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This also means that gvid will be supporting iframes soon.

You can add an iframed item into gvid at

The snake game was made a while ago. It's running at

It does hate wifi a little bit because it's multiplayer model is based on the game running on the server rather than client, arrow keystrokes go direct to the server, and then render diffs are sent to the clients. It's the same way cloud based gaming works, but because the client has no concept of the game itself, input latency is an issue. Basically cloud gaming doesn't work over wifi... well.

I should have a racing game I made up in a bit.

Make sure to press an arrow key to start.

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Impossible to play.

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What kind of issue were you having because it works for me. Is it lag?

I am trying to assess if lag is an issue for people because I happen to have a really good connection, so it's not indicative of everywhere.

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Latency is my issue. That's normal with any real-time application though. Of course, it works fine for you because when you developed it, you used a server probably within 50 ms of yourself. My lag is more like 500 ms.