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I haven't seen anything that bad, but a number of those shots are perishables like the bread aisle -- that does empty out because the old stock doesn't stay good very long, people buy it or they trash it.

My experience was on Christmas Eve I couldn't buy the brand of bread I wanted to. Which is very unusual but not quite apocalypse now.

Our stores, I believe, are very different than yours. They're massive warehouses stocked with food, and there's lots of them. They're too big to keep as full as we once did, and that's an issue, but I don't think it significantly impacts most people yet.

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The bigger the country the bigger problems I guess, our stores are quaintly small but it's due to the country being quaintly small too, but there was never a deficit of anything really, there's always stuff in stock unless it's a really good sale then it might be bought out fast, other than that it was always fine really, even during the early months of the pandemic, we had stuff in store, always.

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goes to my local walmart and sees that nothing is there me: why? then looks at a sign joe biden did that?!

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for what? I don't click on youtube

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China Joe is so dumb, it's easy to blame everything on him instead of those up the chain of command, whoever they are.