revenue that you are, not pay your taxes, then throw your company away at the end of a year or so, and form a new one.

How do I know this is happening? Well, because, the data from Companies House shows it. There are 5.3 million companies in the UK at the time that I'm recording this.

...in the last year for which we've got data, HMRC only got corporation tax returns from three million companies of whom one quarter weren't trading. So that leaves only 2. 2 million or so companies which were actually declaring that they had positive income...About 160,000 said they were making losses, and the rest said they were getting other income like interest, rents, or dividends...But what we do, therefore, know is that the majority of the companies in the UK aren't actually paying any tax at all, and you have to ask why they exist.

Rather than me just saying "lmao Noah's a dope", (which believe me, is always my first instinct) let us make this into a learning opportunity and take a detailed look at the thing he has misidentified as a government-run social credit system: Alipay's Zhima Credit platform. by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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So yes, that was a screenshot of his friend's Zhima Credit score (aka Sesame Credit) within Alipay.

Alipay, the financial transactions platform developed by Alibaba, is one of the two largest digital payment platforms in China (the other one is WeChat Pay, developed by Tencent).

Alipay assigns its users a credit score based on their history of transactions and behavior within its payment ecosystem.

This score is used the same way a credit score is used by financial institutions in the rest of the world: to assess users' creditworthiness or lending risk.

This is my Sesame Credit score: a 681. I try to split my digital payment activity pretty evenly between WeChat Pay and Alipay, so I can maintain scores in both. The scale is 350-950.

The 4 sub-components of your Sesame Credit score are:

  • Record of abiding by contracts

  • Accumulated behavior (instances of transactions)

  • Identity verification (self-explanatory)

  • Proof of assets (self-explantory)

Other activities that contribute to this item include repayment of credit card debt, mortgage repayments etc. All normal credit score stuff.

The third component is "proof of identity". I've got my passport and Chinese driver's license here, which is necessary if you want to rent a car and waive the deposit using Sesame Credit.

The last component is "Asset Proof" and this is surely where Iose out on a score of 700+, since I don't own a car or house in China, nor have I linked my social security, taxpayer info, provident funds, etc. in Alipay.

Since I don't have any Chinese credit cards or loans, the only way my Sesame Credit score affects me is:

  • Waiving the deposit on rental cars

  • Waiving the deposit on power bank rentals

  • Enjoying "use first, pay later" on some Taobao items

  • Enjoying upfront refunds on Taobao

I don't know for sure whether Chinese banks would refer to my Zhima Credit or WeChat Pay scores if I wanted a loan or a credit card...but from what I've read online, it seems like they might, the same way a bank in the US would pull your credit score from e.g., Experian.

Anyway, in the original thread, Noah's friend said they didn't want to miss their dinner appointment or they'd have their credit score impacted.

AFAIK Alipay doesn't have a reservation service (restaurants that offer reservations are rare in China) so this should be a joke.

But even if they did, it couldn't impact your Sesame Credit, since Sesame Credit is interested in whether you violate/uphold financial agreements... (like any other credit score system)...and not whether you're an dick who no-shows on a reservation.

Where Is America’s ‘Rules-Based Order’ Now? by RandomCollection in WayOfTheBern

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Whatever the Biden administration may have thought it was doing by permitting the [UNSC] resolution to pass and then undermining it, the maneuver exposed the continuing damage Israel’s war in Gaza is doing to the United States’ longstanding justification for being a superpower: guaranteeing what U.S. administrations like to call the “international rules-based order.”

The concept operates as an asterisk placed on international law by the dominant global superpower. It makes the United States one of the reasons international law remains weak, since a “rules-based” order that exempts the United States and its allies fundamentally undermines the concept of international law.

The slaughter in Gaza has disinclined some foreign officials and groups to listen to U.S. officials about other issues. Annelle Sheline, a State Department human-rights officer who recently resigned over Gaza, told The Washington Post that some activist groups in North Africa simply stopped meeting with her and her colleagues. “Trying to advocate for human rights just became impossible” while the U.S. aids Israel, she said.

