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Honestly, this is just a random account

Im from reddit and things are going pretty badly over there especially since they started banning subs after the nz incident, my biggest concern was when they started targetting r/piracy.

So i just want to ask a few questions about saidit

  1. How" free" is the freedom? In short one of the things i did not like about reddit was how some subreddit (t_d) kept brigading other subreddits and its pretty tiring seeing them and worst of all is that reddit is not banning them at all. Are there gonna be some rules against stuff like this and most of all prevention of these behavior in the future?

  2. What features are coming in the future?

Reddit had a system which allows other user to reward a gold or platinum which lets redditors access premium stuff, will there be something similar or no?

Currently only has these questions in mind. Probably will ask more in the future

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So you want more bans of things you disagree with, and the ridiculous gold system as well? why leave?

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im not saying i want "more bans" or" gold system" im just curious on how saidit will deal with subs that would purposely ruin other subs or how we can reward others for their discussion

Sorry if i wasnt too clear on my part.

And the reason i left reddit is because they started censoring discussions and banning people left and right, some of the mods will completely silent you if your opinion differ from them and the fact that they clearly abuse the system is tiring.

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Based on the Welcome thread:

"Free" as long as users keep to the upper levels of the pyramid of debate

There is no downvoting to censor with, just upvoting if you like and ignoring if you don't (and are unable to reply or debate in a way that keeps to the upper levels of the pyramid).

It sounds like administrative action is reserved for people that consistently drag conversation down to the bottom of the pyramid.

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You get it.

For a glimpse of a recent controversy, one person with multiple accounts is always posting stuff like "The Jews did 9/11" and we're simply discussing whether or not it's a potential threat to the future of SaidIt's security - whether "The Jews" will have the power an influence to one day look back through the SaidIt vaults to censor us.

We're not even debating whether all or some or none of them did it, or if better words like Zionists should be used, and we haven't even put it to a group vote much less discuss disciplinary actions.

SaidIt is a classy joint. With freeshpeaches. Don't mess with Texas or SaidIt.

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What did I just read?

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It's not worded well.

We've been struggling with trying to discuss coming up with good policy that is not about censoring so much as how to protect, prevent, and prepare for the worst, and the future is infinitely full of hypothetical possible threats.

So thus far the best thing we can come up with is to hope people are more accurate and more specific about their phrases not to unnecessarily attract negative attention, and be vigilant, prepared, and brace for the worst, forever.

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Here are the rules explaining exactly how free the freedom is:

And thankfully here we won't have nearly the brigading problems for 2 reasons: 1. There is no downvote. 2. The pyramid of debate must be respected or someone will be banned.

So if one sub brigades another, and they can't downvote or shitpost, then all that's left is to rationally argue the point they want to make. So the very design of the site makes this type of malicious behavior much more difficult.

In the future we're soon releasing an iOS app in addition to our android app we already have, upgrading our backend server architecture for the sake of the site's longevity, and many other things. It's only me and one other guy working on this whole site, so be patient, but we keep improving this site more and more and don't plan to stop.

We don't plan to have a premium mode, no. But we do plan to release a site-wide cryptocurrency in about a year that can be used for tipping comments and posts that you like. But that's a ways down the road.

Let me know if you have any more questions!