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Mold typical isn't a problem outside. Mold hates sunlight.

Water damage to foundations is a fucking disaster, and should be avoided at all costs.

This is also why it's essential to run an AC on fan only for 20-30 mins before you shut it off, so that any condensate on the coil evaporates.

This is true, but it applys to the inside coils. The address to sets.

Evaporation (inside): draws heat into it from evaporation.
Condensation (outside): compressed to give off heat to the exterior.

This is why portable ac is crap. Both inside.

Cool the exterior condensation coils.
You could shade the outside ac. The fan will blow crap up under it. There's generally a good reason that there things aren't common.

Consider a low hanging trellis...? With thick beams for Max shade...?