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"The poor complain; they always do
But that’s just idle chatter
Our System brings reward to all
At least all those who matter."
--- Gerald Helleiner

Let's do more than just idle chatter!

We are facing great danger
And yet this is also an once-in-a-millennium opportunity
for the 99% to unite & to turn the tables on the 0.01%
for real & lasting herd immunity against them
BUT only if Everyone Grasps This Opportunity
& Seizes the Narrative with both hands!

  (Discuss Here)

Everyone, let's congregate
To gather all that we know
Put them up for all to see
Weave and weigh them together
Only then can we arrive at
Truth that binds & frees us all
The evil no place to hide

Action > Worry/Fear
Focused > Dispersed
Ordered > Scattered
Permanent > Transient
Knowledge > Ignorance
Debate > Censorship
Solutions > Problems
Unity > Division
99% > 0.01% "Elite"

Etiquette for Effective Problem Solving Dialogue
- Urgency & Priority
- Relevant & Non-Trivial
- Non-Repetitive & Accretive
- Logical & Realistic
- Clear & Economical
- Open & Respectful
- Critical & Constructive
- Syntropic & Synergistic


Pro-Vigilance List


Distracted, Divided & Ruled

(Discuss Here)  

Why are We the 99% not focused on decentering the System that exploits us?

Because We Allow Ourselves
to be distracted by & to follow
the ceaseless diversionary and divide & conquer flares thrown at Us by the 0.01%

That is how the 0.01% reign over the 99%

Watch: The Best Enemies Money Can Buy(1980)
an interview of Prof Antony C Sutton by Dr Stanley Monteith on:
* How Soviet Russia & Nazi Germany were created & sustained by the 0.01% through their Corporations
* The Trilateral Commission & the CFR behind US Govts
* The (Sham) Nuremberg Trials


Gatekeepers (Discuss Here)

Gatekeepers tell us The Plan - it is their sacrificial protocol
and through:

a. Division:
- Politics
- Cultural Wars

b. Distraction:
Rather than focusing on
- the Real Problem: the 0.01% AND
- the Real Solution: the 99% United > 0.01% (ie "Co-opefy The Economy" below)
they "Lead the Resistance" nowhere

c. Inaction:
- "Trust the Plan"
- "They'll never succeed"
- "It's futile to resist"

Keep the 99% enslaved by the 0.01%

It is really important to watch out for Gatekeepers because They Time Suck!


Corporatocracy Is The Real Disease

(Discuss Here)

Corporatocracy is the Regulatory Capture of the State by the 0.01% through their Corporations
The Corporatocratic State
- FAILS to solve People's problems: Poverty, Education, HealthCare, Public Security, Environment
- EXACERBATES them: Student Debt, Opioids, Prisons
- CAUSES more problems: Wars, Nuclear War threat
- MAKES People to be the problem

Regulatory capture extends to Global Institutions as well:
Published in Jan 2015 edition of the Journal of Integrative Medicine & Therapy:
"Why the Corruption of the WHO is the Biggest Threat to the World’s Public Health of Our Time" TLDR

This 2014 Princeton University study showed that:
- "the opinion of the average citizen has near zero impact on US public policy", whilst
- "economic elites have a quite substantial, highly significant impact on policy"

In other words, the US Government works for the 0.01%.

"A Picture Tells A Thousand Words":

Here's How Electoral Politics Is Owned by the 0.01%

The 0.01% back:

  • the Major Parties i.e. The Duopoly+Others: Their party primaries are biased towards candidates with money i.e. backed by the 0.01%

  • the Media: They gatekeep for the 0.01% & give prominence only to the 0.01%-backed candidates. Their narratives keep America in the Left-Right Divide, sustaining the Duopoly.


The Tentacles of the Corporatocratic State reach far & wide
- Here's a Quick Overview: Or, Skip to The Solution


The Solution: Defund the 0.01% & Their Influence

Let's Co-opefy The Economy To Decenter Corporatocracy
(Discuss Here)  

- Disrupt the systemic concentration of economic power towards Corporations & the 0.01%
- Bypass gatekeeping political parties & politicians serving the 0.01%
- Re-distribute economic & thus political power to everyone directly

All We Have To Do:
- Affirm that We the 99.99% do not need Corporations & the 0.01%
- Just Unshackle Ourselves & Walk Away from Them
- Appeal to the Humanity of the Order Executors: Be A Human Be Humane
- Make Direct Change i.e.

