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Highly encourage people to watch the full hearing.

She was absolutely insane. At each hearing, there's at least one democrat who throws a fit, getting disorderly, and threatening the witnesses.

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Can confirm.

Have watched several of these now. What the heck is up with female democrats?! Check out the georgia hearing from today.

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Yep. I've watched everyone of them. The one last night was by far the best. Watching the one blonde chick get shut down every time she tried to inject bullshit into the conversation. The final death rattle was when she tried to shut down the law professor by asking if he was Bar certified in Georgia.

Now as for this woman... She's a special kind of scumbag. Every time someone said something bad about Detroit we got the, "aww hell naw" type of reaction from her where she would tell that's her city and they're lying.

How do you know when these witnesses are over the mark? You can hear her in the background getting butt hurt.

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Yea.. she's doing an extremely good job of acting guilty