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Repeat that to yourself, as its more fitting there. Insulting my intelligence without any other counter, demonstrates the lack of your own.

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'Mental gymnastics' is not necessarily a critique of intelligence.

It is however a critique of knowledge and sanity.

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You must be a shill or incompetent. Hell, perhaps from China if you can't understand why we should be guaranteed a fair election.

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You do realize, hopefully, that I am not arguing against a fair election.

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You bury any arguments, so I dont trust any posts from you. You pin GOP as monsters while many in or supporting the democratic party has perpetrated fraud upon the nation. Very biased and backwards if you believed in a fair election.

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OK, ChillyChill, if you consider the dead people and hackers and corrupt ballot box stuffers who voted for both candidates (because there is the potential for those kinds of votes, thanks to the damn electronic machines), you still have to count an overwhelming majority for one candidate for that person to win. Biden won by 7.06 million votes and 72 electoral votes. Even if some of those votes are questionable, how do you explain the millions of additional votes?