Co-opefy the Economy
- Here's How:
1. List down Our Targets i.e. 0.01%-owned Corporations
2. Setup Co-op(s) against each Target Corporation
3. Crowdfund the Co-ops
4. Buy from Co-ops. Stop buying from the 0.01%-owned Corporations
5. Continue until all Corporations defunded


If everyone committed to Co-opefy The Economy
We would flip the economy into our hands in no time
To reclaim control over our own lives
& create leverage against the 0.01%

Continue here

The Battle Is In The Narrative

Let's Seize the Narrative!
Front Liners - Their Achilles' Heel!
(Discuss Here)

Imagine IF Rather than just protesting the Government
Rallies are specifically designed & organized to turn the frontline order executors - police officers, military, civil service, etc - over to our side

Our only way out of this is to be united in Truth
Here's how we can do it:
1) Gathers Everything Together In One Place: Writings On The Wall
2) Gathers Everyone Together In One Place: Catch One, Catch All
3) Builds on & amplifies it to Seize the Narrative: The Virus (& Vaccine) is a lab-made, bioweapon
4) Rallies All Front Liners -- Their Achilles' Heel-- to Our Side: Walk Away & Avert Tyranny!



This Is The Davos Agenda:
They created the Problem: The Virus (& Vaccine) is a lab-made, bioweapon
And instituted the Reaction: Lockdowns = a psychological coercion for their
"Solution": hex4all +"pass"+AI => SerfChains4All
Their 4IR = The 4th Reich

The "Great Reset" Is Their Destruction & Plunder Plan
following which THEY will

It's All Down To You!:
Walk Away & the House of Cards Crumbles!
Walk Away & Avert Tyranny!
Walk Away & The Children Lives!

What's Your Stand: Truth or Tyranny?
You Too Won't Be Safe Under Tyranny
Be A Human, Be Humane

The Real Herd Immunity We Need Is Against Tyranny
Let's Buy From / Work For / Invest In Co-ops To Defund Their Corporations!


Let's Seize the Narrative
1. Stop more from getting the jab - The Children!
2. Awaken the Jabbed - They Lied To You!
3. Awaken the Order Executors - Stand Down!
4. Challenge Experts, Journalists - Speak the Truth!
5. Perpetrators & Authority - You Are Accountable!



What Are Really In the Vaccines?
Here are the microscopy analysis of:
- The Moderna Vaccine
- The Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine  

Why are the Governments all over the world still pushing the Vaccines when
according to CDC, the Vaccines Do Not Prevent Transmission?  

The Virus Is A Lab-Made Bio-Weapon

It is a US Govt funded pathogen,
lab researched & assembled for human infection -> TLDR
with parts of other pathogens in the
- S-Protein
- N-Protein

The Spike Protein Is Bad News

The S-Protein (from both the Virus & the Jabs):
1) has a furin cleavage site, PRRAR
2) has toxin-like motifs around PRRAR
3) when cleaved:
*a) frees and exposes sub-unit S1
*b) exposes sub-unit S2 which may/may not remain anchored
*c) exposed toxin-like motifs (on both S1 & S2) disrupt the normal functioning of surrounding Receptors & Proteins by binding / interacting with them

Super-antigenic character of an insert unique to SARS-CoV-2 spike supported by skewed TCR repertoire in patients with hyperinflammation

Nicotinic Cholinergic System and COVID-19: In Silico Identification of an Interaction between SARS-CoV-2 and Nicotinic Receptors with Potential Therapeutic Targeting Implications

SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Induces Paracrine Senescence and Leukocyte Adhesion in Endothelial Cells

Salk Institute:SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Impairs Endothelial Function via Downregulation of ACE 2  

SARS-CoV-2 spike protein interactions with amyloidogenic proteins: Potential clues to neurodegeneration

SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Induces Degradation of Junctional Proteins That Maintain Endothelial Barrier Integrity

Lockdowns = a Psychological Leverage to Coerce People to take the Injections

In various parts of the world, lockdowns went from "2-3 weeks to flatten the curve" to more than 12 months.

