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The same women who complain about being objectified literally objectify the hell out of men, not only physically but also on the basis of wealth, status, and clout.

The same women who complain about being objectified are objectifying THEMSELVES better than any men could objectify them.

The same women who believe that women are held to unrealistic body standards

They are the ones who made those unrealistic body standards. I don't know a guy who wants all this fake up surgery shit on them.

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The same women who complain about being objectified are objectifying THEMSELVES better than any men could objectify them.

Exactly. I’m tired of this “men objectify and fetishize women" nonsense. They do it to themselves, women objectify themselves all the time by wearing overtly sexual clothing, infiltrating male spaces to get validation and incite male sexual competition, posting scantily clad photos of themselves online, etc. No one is forcing them to do what they do. Furthermore I would dare to say that these women want to be objectified. They relish in the attention and validation they receive when Chads gawk at them. They understand that their sexuality is their primary asset. Men are attracted to beauty biologically, because it signals health and reproductive success. They’re acting like a men’s nature is innately evil. (They’ll take the masculinity when it benefits them, when it saves their life from an intruder, but otherwise they can say masculinity is evil when it’s what allowed humanity to survive for millennia).

If anything, men love women much more than women love men, which is why this objectify thing is such a scam. Men aren’t the ones monkey-branching and treating lower value women like untouchable subhumans. Most men love women. Men love idealistically, women love opportunistically, when a man loves a woman he truly loves her and is willing to provide for her and die for her. A woman can only love a man on the condition that he has decent genetics and has enough looks, money or status. Women can easily jump between partners and file for divorce without good cause.

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I would dare to say that these women want to be objectified

Dare? It's "water is wet" kind of observation. Obviously they want to be objectified, but only by Chad.

If anything, men love women much more than women love men.

Foids aren't capable of love. They love this personification of attractive genes or possibilities that it gives to her, take looks from Chad and look whether foid will remain with him. 100% of them wouldn't.

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Obviously they want to be objectified, but only by Chad.

You are correct, many women do want to be objectified, it makes them feel desirable and valued. But like you say, this only makes them feel valuable if the person objectifying them is perceived to have high mating value (a 'Chad' if you will). If they think you are lower than them in value, they become insulted that you perceive them to be a potential match

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You don't have an argument. You objectify women with your username. "Foid" is dehumanizing language that objectifies women.

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It's not objectifying them, it's dehumanizing them. Exactly as it should. Foids are hive-mind, they aren't sentient beings.

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If you believe that then you will never succeed at having a relationship with a woman. You're not a "involuntary celibate." You're a woman hater that will never have an emotional connection with a woman.

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I definitely will never succeed at finding a FOID due to my genetics. And I am not voluntary celibate - if I wasn't hating women, then I wouldn't partner either way

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Isn't that moids too?

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I'm just calling a spade a spade. Take your bullshit moralizing elsewhere.

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Actually I'm the one that's telling it like it is. You're the one with bullshit moralizing. You claim that you don't objectify women when you clearly do heavily dehumanize and objectify women. That means that you are the hypocrite. It's really sad too because you really aren't an "involuntary celibate". You are purposeful in your hate of women. No woman will ever love you because you clearly hate them.

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You're an idiot, confirmed.

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Everyone is a hypocrite to some degree.

Articulate writing - but it's the same old story, same topic, no new ideas or critical thoughts, no citations, no images. Chewing over the same chronic depressed regurgitated ideas is as tedious.

How is this upvoted?

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Yes. Women are trash. Worry about your self.

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I think women are awesome, although they can really tear out your heart, shit on it, and stuff it back in your throat casually. It's like owning a pet, it sucks the pet is going to die, it's so painful.

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I don’t really care. They are focusing on the worst of the worst. I did shit like this when I was 18. You have to get over it, move on. And get along with your own life.

Walking around, saying, “women blah blah blah this, and women blah blah blah that”. It helps no one.

So, I just agree, and I move on.

I do not actually really disagree much. Their pointing out hipocracies.

So like, women pretend to be caring. Women pretend to be fair. Women pretend to have morals and values. But if all women possessed virtue, they wouldent:

tear out your heart, shit on it, and stuff it back in your throat casually.

Thoes Africans mean a lot, but you committing suicide, not so much. These men obsess over these issues, instead of recognizing women for what they are.

For some reason, it’s really hard for them to understand that women have inherit value, and men have none, we have to work. And women are looking for the best.

These men, only want the hottest, most perfect, smooth skinned women. And some how they don’t understand that women want a bull of a man (football or hockey player) or successful man.

They are usually obsessed with the hottest of the women. I have only slept with 2 truly top tier women, out of a lot. If they shut up, and lowered their standards, most of these ass hats would be fine.

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So like, women pretend to be caring. Women pretend to be fair. Women pretend to have morals and values. But if all women possessed virtue, they wouldent:

Yeah, I won't get into my personal shit here but the question of whether a women should be held to their word as a man would be is incredibly relevant to my current situation.

If they shut up, and lowered their standards, most of these ass hats would be fine.

