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I love Jimmy Dore, even if he still believes in much of the left-right paradigm and its theatre of the absurd and ugly puppet show in Washington DC, in the Climate Change scam, and that Assange, Snowden, Greenwald, Scahill, Chomsky, Ellsberg are legit whistleblowers rather that the truth that they are SHEEPDOG LIMITED HANGOUT LIFETIME ACTORS as the LEFT LIMIT of the OVERTON WINDOW and won't even question the 9/11 mythology and the very origin and source of the PERPETUAL GLOBAL TERROR WAR. Alex Jones is the RIGHT LIMIT to keep us contained when we don't stick to the mainstream media. There's so much more beyond these limits on the left and right they don't want you to see and even more when you don't buy the left-right paradigm and accept VOLUNTARISM as your new lord and savior.

REAL WHISTLEBLOWERS don't get on prime time news and become household news and Obama and Trump prefer to throw them in jail.

Hollywood is fake for pretty (mostly Jewish, not that there's anything wrong with that) people.

Washington is fake for ugly (mostly dual-Israeli citizens, there's something wrong with that) people.

Wall Street and the Fed Rez is fake for their fiat and rigged usury systems and secret bankster cabals.

I wish Jimmy Dore would remind everyone every time about the NDAA 2012-2013 update of the Smith-Mundt act to remove laws against domestic propaganda and psy-ops. That's why we're in a sea of fake news. Before Trump was in office, the USA had already begun to emulate the Russian political strategies covered in Adam Curtis' documentary, "HYPER-NORMALIZATION". Read about it or watch it :

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What's your take on James Corbett? I think he does a lot of great reporting but can't shake the sense that he is apart of the controlled opp movement. AJ never sat right with me from the outset. TPTB Propped him up to be the fall guy so silicon valley now has sweeping hate speech ban privileges and the npcs welcomed it. I'm skeptical of anyone that has a large platform now, the age of spin sucks.

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I've wondered that myself. I've looked for criticisms but found nothing to speak of. Also, I don't know how a lot of these guys produce soooo much content so quickly. Maybe they're just very efficient formulaic focused workers. (Not me.) I wish Corbett would cover Canada more. Also the rest of the world beyond the USA. And there are specific other things I'd like him to address: Olympic/Titanic, Holocaust exaggeration, a history of infiltration, etc. He's been around so long and with such reliable content, I believe he's legit. But I never take my skeptic hat off and I'm ready objectively look at anything presented that claims otherwise. Heroes are great but they're all human.

I'll sell out. How much you got?

I'd love to see someone make a mocumentary about James Corbett as a shill... "Sure he's proven time and time again that 9/11 was an international inside job - but can you trust him... He takes money from donations for his free content. He's a sell out - to feed his baby! Sure he's Canadian living in Japan but why is he so Anti-American?"

Alex Jones is the theatre of the absurd.

TPTB = new to me. The powers that be. Kewl.

NPC -1 alphabet = MOB

Age of spin sucks = Epic spin epoch

Spin, Forrest, spin!!!

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If you watched Mr Robot I felt like there was a character in there that oddly resembles Corbett's look. Then you find out something sinister about him (the character in the show, the reporter always on the TV talking about F Scoiety) in season 3. I won't spoil it but for those that have watched you know what I'm talking about.

I think Corbett could very well be "working" for China perhaps? I doubt it to a degree but his content is always well done and listening to him on podcasts is always interesting. He is among the few people that discusses these topics without yelling, and shouting things like "omg the power elite are so sick, it's dark arts at play, buncha demon cucks." see Sam Tripoli. While they are entertaining Sam gets names and dates wrong on certain things, which I get we are all human and he is a comedian so I suppose he gets a pass. However, his recent podcast on George HW Bush's life was riddled with errors on dates and names and its just bothersome to see people that are seemingly passionate about this stuff but don't care to get it right. They need a young Jamie to pull stuff up for them sometimes (JRE).

Care to share any content I might not know about?

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Corbett is great. Have you seen my caricature of him?

Corbett and Tripoli are like apples and orangutans. I don't know if they're really comparable. And I'm pretty sure Corbett is not a fruit with a wife and 2 kids.

Tripoli gets a pass because he's funny and actually pretty informed on many things. Even more informed and on the ball when discussing blander stuff with Jimmy Dore. Sure he's wild and loose, but he's also great at telling folks to trust but verify, and that he's not omnipotent, etc. Best of all - he's the gateway drug to conspirophilia.

I often give YouTube comments for his show to correct or expand on topics with citations. It bothers me that much. But you can't get it all, especially when folks who might actually be capable of running a tighter ship with strong comedy are too frightened, for whatever any number of reasons, of doing it better.

Someone better than Jamie. He needs a better sidekick who's brings it with equal value, but won't diminish the yucks. A multidisciplinary truther blackbelt to his grand goofiness.

But how can anyone be adept in all the areas of history and society and geopoltics and and and... all under "their" Full Spectrum Dominance.

Content to share?

I usually spam (post) the stuff that's worthy of people's time and forgo the rest. I feel my comment links are usually pretty good but I often overdo them (at least by comparison) and frequently add them as citation/proof and don't actually expect folks to read entire Wikipedia articles. Sometimes there's stuff worth posting separately, but I figure that if it's related and folks are interested they'd follow the threat (or find it if the SaidIt search could scan comments too!). There's already too much to handle.

I've been busy with the wiki stuff so I've been listening to this really weird stuff...

EDIT: I forgot to add the link to Good Morning, Jonestown :

It's good for background noise, though I usually prefer music. I've been corresponding with them actually. I love their sound engineering, despite being almost unlistenable. I'd seen them before somehow, like Magnora7, but I'd not delved into it until TinFoilHat.

Also, this stuff is wild: "Michael Cremo - 'Forbidden Archaeology' - Talks at Google" (2014-10-07) That is only my second exposure after his interview on the "Conscious Resistance" YouTube channel, so I don't know if there is better work to share on him or the topic. (Better, being more concise, digestible, shorter, production value, etc.) I was actually surprised he didn't even touch on all of the weird man made structures around the world. I'd expected discussion about erosion around the Sphinx, or how they still don't know how some ancient stone cities were built on the top of those mountains, etc etc etc.

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I just reposted this in the proper "propaganda" sub and will delete the other one in the wrong sub.