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they will all be able to smell each others stink in their future prison cells

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A grand jury indicted Trump not Jack Smith.

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Yes, and Jack Smith was the person who brought that case to the grand jury.

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But it was the grand jury which handed down the indictment. If the evidence wasn't there, it wouldn't have done so.

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The point of the story is that Jack Smith, without whom there wouldn't have been a case brought to the grand jury, had an aide who met with staff from the Biden administration. Trump is currently Biden's main rival for the upcoming election. Jack Smith has a history of targeting Republican politicians as well as groups working against the interests of the DNC in the Lois Lerner / IRS scandal. Smith's wife is a Biden donor (as well as donating to other Democrat Party and progressive groups) and helped create a very favorable documentary on Michelle Obama.

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No, the point is that grand juries which are composed of American citizens of unknown political views indicted Trump. Four different grand juries in four different areas.