It really does take some kind of hubris not to realize you're obliterating whatever is left of your credibility, or worse, to think it doesn't matter and you can keep throwing your weight around as usual.

Have to say I was surprised to see this piece in the NYT.

Yellen Dispatched to Beg China for Face-Saving Slowdown by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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More excerpts:

...quite literally almost half of the entire current U.S. debt was blown on endless, mindless, genocidal wars in the Middle East.

What makes this historic malappropriation of American funds most tragic is that none of it came at the benefit of American people.

...beyond just the simple kinetic nature of the profligately wasteful wars, America wastes an exorbitant amount of money just on maintenance and upkeep of its global hegemony.

In short: as an empire dies, [it] loses its industrial and manufacturing capacity, finance takes over, pumping up huge bubbles of phony speculative money that gives the brief appearance of economic prosperity—for a time. This is what’s currently happening in the U.S., as it drowns in its self-created agony of debt, misery, corruption, and global destabilization.

China is creating a revolution, striking out a new path of finance which steers away from the wild excesses of the West into a bold new direction. Finance to benefit the real economy, the common man, the people. This is what the fig leaf of Rothschild-pushed ‘stakeholder capitalism’ is meant to be, or better yet: pretends to be.

This is an iconoclastic, paradigm-breaking revolution which ends six centuries of Old Nobility world finance dominion...All those 600 years are going up in smoke with China’s repudiation of the ‘old standards’, which privilege predatory, deceptive, extractive terms and practices meant to benefit only the Old Nobility elite class. China’s system is true stakeholder finance: the government will forcibly bend the bankers to its will, making sure that finance serves the common good and the people first, rather than speculation, financialization, capitalization, and all the other wicked inventions of the Western Old Nobility class.

You see, the U.S. is threatened because it knows it can never compete with China fairly, by squelching or containing its own gluttonous financial elite—so that leaves only one avenue for keeping up: sabotage and war.

This is the real reason the U.S. is desperate to stoke a Chinese invasion of Taiwan by various provocations, including weapons shipments.

Yellen Dispatched to Beg China for Face-Saving Slowdown by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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The U.S.’ growing urgency in ‘containing’ China’s development was thrown in sharp relief this week as Janet Yellen arrived in Beijing for what turned out to be an execrable beggar’s tour. Just days prior to her arrival, she had buzzed the punditry with her historically memorable exclamation that China was now operating at “overcapacity”(!!).

What is overcapacity, you ask? It’s a new word for me, too—so let’s consult the dictionary together:



o·​ver·​ca·​pac·​i·​ty: ō′vər-kə-ˈpa-sə-tē

1: When an insolent upstart nation’s surging economic activity totally humiliates the reigning hegemon’s own faltering economy, causing the many expensive dentures and porcelain veneers of the ruling class gerontocracy to rattle and grate with moral outrage and jealousy.

1b: An undesirable situation causing Janet Yellen and Nancy Pelosi’s stock portfolio to droop like a pair of botox-sapped jowls.

Granted…my dictionary might be slightly different to yours, I have a rare edition. That said, are we on the same page? Good.

But if you were skeptical about the meaning behind Yellen’s risible “overcapacity” solecism, her speech from inside of China confirms precisely what’s on the regime’s mind:

“China is now simply too large for the rest of the world to absorb this enormous capacity. Actions taken by the PRC today can shift world prices….”

“When the global market is flooded with cheap Chinese goods, the viability of American firms is put into question.”

The fact of the matter is, China is simply leaping ahead of the decrepit, deteriorating U.S. by every measure and the panicked elites have sent Yellen to beg China to “slow down” and not embarrass them on the world stage.

My twitter thread with excerpts of observations from Alastair Crooke's latest article by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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More from Crooke's piece:

One cannot but notice how bad-tempered Americans and Europeans generally have become. Calm, reasoned discussion of issues is gone; Yelling, emotivism and ‘othering’ is commonplace. These are dark omens for the future.

