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I'm not going to give it much thought.

No matter how "based" a pedo is, I will, with a smile, shove one of my many high powered weapons into its mouth should they come anywhere near my children. Whether I pull the trigger or not will depend on the length said pedo took. Just looking will get the metal in its mouth.

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Only people I know who like to talk about and defend pedophiles are pedophiles. It is abhorrent to decent people.

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What kind of Pedos are we talking about?

The kind attracted to 16 year olds (most of us if we are being honest) or the kind who wanna fuck pre-pubescent kids (not cool)

I think you'll find more pedophiles than you'd expect agree it should remain strictly fantasy

If they can keep it strictly a fantasy. I don't have a problem with what their fantasies are and what they are attracted to. I already had an account banned for posting an article about a dude who was arrested for having a sex doll that looked underage. I agree this is just censorship, and dont care what the piece of silicon looks like that some dude is fucking. I don't want anyone abusing kids though

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Well, the particular pedos I was thinking about when I wrote this are lolicon anime fans. So yes that includes little kids, but at the same time it's a step removed from reality since it's stylized as hell most of the time. But anyway, it's not real, so naturally I think that's nobody's business, same as the doll.

I'm not sure how many of them are attracted to children IRL, probably some are.

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Yeah, I'm not the thought police, and I don't believe in thought crimes. I know a lot of users here will argue that it is only a matter of time before they abuse a child, but I don't believe in pre-crime either. I am attracted to every other woman I see on the street, but I am not a serial rapist. People don't have a say in what they are attracted to, and as long as someone is not abusing kids, I really don't have an issue with it.

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They, by classic definition, have inclinations inside them which have potential for danger. I don't support that recklessness. Though the sheer umbrella of things people will lump with them, and their approach when they find a real or perceived one, is itself nothing short of barbaric. Peoples' refusal to be critical on the matter leads to collateral damage nobody wants to take credit for.