Total agreement.

it’s really hard for them to understand that women have inherit value, and men have none

I don't get that at all. I have inherent value. I am Muskrat and there's not many people like me. Oh shit, ya know, I been looking at this whole thing from my point of view, obviously....

It just occurred to me how badly people who aren't geniuses probably fare.... Well fuck me. I gotta think about this, but no wonder men are mad!

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Women have babies. That’s their value. They are ovens with the food allready inside. The human population can carry on with lots of women, and few men, but if only one woman is left over, and several thousand men, we are in a pickle.

For example, look at a lion pack. One male for 10a of females. Men are not necessary, at all.

Imagine a women, who is worthless, no job, drug addict. She still has value. Ugly, still has value. Stupid, still has value. Whore, still has value.

Men on the other hand, we are worth nothing and can easily be replaced, we must work. We must accomplish something. It is a tough pill for lots of men to swallow. Especially men raised without dads in the house hold.

It’s horrible man, but it’s the truth.

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You are right, it is basic biological fact that a single man can impregnate many many females in the 9 months it takes a single female to gestate a baby. In terms of species survival, men are indeed far more expendable than women, and that is bound to be reflected in the dynamics of sexual selection as humans are biological animals, whether we want to admit that or not. Now whether this means 'all foids are inherently wicked' as some here say, I am not convinced. I don't blame anyone for biology, but I do think this group often makes very fair points about the inequity of these dynamics and it makes for interesting discussions

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We actually had a pretty for society.

I’m not going full incel. I’m pointing out that the incel community has issues processing inequalities between the sexes.

They are focusing on the issue, and not the solution. It seems like we had a good thing when men were forced to marry what they impregnated.

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Just like 99% of problems, there is no solution.

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I don't blame anyone for biology either. But they should not be taking its side, and things like this are a perfect example of why. Yet 99.99% of people do. Either by trying to cover up its wickedness or turning to toxic positivity (liberals) or as a last resort calling good evil and evil good (trads). Both massive copes, leading to even more bad things and censorship and persecutions.

The gnostics were right, the very nature of this existence is bad.

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I agree with what you say, but not the interpretation. Women are how we propagate our society, they're integral to the process.

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So they're important. We just fucked up with this equality shit, trying to make women and men interchangable and not recognizing their differences -- so industry could have a larger, cheaper pool of workers.

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Come on, wake up. We need to fight nature where it needs remedied. You're trying to put a bow tie on a pig. Honestly the gnostics were pretty much right about the flesh and nature, it's almost never a good thing.

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Toxic positivity won't hear you. The gnostics had it right, we're in a mind torture matrix. Avoid the white light trap and any afterlife fairy tales you're presented with, stop reincarnating. The world is a terrible place. Women usually have their own problems, but the matrix is set up so we're all as envious as possible.

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Hey vulptex. What’s toxic positivity?

Gnostic makes the most sense to me.

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Toxic positivity is denial that bad truly exists. They'll say it all has some grander purpose for good, like "earth is a school", or they'll blame it on some boogeyman, such as conservatives. They will shove "positive thinking" in your face and scream at you if you acknowledge anything negative and go against their fairy tale of a benevolent world that's all sunshine and rainbows.

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Is that similar to the denial of cynicism or nilhism?

I have not heard that term before. I see something similar in the incel community. I appreciate you sharing.

Often, ignorance is bliss. So too is optimism.

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Optimism requires ignorance. Lots of it.

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You should have inherent value, but you don't. We have to admit that the world isn't a good place, and there's nothing we can do to make it one.

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Nah dude. I have inherent value. You can't replace me interchangeably with others. I'm non fungible. And I'm fuckin awesome.

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That's not how nature sees it. You produce the most surviving offspring or you're worthless and lucky if others don't torture you to death for fun. That's what happens to people like me in most of the world. It's another sad fact that the weakest and most sensitive people usually have to face the worst pain. Everything is backwards and the only thing that matters is power.

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I understand, you're NPC adjacent, you were only given a tiny spark of life and barely aware.

But I'm not that.

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I'm not an NPC, everyone else sure acts like one though. You do have a soul and nature does not care about it. It was probably even designed to torment it.

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We are living in the age of the foid.

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Welcome to feminism.

Most women still rather will show you their "nice" side, when you directly speak to them.

Evolution found two strategies to resolve or stall human conflicts:

-> "Fight Or Flight" (the rather "male" way of social interaction and building hierarchies)

-> "Tend And Befriend" (the rather "female" way of social interaction and building peer groups)

The latter one relies on the fact that conflicts that are unsolvable in this generation are possibly solvable by their offspring in the next generation. It is a delaying tactic. Some grudges even dissolve on their own for no reason whatsoever.

That is why women mostly aren't as dependent on hierarchies and rules for their social interaction as men are. They rather "feel" how to communicate with each one around them in a mostly polite way to avoid possible conflicts from the beginning.

