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Let me guess, these are also the people who think self-diagnosing these things is just fine and there doesn't need to be a professional involved at all.

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As for the people who coined the autismgender and neurogender, they’re supposedly “autistic.” I don’t know much about the others, minus the fact they all have something in common: they all trace back to Tumblr. I wouldn’t be surprised though if they were self-diagnosing.

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Furries were the first tumblrinas claiming they weren't men or women.

"I'm not a man, I sexually identify as a blue dragonkin of the order of the demipony magical friendship". "I'm not a woman, I sexually identify as a burrito en salsa verde con frijolitos charros".

Next time you see another made up sexuality, thank tumblr furries.

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The more I learn, the less I know.

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This why I don't think that autistic people should transition.

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Interesting. I knew there was a high prevalence of ASD among nonbinary/trans people, but not those patterns.

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This still doesn't mean they are the opposite sex, though, it just means for whatever reason their biological gender doesn't affect their brain in the same manner it does regular people.

Not only are there those patterns there that explain why someone with ASD doesn't always feel comfortable performing gender in the way the average person does, there is a more depressing side to why the incidence is so high. People with these disorders have always had a sense of not being able to interact with others in the same way others do. They may not realize exactly why (a lot of high-functioning people will remain undiagnosed, particularly women), but they know others seem to be able to "fit in" and whenever they attempt to do the same, it doesn't work. Well, imagine if now their parents took them to see a therapist, and they told them about all of this - not having the same hobbies/interests/temperament as other boys and girls, always feeling like those things came easy to everyone else, almost like second nature, but they just never felt comfortable in any situation. Trying to act like other boys/girls never worked out for them and not just that, it actually made them feel uncomfortable and insincere to their true self. Of course, the social difficulties in ASD are not limited to just one gender, but the issue of not fitting in with others that are their own gender is going to be the one most likely to be zeroed in on by parents. It's also an easier pill to swallow than them having a disability that can't simply be cured by pronouns and pills.

Whether or not the therapist would pick up on the ASD or not(they can't seem to pick it up in girls very well), they are not going to just ignore the fact that this kid just doesn't seem to feel comfortable with the stuff all the other kids their gender seem to. According to the latest science, this can only mean one thing - they will feel comfortable once they stop trying to fit in with their biological sex and start their exciting transformation into their true, opposite-sex-brained self! Who needs to discuss things like how some people just can't fit in with the majority, but that's fine because they can be talented and happy too. No, this kid needs puberty blockers and new pronouns, stat! Surely this will solve all their problems. And it's not like giving them false hope that once everyone starts seeing them as the opposite sex they will be accepted and have friends like the other kids is going to have any long term consequences on their mental health or anything.

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This still doesn't mean they are the opposite sex, though, it just means for whatever reason their biological gender doesn't affect their brain in the same manner it does regular people.

You are preaching to the choir, my friend. :)

Interesting... I can see how they might take that route to gender ideology. I think some also may have a lot of obsessive thoughts about gender or find it becoming one of their areas of interest, and head down the rabbit hole that way. Multiple roads to Valhalla or whatever the fuck.

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Yes, it's false hope for both the kid and the parents, who understandably find it a lot harder to accept the idea the cause of the person's struggles cannot be treated in any way. A very cruel false hope that leads to unnecessary medical procedures and confusion at why the person still doesn't have friends or feel like socializing comes naturally. I wouldn't be surprised if this sense of confusion is a source of a lot of the aggressiveness people who are trans demonstrate towards people they feel aren't validating them - they may genuinely not understand that not every problem they have with socializing comes from "transphobia". Naturally they will trust the so-called experts when they say so, and unlike someone who has better instincts for reading people, they may genuinely be in the dark about why people react to them the way they do. And of course, when a bunch of doctors and otherwise educated, respected people tell them it's actually society that is the problem, they will believe it. Even a normal person would.

There's a case to be made about people ASD feeling a sort of body alienation or body dysphoria as well, that might be mistakenly assumed to come from their gender - one of the symptoms is problems with coordinating movements, and also facial expressions. The "body language" and voice passing practice trans people tend to do may actually help with that by improving their motor skills, training them to be more aware of their body and gaining better control over their voice, further cementing the belief that the issue is with their gender.

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Frankly anything which stops autistic kids from being sucked into transition, AGP, cross sex hormones or SRS is something I'll support at this moment in time. I've actually known autistic teens use the label of autismgender to defend themselves against their pushy woke friends who are desperate to trans them because they don't fit. Let them larp autismgender for a few years if it keeps them out of the doctors office.

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defend themselves against their pushy woke friends who are desperate to trans them

Jesus, that fuckin' sucks. Should drop like hot potato but I can see where they're coming from if it does get these said "friends" to get off their backs.

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Coercion to transition is definitely a thing. They are too young and stupid to see how wrong they are.

If this is how autismgender is being used, good for them. I hate that LGBT flat out have no problem manipulating and recruiting gullible people.

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I've heard of autismgender because Blaire White made fun of it.