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Look man, I'm leaving this up as an example. We just said no "as a man" posts. Of course we know some men are with us, and a fair number are represented on r/gendercriticalguys who are expected to make their sub after the saidit waiting period, as a place where men can contribute as men.

We now no longer have a place on reddit due to males, but they still do.

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I, personally, am glad for everyone who stands up for women in this fight, doesn't matter which sex. The GC sub on reddit was a place for women to discuss gender from the perspective of women. It was about centering the voices of women, because there are very few places where this is possible (and those are fought hard for and hard against and, as you saw, destroyed by men). Maybe, after our wonderful mods have created a new forum to discuss, there will be a sub where everyone can discuss this kind of bonkers ideology. In general, e.g. on twitter and on other platforms, your voice is very welcome and important, but as the original GC sub was only for women, please continue reading, but the discussion itself should stay women only. There were plenty of other subs like which ironically was not banned, which would be the right place to discuss. Tl;dr: GC should stay women only, but please raise your voice [everywhere else] where you see injustice against women. It is very much appreciated (by me at least).

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(Off topic, still really PISSED the gender critical guys sub is still up on reddit. Fuck reddit.)

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Just go post to r/GenderCriticalGuys. Leave us alone.

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FYI, current policy as discussed by Saidit Mods is that we're going to allow comments from men so long as they don't include "AS A MAN" or make the focus of their post about their male perspective. As much as you're claiming to be understanding and one of the good ones, you're doing the exact thing you say shouldn't be done. Just lurk. Help Gender Critical Guys stay strong and healthy.

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We do need mens voices and male allies. We need them to talk to men. Go to r/misogynyfetish on reddit and talk to those men or something...