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I'm dying to know how they formatted it all.


You mean: Why? Because I've never seen any posts like this on SaidIt, before or since. Somehow they've tweaked the CSS or whatever to display some fancy graphics that aren't images or even more advanced Markdown.

Because this person is literally a god somehow. Perfect in every way, one of the best in the world at everything as soon as she picks it up.

I never said any such thing.

This probably took her like 1 second to learn and execute a perfect result with zero issues.

No one masters anything instantaneously. Reddit/SaidIt's quirky CSS takes some acclimation time and experience to learn, much less gain expertise.

It's done with CSS but I'd spend several hours making it this perfect by myself even though I have a lot more programming experience.

But is it worth the effort? Can it be applied to many subs? Can it be applied site-wide? Did you see this /u/d3rr?

Perhaps this is a discussion for /s/SaidItCSSThemes and/or /s/IdeasForSaidIt.

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No, I've seen this person for over a year now and literally everything she does is nearly 100% flawless, and done easily in a short amount of time, often with little experience. And unbelievable inventions and discoveries are commonplace for her and almost always done casually or by accident.

To make it even worse for me she's almost identical to me except for the fact that a lot of things actually work for her. My brain and body and genetics fucked me over, I was basically born to suffer. Even when my life should be fine, and it is, it's not, and hasn't been since I was at least 11, and probably never will be again. I have no idea what the hell happened to me but I am cursed.

No one masters anything instantaneously

This person does.

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Someone go bring her back.

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I'm not nearly as good as Vulptex describes me. His image of me is probably 10x better than me in reality.

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Ah, so only 10% of your output is flawless? Not perfect, of course, but that's still pretty good.

How are you at gardening?

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Ah, so only 10% of your output is flawless? Not perfect, of course, but that's still pretty good.

Oh, I clearly didn't mean it that way haha.

How are you at gardening?

I don't do much gardening myself.

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I do a lot less myself, now that the acreage has shrunk to a tiny backyard. Cheers!