Removed AnimeRespecter as a mod by trident765 in RealIncels

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Yes, you're an incel. I remember reading your posts on

You're welcome.

Foids want to be raped, but by attractive guys. by Mazurro in RealIncels

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This is inevitable because men and women have different interests, drives and sexual strategies, that can directly oppose each other. It's in the biological interest of women that men with subpar genetics rot away in loneliness, even if they're kind and caring people.

Foids want to be raped, but by attractive guys. by Mazurro in RealIncels

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What are you even talking about? How does this post drive a wedge between Saidit users?

You're not making any sense.

Thoughts on MGTOW by AnimeRespecter in RealIncels

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"Fat girls" still get more than enough attention from normie men that they don't have to resort to dating incels. See, for example, the Pig Woman experiment.

Many women wear headphones in public for the sole reason that they do not want men approaching them by trident765 in Incels

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I'm sure you don't wear headphones because you don't want members of the opposite sex to talk to you and tell you they like you. I believe some women do it specifically to discourage men from talking to them.