Lockdowns were:

A. not part of pre-existing public emergency plans
- decades old carefully prepared emergency plans were discarded

B. intended to do harm AND did do harm:
(1) businesses - financially - many did not re-open

(2) people - physically, mentally, financially -
many were made homeless with no income to pay their bills
many died as they missed timely medical treatment
some chose suicide
many elderly died isolated in long term care homes

(3) children's immune system, social and psychological development

C. basically used as leverage to force compliance:
(1) businesses - required to ensure customers are vaccinated
(2) individuals - take the vaccine to return to work/for holiday
(3) children - take the vaccine to return to school

Watch to understand behavior psychology from animal models:

1) Why it is important for people to think they are "returning to normal":
"The animals come around the curve (with solid sides), they think they're going back to where they came from
- that's one of the reasons why they work so well

2) Why it is important for people to actually have "normalcy" :
"An animal standing in that crowd pen has to be able to see up 2 - 3 body lengths before the turn"


Why Intra-Muscular Vaccines Do Not Work Against Respiratory Infections
Discuss Here

  1. The secretory IgA system: "Secretory IgA antibodies (SIgA) are the dominating immunoglobulins in exocrine secretions on mucous membranes.
    They function primarily by preventing contact between the microbe and the host tissue most commonly attacked in infections, the mucous membrane."
    Meaning: SIgA in the mucus defend against respiratory tract infection.
    A short video
  2. Infection induces memory B cells resident under the respiratory tract epithelium to produce IgA antibodies. Resident memory B cells can respond to the presence of the virus as soon as it is in the mucus & even adapt to new variants.
  3. (Wisnewski 2021 Jun): Whilst COVID-19 mRNA vaccination induced spike antigen-specific IgG and IgA in serum, serum IgA levels rapidly declined following both the 1st and 2nd vaccine doses (<18% peak levels within 100 days of the 2nd shot)[]
  4. Renegar (1990) pg 37 and (1991) showed that IgA titers decrease when crossing from the serum to the mucus and the crossing efficiency is very low: <1,000:1 pIgA; < 10,000:1 IgG
    Meaning: Very high titers/amount of static serum antibodies would be required to get them across the epithelium into the mucus.
  5. Hence, the jab-induced antibodies are not available at the respiratory infection sites where, when nor in the titers/amount they are needed.
  6. As a result, not only do the vaxxed get infected, their viral load is no different from unvaxxed, and their viral load is no less infectious than the unvaxxed (Riemersma et al 2021 Jul)
  7. Two preprints reported IgA & IgG in salivary mucosa post jab:1 2
    However, various issues with the studies have been noted: (to be updated)
    Data from the study itself appears to show "prior exposure having seeded plasma cells in the mucosa", rather than the jabs
    As mentioned in #4 above, serum IgA & IgG crossing the epithelium has been known for decades. Due to the low crossing efficiency, very high titers of static serum antibodies is needed to get them across the epithelium.
  8. Reinfection puzzle solved:
    Rudraraju et al 2014: "Respiratory tract epithelial cells express Retinaldehyde Dehydrogenase ALDH1A and enhance IgA production by stimulated B cells in the presence of Vitamin A."
    Meaning: Vitamin A is essential for the production of IgA.
    Implication: Vitamin A deficiency would impair mucosal immunity including those previously infected, resulting in reinfection in the event of a new exposure. Suggesting: Vitamin A testing and supplementation should be considered.


Solutions: A Summary

Discuss Here NOTE: This section needs updating

A. Against Viruses, in the:

(1) Air

  • Ultraviolet light scrambles their DNA

  • Ionizers remove viruses from the air

(2) Nasopharynx:

  • Virucides (e.g. Betadine) kill viruses

(3) Body:

  • Lungs: Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3) alkalizes & inactivates pH sensitive viruses
  • Cells: Zinc + Quercetin - inhibits viral replication
  • Receptors & Protease: Blockers + Inhibitors
    • nAChRs: Choline from Egg

B. Bioenergetic Homeostasis: NAC

C. Autoimmune Disease: Immunomodulators & Antagonists

D. Prion Disease: Quercetin & Ginkgolide B



It's Environmental Degradation, Not Climate Change

Let's Consider These:

1) Corporations: Industrial Production including Industrial Farming

2) Military Pollution
US military is a bigger polluter than as many as 140 countries – shrinking this war machine is a must  

Solutions to Environmental Degradation

1) Syntropic Agroforestry
(Discuss Here)

Using Syntropic Agroforestry knowledge, Ernst Götsch + family turned this former logged land (1984 Photo) into a forest and a cocoa farm (2017 Photo) with no chemicals, pesticides, herbicides nor irrigation

2:27 Ernst Götsch Farm
5:57 Life in Syntropy - Rap Summary
7:34 Ernst Götsch's Blue Vision
15:28 Life in Syntropy


Building Soil Structure
Dr Elaine Ingham


Resources & References

1) Jennifer Depew Twitter: @deNutrients website: for SC2 & Jab self care info and updates


Organization & Tasks

In the pipeline:
"The Simple Cure"
""The vaccines" under the legal EUA framework"
"Everything Can Be, Has Been or Is Being Weaponized Against Us"


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