Hi, I'm sick of reddit by Darkri in Introductions

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Whats twatter?

Saidit now has over 4000 user accounts! by magnora7 in SaidIt

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im not saying i want "more bans" or" gold system" im just curious on how saidit will deal with subs that would purposely ruin other subs or how we can reward others for their discussion

Sorry if i wasnt too clear on my part.

And the reason i left reddit is because they started censoring discussions and banning people left and right, some of the mods will completely silent you if your opinion differ from them and the fact that they clearly abuse the system is tiring.

Saidit now has over 4000 user accounts! by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Honestly, this is just a random account

Im from reddit and things are going pretty badly over there especially since they started banning subs after the nz incident, my biggest concern was when they started targetting r/piracy.

So i just want to ask a few questions about saidit

  1. How" free" is the freedom? In short one of the things i did not like about reddit was how some subreddit (t_d) kept brigading other subreddits and its pretty tiring seeing them and worst of all is that reddit is not banning them at all. Are there gonna be some rules against stuff like this and most of all prevention of these behavior in the future?

  2. What features are coming in the future?

Reddit had a system which allows other user to reward a gold or platinum which lets redditors access premium stuff, will there be something similar or no?

Currently only has these questions in mind. Probably will ask more in the future