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Yup, most people are fakes; the idea of an original thought is akin to seeing a unicorn. Most people just work their way through life copying others, and yes, they want approval for their 'thoughts'.

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You stole the words right out of my mouth.

Give them back.

;-) JK

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i see people staring when i burp into a crowd

woah dude that is super macho so badass move dude i bet you get all the bitches brochugs caffinated beverage

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Within many online communities are well massaged ideas that they somewhat regurgitate. Introducing something new can trigger knee jerk reactions. You can tell when you've punctured some, (likely false) safety bubble when the deflections and ad hominems get dragged in.

I'm not sure your case or cases, but perhaps you will think Mark Twain was onto something when he said “It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

IRL different game & you are right. Depending on the topic if you talk about something that makes another uncomfortable, they will not blow their stack. They will either filter off all meaning from what you said and slunk off or talk behind your back, misrepresent and smear you. This is why people talk about the weather so damn much.

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You should get yourself a new keyboard though, the full-stop doesn't work.