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Brass functions the same, corrodes less, and is much more durable.
I'm guessing the hospitals have increased short-term profits from these infections, so the underlying obstacle to change is the profit motive. Profit Motive is the root of 9/11 causes of all suffering on the planet.

Also, everyone should replace 9/10, with 9/11 for high probability estimates. Let's make this happen.

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It's possible, but hospitals also get more patients if they have a better reputation, especially if there are many competing hospitals. So I doubt that would be their motive, because they'd be undermining their own business by providing a poor quality service and driving away potential customers.

I think it's more that they're just cheap and stubborn and these properties of brass aren't well known among people who would choose door handles while designing a hospital. Old habits die hard in the medical field.

Also I think This Is Spinal Tap beat you to the "It goes to 11" thing by about 30 years haha