Trans women are women however women have been reduced to menstruators or people with a uterus. by hylia in GenderCritical

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Trans women are not women.

r/RadFemMothering has now been banned by montanagraey in GenderCritical

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Yeah, I did. I never heard back. I thought if I was already a member, I would still be a member. Oh well.

Male voices on GC by woodrup in GenderCritical

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We do need mens voices and male allies. We need them to talk to men. Go to r/misogynyfetish on reddit and talk to those men or something...

A male cannot recreate a woman's vagina by limegreen in GenderCritical

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Wow this is so true. And somewhat comforting.

r/RadFemMothering has now been banned by montanagraey in GenderCritical

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Thank you! Whew!

r/RadFemMothering has now been banned by montanagraey in GenderCritical

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Well I was a member and I can’t access it- in browser is says I don’t have access; in app it says “sorry please try again later” just like GC and all the other banned subs I was in. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Writer sacked after supporting JKR. We need to make this known. by jet199 in GenderCritical

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Seeing as how, as someone else mentioned, that her ex-boss is unlikely to rehire her anytime soon, maybe we should also show her support her personally.

Maybe we can find out if she’s hurting from being fired and help her out somehow. We have to stick together and hold one another up...

“prosecute all radical feminists” by montanagraey in GenderCritical

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that was from early this morning but it’s been taken down now, apparently. It still seems to be a private sub though...