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'I am proud to be black, proud to be fat'... my theory is that these individuals have myriad of insecurities about themselves, they take to the internet to cope with their personal insecurities by seeking virtual validation, and they get many from the simps and fetishers. I hope they come to terms with themselves for their own well being and work on health because otherwise, they'd be dead by 50.

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I think the opposite. They are people who have good self esteem no matter what they look like because of their inborn personality then are upset when society doesn't agree with their self assessment.

You see ugly men who think they are God's gift all the time. It's not as common in women but it happens. And of course women can always get some man to tell them they are beautiful and everyone else is just jealous.

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They are people who have good self esteem no matter what they look like because of their inborn personality then are upset when society doesn't agree with their self assessment.

I believe if they indeed possessed healthy or good self-esteem they would have the capability of shrugging it off and moving on quickly when someone didn't agree with them.

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lol @ "fatphobia"

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If fatphobic means being afraid of oneself becoming fat, then I think fatphobic is a good thing. That said, my policy is don't praise it but don't insult those who are fat either.

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and the 'troll' comment this article was written for said nothing insulting, just objectively said what it is, morbid obesity.

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The truth sounds insulting to some.

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Fat people make the best consumers by far. They're also far less likely to do anything anti-establishment as the establishment is the only real reason they survive in the world.

There is no societal benefit to having obese people. No government should ever actively promote obesity, it makes no logical sense for them to do so. It costs the taxpayer money and burdens the health system. A corrupted government owned by an oligarchy though...

Also, the sciences are being actively co-opted to push obesity. Example:

This is the exact same rhetoric as being used in the US for black on black violence, you remove the ability to fix the problem by forbidding people to say that there is one. If you mention the problem, and aren't attributing it one of the pre-approved causes, it is then highly offensive and you are a piece of shit for doing so. You are, in fact, a subhuman and will be constantly reminded as such.

To get back on topic - plenty of countries other than the US openly fat shame, such as slavic countries or Asian countries. They don't have an obesity problem.

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The fat acceptance movement is a front against out health. Our enemies wish to degrade our physical and mental condition to the point where we're unable to fight back — or even kill ourselves. We must take a stand against this — we must resist, and fight for a return of sanity!

Promotion of morbid obesity is the very manifestation of the Liberal ideology. They seek the liberation of the individual from the objective, physical world — they seek to remove the obstacles of reality which constrain their ability to pursue raw pleasure. Liberalism is just that: raw pleasure — nothing more! All at the expense of their own sanity — for sanity is a force which constrains the individual from their materialistic pleasures.

It is only natural that the ideology which seeks to eliminate race, sex, gender, rationalism, spirituality, and objectivity would seek to eliminate health as well — for health constrains the individual. One cannot constantly eat, or eat unhealthy food, because their health will suffer. Liberalism sees this as injustice and seeks to destroy it.

But it is not simply Liberalism which espouses these beliefs, but Capitalism and Socialism as well!

Capitalism is focused around Capital, and promotes profit at all costs — a trait which is inherently materialist and individualist. Capitalism will always devolve into Socialism, and then Communism, for these ideologies are all focused around material pleasure.

Communism, being the most intense form of Liberalism, and the natural conclusion of Capitalism, seeks to liberate the individual from the constraints of work and property. The Communist sees these as injustices which constrain the individual from pursuing raw pleasure — thus seeks to eliminate them.

The fight against obesity is the fight against Communism — the liberal ideology! In order to safe-guard our way of life, we must resist degeneracy, and reject materialism in all its forms. Either that or our Nation dies.

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Mauled to death by bears.

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Wait, was was the topic? Where am I? I think I blacked out for a moment. Is this the internet?

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Pass the eye-bleach, I FEEL QUEASY!

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And I was just about to take a bite of my dinner too...