What languages are you learning? by magpie in languagelearning

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I'm not too familiar with German but as far as I can tell it's not similar to Hungarian at all. Hungarian is hard to classify. It really is sort of the odd language out.

I had to take French and Latin in middle school but I remember very little of either.

What languages are you learning? by magpie in languagelearning

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I'm learning Japanese and Russian, with my main focus on Japanese currently. I'd also like to learn Hungarian someday.

Missing CDC worker's death was a suicide by drowning, medical examiner rules by useless_aether in news

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"Sounds legit" said no one ever.

we need more people on here. by ijp2000 in greatawakening

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It seems most of them were directed to VOAT, thanks in part to Neon Revolt, but the VOAT GA sub is currently under attack by old VOATers and shills. I think the best bet presently is to learn to us 8chan and follow Q drops and discussion from there. It seems likely that will be the only platform that doesn't get shut down eventually anyway.

Thanks for creating this by mpow13 in greatawakening

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I'm here too, from Reddit. If this board needs another mod I can help.

What are your thoughts on Q? The real deal or an example of priming and confirmation bias? by SierraKiloBravo in WorldNews

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Real deal imo.

Father Murdered, Familys Home Raided By 240 Cops For Exposing High-Level Govt Pedophiles by Orangutan in politics

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Fucking terrifying.