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I think that's fair, but it also depends on the t BBC is state news for the west in the same way RT is for Russia. It's "impartial" because of where the edges of the Overton Window are in western culture.

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I was listening to Dr David Halpin talk about the BBC the other day, and he described it as a significant component in a global propaganda network. Go to any hotel room in the world, pretty much, and the BBC is gonna be pumped through it.

The BBC Trust is headed by Sir Roger Carr, chairman of the largest British arms dealer, BAE systems. The trust is staffed by the Queen, and parliament to some extent, and is entirely undemocratic. The royals also worked with BAE to secure the largest arms deal in UK history - 5 billion - to Saudi, which is helping prosecute their genocide in Yemen. Google an article from the BBC about the royals, though, and it'll be about some new baby, or how the queen, just a nice old lady, looks pretty in her new pretty hat.

When it comes down to the crunch, the BBC is always on the side of the military industrial complex. And it is reliably anti-Socialist, anti-population, as evidenced in it's disgusting coverage of the popular movement headed by Jeremy Corbyn in the last couple of years.

It is a more subtle organisation than, say, Fox. But it is more insidious in this way: My parents believe everything that comes out of it; even friends of mine, my age.

When they said that Blair was vindicated by murdering the innocent in Iraq, it was obvious that the BBC, though no doubt containing a few intelligent, ethical journalists, is nothing but the guts of the war-whore telescreen that Orwell warned us all to look out for.

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Very interesting information, thank you for taking the time to share it. I agree.