Funny how BS reads "kissless numale" and automatically thinks it's a personal attack on him. It's almost as if... by randomcel in Incels

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LMAO, if the shoe fits, I guess?

Fascinating window into the mind of BS...

the current state of saidit by mrchoco4 in Incels

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There needs to be a 5'2" curry with tears streaming down his face, screaming ADMIT HEIGHT>FACE! and JBW while firing an AK in the air...

Why the FUCK wont everyone move here by Honk in Incels

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Because I'm white and I'm not short.

And this place is overtly "JBW" / "height>all."

It's good that you guys have established this place and I hope you can continue to grow it. But it's obvious I'm not really welcome here so I'll probably lurk more than I comment.

This place is comfy by stuckinvertigo in Incels

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Please change the CSS styling, the site design sucks but can be changed, make it look more like braincels to help refugees adjust by CrackingYs in Incels

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And so it begins.

Short people and curries are not the only incels.

If you want your forum to grow, gatekeeping is not the way to do it. My 2c.

If I wanted to hear about how I'm a second class citizen, there's the entire rest of the internet where I can do that. Incel safe spaces I kinda expect better.

Time to Migrate by CelestialTruck in Incels

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We tried that... it was called r/celouts...

I think we have to wake up to the reality that a subreddit in the style of braincels/celouts is no longer possible.

Braincels got nuked by the reddit high command because of political stuff about the perceived incel terrorist threat. And a few ban evasion subs got nuked within days.

I thought celouts had survived, but then BOOM it was gone too. A couple of weeks later so probably reported by IT.

The trouble is there are STILL users who simply don't get it... and they keep posting "trannies" and KYS and "I hate women" on the reddit subs... I don't know what they think is going to happen? Do they think that maybe this time it will magically be different and soys wont go "YIKES!" and reporterino like they did every other time? Do they think at all?

Something has to change? Can we make a private sub and invite people by pm? Keep it completely off the radar? Would be hard to build up decent numbers. Can we make this place the new home? IIRC mods here are very "tallfags this, tallfags out, tallfags can't be incels" and that divisiveness will always be limiting.

WE NEED TO BE SMART! Formulate a plan and execute it as a TEAM my brocels! by IHateRoasties in Incels

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There needs to be a presence on at least two platforms, preferably three. That way there's a good chance for survivability of the community. Three separate platforms aren't all going to simultaneously ban everything. As long as brothers know where the other places are, then nobody should end up lost if one site decides to drop the bomb.

Right now it sounds like we have that:


2.Reddit (cucktears, incelswithouthate, incel Tears and lgbtcels

3.Faceandlms on YouTube.

And that's without even counting the very exclusive club that is .co...

The braincels incels were kinda weak tbh by LDAR_GOD in Incels

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Meh, I liked braincels, out of all the incel spaces it just struck the best balance for me.

I wouldn't go to .co, there is just too much JB / pedo stuff about sexualizing 13 year old children, that I just find disgusting. And they are just a bit too angry, they rage like slighted teenagers all the time, some of the violence and revenge fantasies they bang out are pretty fucked up. It just doesn't really speak to me.

I wanted to like incels without hate, I really did. But it is just a bit too much the other way, and they're no fun at all, it's like having a serious conversation with the earnest people at the house party all the time.

Braincels was a GREAT community, some of the "tallfags aren't trucel like MEEEEEE" sandpit level shit got a bit boring but other than that it was always very collegial, made me feel like I belonged. Could always count on the meme lords for a kek or two also.

I've just stumbled upon this website within this particular sub and HOLY amazeballs am i sickened. by Intented in Incels

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Um, sweaty? I just spent three hours combing through all of your reddit comments from the past two years, and oof, that's a yikes from me. I literally can't even right now. Oh sweat summer child, you do realize you are making me lose all faith in humanity? I'm literally shaking rn. Lets unpack this. It's almost as if maybe, just maybe, your toxic, problematic behavior towards waaahmaan is because someone hurt you. Just shut up and listen. It's called being a decent human being, and as a male feminist, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.

Let that sink in.

yeah our new home is starting to fill up. Keep promoting this place keep'm comming by Riceand420 in Incels

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I reckon mention this place regularly at incels without hate, that has incels in the name so anyone who's completely lost should end up there just by default.

We should avoid going all blackpill cucks reee on incels without hate though, it would be bad form to get them banned when that stuff isn't their cup of tea at all..

Is there any way we can clean up the appearance of the sub? The website looks so dam ugly. by LonelyHermit in Incels

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I'm trying viewing in "day mode" instead of "night mode"... Looks slightly cleaner IMO.

Anyone else migrated from r/braincels? by [deleted] in Incels

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Hi fren. 🐸

yeah our new home is starting to fill up. Keep promoting this place keep'm comming by Riceand420 in Incels

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Celouts have made a new rule

"Do not advertise Reddit “alternatives”, such as SaidIt or Voat. These will die within weeks and only splinter the incel community farther. I’m tired of deleting spammers advertising these."

Seems very short sighted IMHO. Yes this site looks 19th century. But ANY reddit sub is at risk, and there are very few left. If Celouts and without hate fall, there will be nowhere. This place is an absolutely vital safe harbour for the community.

I'm giving out flair colours! by [deleted] in Incels

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Thanks, kind Strangerino!

I'm giving out flair colours! by [deleted] in Incels

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Thank you reddit, you banned the misogyny out of me. I am now happily married to a very loving wife by bcomax1000 in Incels

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Same same. Woke up this morning, chugged some soylent, feel like a new man.