Why has western society been so supine, so unreflectively supportive to the sheering away of its civilisational ethos? It is truly paradoxical that half of western society sees a revolution, yet the other is too distracted, or simply does not notice. There is no simple answer to this paradox.

What might be the lessons here for the BRICS? Firstly, these cumulative ‘transitions’ clearly require mammoth money-printing. This was just about manageable when the project could be financed at zero cost interest rates; but the scheme’s Achilles’ Heel of inflation and spiking interest rates has arrived. The exponential western debt explosion to fund ‘transitions’ now threatens to take the entire ‘revolution’ into financial crisis and collapsing standards of living.

...the flood of fresh money opened the door to new media: Platforms that previous had relied on selling the news were replaced by entities beholden to advertisers that only cared about grabbing people’s attention and selling it to the highest bidder. A new economy of attention arose.

So, thirdly then, words no longer needed to have objective meanings. Everything is about ‘attention’ – however achieved. True or false. That’s what the advertisers wanted. Words could mean what those in power say they mean. The ‘truth’ behind the narrative was irrelevant. They could lie freely.

Fourthly, the West – in willfully propagating and imposing a morally vacuous ideology that has no appeal in most countries and cultures of the world – simply has no clue as to how much of the world rejects the value system of contemporary globalist neoliberalism. It repels, rather than appeals to them. So, the western Nomenklatura doubles-down on enforcement.

The cold reality is the ‘Blue Revolutionaries’ in the U.S. own the wealth, the key institutions in society and the levers of enforcement. Yes, a nascent counter-revolution – mainly in the U.S. (and somewhat in Europe, too) – is building; they are (rightly or wrongly) defiantly unwilling to recant traditionalist moral values, nor are they prepared to assume ‘guilt’ by submitting to the demands for ‘reparations’ for historic injustices.

Today’s western myth of being the inheritor of superior values from Athens – ‘from Plato to NATO’, if you like – has proved a fatal conceit.

Put starkly, the ‘new values’ we are seeing are intended to drive a stake through traditionalism...Much of contemporary western thinking simply ignores the dimensions of our moral consciousness and dismisses it, as either confused, or irrelevant.

...all the BRICS civilisations employ ‘strong evaluation’. That is, they all involve the ability to discriminate between right and wrong; justice and injustice; and of dynamics that uplift, and those drag society down.

Our ability to discriminate on these key issues lies deep within us. But it is precisely here where the BRICS might seek common cause with Europe. They could adopt a moral language that resonates within the vestiges of such moral sentiments that still linger on in the West.

What makes any conjuncture of this nature so subject to fiery passions is simply that anything that was good and true about Western civilization is preserved and thriving in Russia. This is the unspoken insight that so infuriates the western élites. And it is also why, in part, BRICS states so evidently look to Russia for leadership.

My twitter thread with excerpts of observations from Alastair Crooke's latest article by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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These observations about Western leadership in Alastair Crooke's latest article ring very true because they look like what we're seeing (reformatted):

The late American thinker Christopher Lasch, near the end of his life, concluded that the American upper class had essentially seceded from the American nation and emigrated into a separate reality in which they envisaged the disassembly of the existing western Order in the name of justice and retribution.

The contemporary French philosopher, Emmanuel Todd, concurs; suggesting, in La Défaite, that America, is no longer a nation-state, but a nihilist empire, in constant revolt against its own past and with a ruling élite determined to break the preponderant hold of the white, blue collar and middle classes over American society.

More from the blurb about Lasch's book, Revolt of the Elites:

The distinguished historian argues that democracy today is threatened not by the masses, as Jose Ortega y Gasset (The Revolt of the Masses) had said, but by the elites. These elites - mobile and increasingly global in outlook - refuse to accept limits or ties to nation and place.

Lasch contends that, as they isolate themselves in their networks and enclaves, they abandon the middle class, divide the nation, and betray the idea of a democracy for all America's citizens. [And this is equally true across the Collective West]

Crooke links to this February piece from Emanuel Todd, French Best-Seller: U.S. Is a ‘Nihilist Empire’.