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Michael Servetus and Giordano Bruno who expanded on their works were burned at the stake in the 16th Century .. the entire Flat Earth project is dumbdown on a massive scale, we say the Calvinists and Inquisitors who burnt Servetus and Bruno were financed by the same Zionist banking cartel that finances the Flat Earth brigade.

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So, do you have any evidence that flat Earth is funded by Zionist? Who exactly is in on it in your opinion?

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Martintimothy is a bot.

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Did anyone happen to watch the insight landing. I saw the mission control room video, but no Rover video.
Someone announced the module had landed, and the crew started high-fiveing.
Nothing to see. Literally.

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This critter remains stationary and has no roving capability .. the hi5ing and jiving that took place was also seen when the Curiosity Rover landed in August 2012, and at the Houston Flight Control for the July 1969 Apollo 11 Mission which culminated in the fake first Moon landing.

That had like the other two events a large number of figures at monitor screens, like why would they need so many in any case, some say the ppl manning the Houston monitors were hired as extras and were subsequently liquidated to ensure their silence.

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These links are great. Thanks for the Wired article.

The wheels are falling off of the NASA bus. High-Five!!!

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That's because it's fake. It's really simple. NASA lies. It's what they do. Mars just gives them something to lie about.