They will lie to your face because this has kept them alive. But this doesn't imply they don't hold strong opinions on people around them. This is absolutely no surprise, considering the fact that women mostly are very dependent on healthy relationships. Which is the reason why their behavior in a sense of "average" is more compliant, reliant on authority and less "offbeat". Most women aren't able to even "think" out of the boxes, they voluntarily put themselves with their choice of peers in.

Imho, many internet "phenomena" like facefuck, twatter and chingchong couldn't be nearly as widespread if there wasn't this big crowd of women constantly pulling their peers into these shitholes.

Last but not least: Most men are hypocrites, just as women are. Hiding behind ties or calling themselves "alphas" which for some has the same hiding purposes inside some group.

I'd rather die standing than bending the knee for any definition that contains the term, "involuntary", e.g.

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That is why women mostly aren't as dependent on hierarchies and rules for their social interaction as men are.

Are you sure? That seems backwards to me. Isn't it mostly women who subscribe to outrageous fundamentalist brands of religion? And advocated for things like prohibition? Don't girls tend to do better in school and have less behavior issues? Don't more women vote for authoritarian politicians than men?

Both genders have hierarchy, but with men it seems to be less rule-based and more of an every man for himself battleground. Whoever can beat up the most other guys wins. Women are more judgemental and about meeting certain standards. It's pretty much the same idea, same crappy laws of nature, just a different strategy because they're in different situations. All anyone really wants is power, and they'll get it any way they can.

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Of course, this depends on the social context. Especially on how much trust is involved.

In bigger circles of acquaintances and colleagues, most women tend to rely on hierarchies and authority even more than men. Which built them in most cases. But their smaller, core-like inner social circles they build like core families. To start activities with as an example. To get "their" people hooked on something.

I believe that some principles of core-family are hard-wired into an "average" female brain. Which they fall back to when they don't know some better strategy.

Men on the other hand mostly commit to groups by some shared interest. A shared "thing" or idea, so to say, at first at a minimum.

Which doesn't say anything about the intentions of this social interactions. They can be deceptive and manipulative. Most women are better in lying than men are. When I was a teacher, I was totally dazzled by the adolescent ones practicing this behavior with each other on a daily basis, more or less.

Above that is "politics": Feminism is nowadays mostly instrumentalized to grow privileges, most women have, anyway. In education of children and adolescents, this is quite obvious. Most females there hover quite closely around the norm. While "loud" or "offbeat" (mostly) male children or adolescents are declared "ill" or "insane". To make them chug some pills and ostracize them on a daily basis. This is where wokeness was (re)born. When some SJW fights for people having "problems" he doesn't even understand because other groups tried to ostracize people "suffering" from it on a daily basis.

"Trick" for this one: Stop judging and categorizing people as hard as you do with things. Human beings need leeway for errors, quirks and individualism. But this has been forgotten. Since the big propaganda-spreading-enginges streamlined most of our "ideals" this far.

When on the other hand in core families as well as most educational systems, there is a lack of "male" role models for decades now. They "effeminate" most men, behaving as such.

I could go a lot deeper into this category of relationship problems because one of my therapy sessions every week is about me learning to be more "forgiving" and "accepting" this kind of "insanity"in human beings around me. My stubbornness allows acceptance mostly only with some kind of understanding, sadly.

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The interests vs core family thing I can see, but it's usually divided by age not gender. Younger kids form friendships based solely on interests because they aren't mature enough to have deeper ones yet.

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I wouldn't put children into this.

They develop this kind of hypocritical behavior at a certain age. Up until then they stay totally truthful.

When they realize that their parents are lying, I'd guess.

The gender itself also ain't a thing up until a certain age when youngsters realize that there are differences in this.

The upbringing plays a major role, I think.

The style of communication of adolescent human beings differs a lot based on their "gender" from my experience.

This backstabbing thing is "more" female, I believe. Not risking any direct conflict but shitting on people anyway.

But most males adapt.

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The gender itself also ain't a thing up until a certain age when youngsters realize that there are differences in this.

Yeah and we should've stayed like we were. This whole gender thing was a mistake, all of it.

The style of communication of adolescent human beings differs a lot based on their "gender" from my experience.

Well obviously but I don't think it's "interests vs core family". Both have both in my experience. Society doesn't really let men show it anymore but they definitely have the core family too. And women have interests, they're not all stupid.

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I can agree on both points.

Though, women more often try to manipulate or instrumentalize people around them, from my personal experience.

Most men follow a more straight approach. From my very limited personal angle.

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That's definitely true. I still don't think that's an inherent difference though, I think it's because women learn to take advantage of the Women are Wonderful Effect, whereas for men everyone is suspicious of them and views them as a potential threat or competition.

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It is imho somewhat hidden in this deep-psychology thing I wrote above. Which took me a long time to fully accept.

Women mostly also expect to be loved unconditionally as a principle, while many men never get to even experience this. That is why many women long so hard for revenge when they get betrayed for the first time.

I could go on...

As I said: This is one of the topics I continuously spend time on with my most favorite therapists. I'm genuinely interested in it.

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Let's just keep in mind that most of this comes exclusively from radical seething third-wave feminists, who are not anywhere near the majority.

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