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I just wanna watch em wrastle.

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So you have a "problem" with it simply because you don't understand it or share the same preferences?

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I think the post is pretty self-explanatory. It's one of the most emasculating things I can think of and a sign of today's weak effeminate males/'non-men' who lack so much self-respect, they can't even simp to straight women. Hell, cuckoldry is even worse than simping.

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So you think people are bad if they don't follow, no, are even born with traits that don't adhere to gender stereotypes? Isn't that the same line of thought the TRAs have?

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No one is "born" wanting to be a self-loathing pussy and simp to someone who can never love them. And saying shit like "gender stereotypes" makes me stop taking someone seriously almost as much as mentioning preferred pronouns.

I get you fall into this group of people, but I'm just stating my opinion that if you can't even respect yourself, why the fuck would I respect you? That's the problem with Zoomers and sex workers these days; they think respect is automatic and not earned from within and projected outward. This "I exist, therefore you're obligated to kiss my ass, respect my made-up identities, and say my pronouns" retardedness, with zero effort of being worthy of being someone worth respect, not even for themselves.

I'm not even that old; I'm in my 30s, but I didn't grow up with this level of pussy Zoomer entitlement where you can be the most beta-bitch of males and still think you're supposed to get treated like Jocko Willink or some shit. Where a male can be the most emasculated, submissive cuckold on the planet and you're supposed to still treat them like they're "men." Why are you even on here if you're projecting this much soy Reddit energy?

I honestly wouldn't even fucking care who was fucking who, if these degenerates weren't fucking up an already-polluted dating pool, as it is. Child birthrates are plummeting worldwide and among feminist shitstains, trannies, poly trash, and wannabe "girlbosses," we now gotta worry about half-assed lesbians and dickless simps ruining things as well. But sure; why worry about the slow extinction of mankind while we all slowly die single and childless; that's "homophobic" or some shit.

I don't even live in the US right now, and I still see this shit. I swear, straight women and self-respecting men are becoming the rarest group of people on the planet, and so many people on both genders have just given up. I'm probably among them. Sure; let humanity literally fucking go extinct because some pathetic cucks would rather chase after lesbians and dykes than grow a pair and start respecting themselves by at least pursuing women who might actually have a 1% chance of wanting them.

I don't even see the few straight women left out there chasing after gay dudes; yet some "straight" men think it's acceptable to delude themselves into marrying a lesbian and the lesbian using him because "women aren't good simps." I don't want to live on this fucking planet anymore.

And like I said, I don't even have a problem with the actual HONEST lesbians out there who don't play these bullshit games with men. The pathetic "males" doing this shit, are unforgivable though, and should be forcibly sterilized.

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So women should be able to do whatever they want, but when men do something "unmasculine" it's first-degree blasphemy?

We actually need lower birthrates. Unless you want to live like they do in China, where the smog is so thick that the sun is red and they wear masks all the time, and people literally live in cubby holes and even the elites can only get a tiny apartment. Why do people want that?

But you needn't worry! When all these people don't reproduce, the ones who do will be the only ones left. For the longest time we've eliminated the natural processes that select the best genes; and yet we wonder why this is happening. You shouldn't demonize others for simply being different, but I suppose that's the way of thinking for those of us who are mistakes and don't belong in the world.

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So women should be able to do whatever they want

I never once said or implied that.

You shouldn't demonize others for simply being different

I'm demonizing those for shitting all over others, using them, and fucking-up human society in general to the point we all suffer for their shitty behavior and fucked-up fetishes. If they didn't ruin shit for the rest of us normal, decent people, I wouldn't have a problem with degenerates doing their own sordid shit in private. But no; they gotta drag everyone else into it because they're insecure and can't just be gay polyphiles in private.

You're inclined to celebrate degeneracy and human filth, but I gave my opinion on it, and I'm fucking SICK of everyone else having to suffer due to zero-testosterone cucks and half-assed lesbians infecting their filth into the heterosexual monogamous pool. If they stayed in their own cum dumpster, this wouldn't be an issue, but they're just too selfish to leave heterosexual monogamous people out of their degeneracy, open relationships, and pozzing and gotta do shit like lying and gaslighting and tricking straight men into getting into relationships with dykes. And worse, the failed-abortions who then CHASE that kind of shit.

And then people like you act like it's "acceptable" and we should be celebrating depravity and pervertedness because you likely partake in it. (And no; I'm not religious, conservative, a moralfag, or any of that fake morality shit. If this ain't degeneracy - along with them involving children - then I don't know what is.)

It's too late to stop it anyway; let everyone fucking rot away and die already cause of the fucking cucks and lesbians. This species deserves to die. I won't even try to deny it anymore. So you're right; let everyone slowly die alone and childless cause they're fucking self-loathing, sex-addicted, degenerate scum with no self-respect or reason to reproduce.

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You moved the goalposts. Originally you decried their very existence.

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No, I didn't, but I'm not going to argue with random internet people over bullshit and strawmen. You have your opinion on cucks and being a cuck, and I have my opinion on it. We can agree to disagree.

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Cuckoldry isn't worse than simping.

Simping is giving yourself to a woman for any reason whatsoever without demanding respect.

With cuckoldry the male is also enjoying his own fantasy, both get something out of the cucking.

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Imma have to respectfully disagree to that wild assertion. At least with simping, the poor loser isn't being directly insulted and humiliated and usually never actually meets their abuser in person. Also, cuckoldry usually involves financial simping in addition to being emotionally abused. Let's just agree both deserve absolutely no respect.

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I think you are putting all the same cucks on the same category.

You think of a guy like will smith you think of someone incapable of standing against his own woman and letting she decide whatever they want to do.

In the case of a cuck with basic self respect, they will only allow the wife to engage in a cucking that he believes is fair. Normally this involves something that would excite him as well.

You should only be against open relationships, where each partner can basically fuck with who they want in a false sense of being connected to each other. They're basically pillows to each other they can sleep with at the end of the day and it's not really real.

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a cuck with basic self respect

Non-existent. That's like a feminist that doesn't resent/hate men, or an intelligent logical Progressive. There's no such thing as some kind of Jack Murphy "Alpha-cuck." They're all just cucks, and have metaphorically chopped their dicks and balls off, and should be laughed at.

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    You been playing too much fallout haha let me tell you something if society collapses someone will just throw a nuclear bomb and we'll all DIE there's no continuity here.

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    Everyone has their preferences.

    I too miss the days of feminine lesbians. But feminists hate that.

    Also I don't think simping is worse than being a cuck and I explained that in another comment