Fake News Can Be The Cause of Cognitive Disability by Kangbanger in Psychology

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Agreed, this campaign/narrative though was different. Ultimately, you are right and I am guessing wave one of this- https://www.rt.com/usa/smith-mundt-domestic-propaganda-121/ It appears intended to introduce a need for censorship, directed heavily at the left who would ordinarily tout freedom of expression. Mountains of coverage while never showing proof that anyone changed their vote due to nonsense news, skipping details about what happened inside facebooks curated news feed, without ever addressing MSM bias for Clintion etc. MSM, had "journalists," (of all people) introduce the notion of censorship by suggesting that the right is easily duped and now continually maintains that it needs to be censored. There is more to it but in essence all of it alarmed me into rethinking plenty.

I pretty much look at all media as shades of propaganda, if not overt all of it tends to have an inner or structural sort of leaning.

Fake News Can Be The Cause of Cognitive Disability by Kangbanger in Psychology

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Makes me feel for Americans grinding their brain smooth watching MSM. That Russia narrative was unrelenting.

Why is Adult Content Banned from Saidit? by Rastafoo in SaidIt

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Yeah porn! Porn solves everything. Saidit could fill a difficult to find online niche. Plus it is exactly what saidit needs, a ton more users attracted by porn.

BOMBSHELL: The Role Of Britain MI5 And The FBI in The Collusion Hoax by Morphos1759 in conspiracy

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They keep glossing over this but Russia did contribute to the dossier. I am not sure how that mixes into the equation.. As far as Cambridge Analytica vs fake news (from all over) even that is suspicious interference wise.

Search Wars: Consider Supporting these Independent Search Engines by [deleted] in Internet

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I have been looking for alternatives like these for some time. Thank you!

Most people on the Internet/Web are Cowards in real life by [deleted] in TROLLING

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Within many online communities are well massaged ideas that they somewhat regurgitate. Introducing something new can trigger knee jerk reactions. You can tell when you've punctured some, (likely false) safety bubble when the deflections and ad hominems get dragged in.

I'm not sure your case or cases, but perhaps you will think Mark Twain was onto something when he said “It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

IRL different game & you are right. Depending on the topic if you talk about something that makes another uncomfortable, they will not blow their stack. They will either filter off all meaning from what you said and slunk off or talk behind your back, misrepresent and smear you. This is why people talk about the weather so damn much.

q predicted this by [deleted] in conspiracy

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They make a good pair then. If someone were to larp intel garbage it would be Q.

There is no evil like reCAPTCHA (v3) by Drewski in Internet

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buses... bicycles... umpaloompas

I hate them and they serve as a reminder that I hate google.

What are your thoughts on Q? The real deal or an example of priming and confirmation bias? by SierraKiloBravo in WorldNews

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Intel larp
If he is legit why the hell does he speak in riddles? Just fucking say something... who the fuck gets validation from a show called chain of command info on tv guide. If the show has a coffee cup with a q on it.. say so?
This validates nothing about Q and has zero meaning. Who the fuck is compiling this nonsense?

A few weeks ago the FBI cast Q riddle lovers to be some sort of right wing racist conspiacy theroy group... That believe deep state child rape/trafficing is real... Nice huh? Dont want to cover that topic (Epstein) (((news))) the racists are on it... so transparent what these assholes are doing.

I deactivated my Twitter account. Twitter has become biased on political views and censorship. It is now a major propaganda tool. We need to stop using Twitter to show them the impact of their failure to run a good system. by [deleted] in whatever

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Not long into 2017 I deleted my accounts on Twitter or Facebook. Should have done it after Snowden leaked what he could.